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Theodor Dreiser's novel "The Financier": reviews, summary

"Financier" Theodore Dreiser, reviews about whichare given in this article - one of the most famous novels of this American writer. Included in the famous "Trilogy of Desire" and first saw the light in 1912. His sequel was the works of "Titan" and "Stoic." The basis of the story is the real fate of the American millionaire Charles Yerkes.

The meaning of the novel

The main character of the novel "The Financier" TheodoreDreiser, reviews about which you can form an idea of ​​this book - Frank Cowperwood. The author shows how Frank from the first years of his life is growing in the financial and economic environment. As a result, it forms the psychology of the merchant in it.

financier theodore drive reviews

Already in adolescence, he becomes a businessman who understands that absolutely all means are good for achieving the set goal. This is the only way to achieve wealth and power.

Cowperwood starts with small stock exchangesspeculation. Over time, it acquires a fortune sufficient to bribe municipal officials and conduct larger and more profitable transactions. However, the finale of his career is disappointing. The book "The Financier" by Theodore Dreiser talks about how the main character first gets to prison, and then completely forced to leave his native Philadelphia.

"Trilogy of desire"

"The Financier" becomes the first book of the "Trilogy""In the second novel called" Titan, "he talks about the life of Cowperwood in Chicago, where his fate, in fact, repeats itself, but in a more extended format.The life of the main character develops in a spiral.

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The novel "Stoic" describes the last years of lifehero. This trilogy was fundamental for American and European literature in the early twentieth century. Dreiser brightly depicts the customs and life that prevail in the modern financial environment. The way in which business is treated in society, as well as the connections of businessmen and politicians.

In his novels, Dreiser uncovers the predatory nature of Cowperwood and similar financiers. But at the same time the author can not help but admire the financial giant that he has turned out.

One of the main functions of the trilogy "The Financier", "Titan", "Stoic" by Theodore Dreiser is to demonstrate the absence of ethics and moral principles in the brutal capitalist world.

Summary of the novel

At the beginning of this work describes childhoodMain character. Frank Cowperwood still in school attracts the world of finance and big money. His first real commercial adventure, he turns in 14 years. Initial capital earns on the resale of soap.

In high school, Frank is actively interested in attractive girls. But he was not destined to finish his studies. At age 17, he leaves school to start working.

"The Financier" Theodore Dreiser, a summarywhich is given in this article, gives a detailed idea of ​​his appearance. He leaves school a tall and wide-shouldered youth of pleasant appearance. He has beautiful and curly brown hair, and in the eyes is always a living thought. The look remains impenetrable.

financier theodore drive trilogy of desires

His father's name is Henry.He works in a bank, there are always a lot of guests in their house. At one time, the couple sampling became a frequent visitor to them. Frank is fascinated by 24-year-old Lillian. And at first he himself can not understand that he was so attracted to her. After all, by reason and ability, the girl was clearly not equal to him. But Cowperwood subdued her appearance. Lillian has thick curly hair that has an ashy tinge, and gray eyes, depending on the lighting, are constantly turning into dark, then into light blue.

Romance with Lillian

The "Financier" Theodor Dreiser (from the "Trilogy of Desires") describes in detail the life of Cowperwood.

There are big changes in his life whensoon it turns out that the spouse Lilian suddenly died. Frank is five years younger than his sweetheart. But this difference in age does not bother him at all, he actively begins to care for the subject of his sighs, fascinates a more experienced woman, and as a result she agrees to marry him. Frank's dream is coming true.

Together they live four years. During this time, they have a son, who is also named Frank, and a daughter named Lillian.

To the top of the financial world, Kauperwood beginsbreak from the bottom. He works in small companies and firms, trying to put together a decent initial capital. Over time, opens its own account-bill business.

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Frank in The Financier Theodore Dreiser doesstake on the development in the near future of horse railways. Begins to actively invest in this industry, invest big money, buy shares. At this time, Kaupervud realizes that without exception, all officials in Philadelphia are dishonest and are engaged in speculation. It turns out that honestly make it in this life is simply impossible.

US Civil War

Part of the events of the novel Theodore Dreiser "Financier"unfolding in the United States against the backdrop of the Civil War, in which the North confronts the South. The main character enlists the support of Edward Butler - Irish by nationality. He takes a big loan from him and declares himself as a major financier, able to compete with the powerful.

At that time, Butler is noticeable.political figure in the United States, has strong connections in high society circles. Butler himself in this case strongly sympathizes with the beginner financier, who somehow reminds himself in his youth, when he was only at the beginning of his journey.

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The novel describes in detail the relationshipthe main character with new acquaintances. In Theodore Dreiser’s Financier, the content of which allows you to get a full-fledged impression of the author’s work, Frank begins to pay attention to Butler’s daughter, whose name is Eileen. She is only 18 years old, she has blue eyes and beautiful red hair.

Butler, along with all his big family, andHe has another daughter and two sons, and he often starts visiting Kaupervudov. Eileen every time annoys Lilian, who, most likely, unconsciously, sees her as her rival in her. Also unhappy with the girl is Frank's sister Anna, who does not like the constant whims and playful temper of Eileen.

A completely different point of view adheres to himselfFrank. He considers the girl cheerful, lively and attractive. Eileen responds to him in return. She constantly plays the piano and sings when Frank returns home from work in the evening.

Key deal

Around the middle of the novel the main characterconcludes a key deal that becomes the culmination of Theodore Dreiser's novel "The Financier". In the reviews, readers note that this is perhaps the most intense pages of the work.

