/ Angie Dickinson. Biography and filmography of the famous American actress

Angie Dickinson. Biography and filmography of the famous American actress

Once popular American actress AngieDickinson is known to the audience because of its talent to get used to any role. Angie was once considered one of the most beautiful and sexy women in America. But despite the popularity and popularity, in the life of the famous actress there were not so colorful events. An example of this is the suicide of her daughter Nikki. However, about all the details in our article.

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Birth, childhood actresses

The famous Angie Dickinson (Brown) was born in 1931, on September 30. The birthplace of the actress is North Dakota (a small town called Kalm).

When the girl was 11 years old, the family decided to change their place of residence and move to California. There, young Angie graduated from high school and was educated.

First successes

From the very early childhood the girl dreamed of going toThe footsteps of his father, who worked as an editor at a local publishing house. But after winning the beauty contest (in 1953), Angie decides to engage in acting.

To start, the girl graduates from acting coursesmastery, and then gets a job on the NBC channel. Angie takes part in multiple TV shows, gradually earning the popularity and love of the audience.

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After some time the girl makes a decisionchange the name of Brown to Dickinson. In 1952, Angie offered to star in the series "Days in the Valley of Death." After this role, the young actress's offer comes from all sides. Dickinson starred in the series "Theater", "Smoke from the trunk", "General Electric", "Cheyenne", "Broken Arrow".

The first movie role on the big screen

In 1954, Angie Dickinson offer a secondary role in the film "Lucky" with Doris Gray. And after 2 years, she was taken as the main character in the films "The Chinese Gate", "Rio Bravo".

At the time, a young and talented actressis considered a true sex symbol (then it equates to the famous Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield). But Angie does not like this title - she gives resistance to the name of the "American sex lady" illegally appropriated to her.

Denial of the title of "the sexiest blonde in the world" had no effect on her subsequent career. Angie Dickinson was considered at that time one of the most sought-after actresses.

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So, in the 60's she starred in the movie "Eleven Ocean's Friends", "Roman Adventure", "Captain Newman", "Jessica", "Chase", "Shot Straight," "Assassins."

Further career

In 1974, the actress turned 42 years old.And during this period of life the proposals continued to arrive to her with enviable constancy. It should be noted that, at the age of 43, Angie starred in a rather frank picture called "Bad Mother", where the actress had to demonstrate in several scenes her naked body. This performance pleased most of her fans. The next film, which starred Angie - a detective project, "Police Woman." This series was received by the audience with a cheer and lasted exactly 4 years. For the role in the project, the actress received the Golden Globe. And also three nominations for the Emmy Award.

In 1980, Dickinson starred in the film "The Razor".The film was about a sexually unsatisfied housewife from New York, who became the target of a dangerous maniac. For this role, Angie won the Saturn Award as the best actress.

Further, Dickinson starred in "Hollywood Wives", "Empty Nest", "Wild Palms", "Sabrina" and "Distraught". On this the filmography of the actress does not end.

Angie's last films were "Pay Another," "Duets," a remake of "Ocean's Eleven."

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It should be noted that in 1990 the actress was placed on the 42nd place in the list of "100 sexiest stars of the century".

Personal life of actress

Angie Dickinson, whose films were watched by millions of spectators, was married to Jean Dickinson - a well-known footballer at the time. It was her name that the actress used in her work.

It is known that Angie had an affair with Frank Sinatra, whom she would later call the most significant person in her life.

В 1965 году Энджи выходит замуж за музыканта Birt Bacarac. Soon the newlyweds have a daughter named Nikki. It is worth saying that the girl was seriously ill. Doctors then put her a terrible diagnosis - Asperger's syndrome. In addition, the girl suffered from her vision problems almost all her life. In 2007 (at the age of 40), Nikki committed suicide. The woman could not stand such tortures and preferred to settle accounts with life.

It is known that Angie Dickinson twisted the affair with David Janssen and John F. Kennedy.

It should be said that the actress never considered herself a beauty. She did not like to be in the center of attention, therefore, she strongly challenged all those who spoke of her expressive beauty and sexuality.

Angie has always been self-critical to her ownacting game. Watching her films again and again, she reproached herself for poor performance, despite the assertions of loved ones about her immense talent.

Perhaps we are lucky enough to once again enjoy the game of the famous actress!

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