Kaupervud begins to cooperate with GeorgeStiner This is the city treasurer, whom everyone considers a toy in the hands of experienced politicians from the Republican Party - first of all large financial tycoons, such as Butler, as well as Senator Simpson and Mollenhauer. For them, Steener is a convenient person who helps to wrap money through the city budget. Kauperwood is also attracted to the work. All participants in this dark deal get good dividends.

At the same time, Frank takes the initiative to start buying shares of horse-rail companies through nominees behind his back at the three main gates of the state. In this he helps Steener.

In parallel, Frank and his father are engaged inbusiness building mansions, which are interconnected. Also, the main character begins to collect works of art, he has a good taste.

Romance with eileen

In the novel "The Financier" by Theodore Dreiser, reviews of which are mostly positive, the romantic line is also seen. Between Frank and Eileen is starting a romance.

The girl has a strict catholic education, butIn this she does not consider sincere love to be something criminal. Frank is completely unfamiliar with religious and moral prejudices. He goes through life under the motto "My desires are first and foremost."

A heavy blow awaits him in 1871, when the Chicago fire almost completely destroys his well-being. The fire is raging in the commercial part of the city, there is panic on the stock exchange.

Theodore Draiser's novel The Financier

At this time, Kaupervud released half a milliondollars from the city treasury. Steener is not in the city, so he fears that the public will know about it. Butler is trying to help him get out of this situation and drives him with two powerful people, each of whom sees his own advantage in what is happening. Both sympathize with Frank, but do not consider it necessary to help.

The relationship between Butler andFrank The first receives an anonymous letter that his daughter meets with Kaupervudom. Irishman in anger, especially the reaction of Eileen confirms that all this is true. Butler even decides to drown Frank.

Plot against Kauperwood

Clouds are beginning to thicken over Kaupervud, - this is how Theodore Dreiser describes in "Financier". Summary of the novel provides an opportunity to get an idea about what is happening.

Frank could have saved another loan from Stiner, who is returning to the city. But financial giants persuade a weak-willed employee of the municipality not to help Frank.

At this time, an anonymous letter of similar content comesand Lilian. In this case, it does not indicate the name of her husband's mistress. She admits to herself that she was initially afraid of the difference in age. Now these fears are justified. But because of the presence of children and the usual settled life, she decides not to say anything to Frank and stay with him. Especially now, when he is at the stage of bankruptcy.

To somehow save himself, Frank announces himselfbankrupt, but despite this, he is accused of deliberate theft from the city treasury. In this case, Butler is trying to persuade his daughter to quit Frank, but to no avail. Then he goes to extreme measures, hires a private investigator who tracks down Eileen and Kaupervuda in the meeting house.

Insulted Eileen leaves the house and settles atgirlfriends. Only Frank convinces her to return home. The father realizes that he is unable to influence his daughter, he hopes only on the conviction for Kaupervud.

Financial protection

Всю подноготную жизнь банкиров и дельцов Америки showed in his trilogy Theodore Dreiser. "Financier", "Titan", "Stoic" - three novels that clearly demonstrate what people are ready for money and fame.

Kaupervud hires an experienced lawyer by the name of Harper Steedger to escape. But both the prosecutor and the judge are the people of Butler, so the chances that he will convince them are few.

The only hope for jurors.But she is not justified. Jurors Convict. The stoger appeals, but she is also rejected. Frank is sentenced to a real term. He will spend 4 years and 3 months in prison.

trilogy financier titan stoic theodore drazer

Theodore Dreiser in "Financier", "Titan" does not get tireddemonstrate courage and fortitude of his protagonist. He takes this blow, although for his relatives it is a strong tragedy. Only in young Eileen remains the determination to fight for the fate of Frank.

In prison, Kaupervud becomes a witnessstriking contrast between his former life and the environment in which he found himself. In the chamber it is dark and rats inhabit. He has to weave chairs to somehow brighten up the prison days.

Life in prison

But in prison, our hero does not disappear.Theodore Dreiser is literally admiring them in Financier. In the reviews of the book, many readers noted that in this part of the novel imbued with sincere compassion for the fate of Kaupervud.

He manages to forge a close relationship withprison warden Desmas. For money, Frank agrees to be allowed to get things and goodies from home. He is more likely than other prisoners to write letters and communicate with visitors. At the first opportunity, Eileen comes to her beloved.

Frank loses his composure on this date, probably for the first time in his life. He cries on the shoulder of his beloved. Eileen helps him pull himself together.

Exit freedom character worksearlier. In just 13 months. This is largely due to the death of Butler. To the very end, Eileen was cold to her father. And when her brothers found out what the true reason for this was, they begin to openly despise their sister.

While Kaupervud was in prison, his casecontinued to live. He was led by an honest fellow named Wingate. Frank himself constantly advised him, so the company remained afloat. When he was released, he was able to continue working, now as a broker.

The important moment of the work comes whenit becomes known that a large credit institution that has invested huge amounts of money in the construction of railways in undeveloped territories is declared bankrupt. On the stock exchange panic, only Frank remains calm. His finest hour is coming.

For several days he earns hugestate and becomes a millionaire. Now you can leave Philadelphia. Moreover, he has no longer the same reputation in these places because of his arrest and prison.

Frank gets divorced from Lillian and together with Eileen Butler leaves to build a new life in Chicago.

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