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The hymn of honor and valor is the Hussar Ballad. Actors, creators, plot

The basis for the scenario of an adventure filmThe "Hussar ballad" (actors-performers of the leading roles: Larissa Golubkina, Viktor Koltsov, Yuri Yakovlev, Igor Ilinsky) was written by the playwright-writer Alexander Gladkov in 1941 military comedy "Pets of Glory". The legendary Eldar Ryazanov did not just film her, he, along with Ivan Pyrewov, who persistently insisted on the resolution of the production, opened a subspecies of light adventure cinematography for the viewer of the USSR. Such films (with chases, shootings, stunt tricks) to this creation of Ryazanov in the Soviet cinema was not yet. The film "The Hussar Ballad" (1962) was doomed to success and love to the audience for many years.

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About actors and roles

Most of the actors who performed secondary andepisodic roles, were approved for the role of demonstrating the ability to stay in the saddle on circus stallions, which at times became simply rabid. A completely different approach was to select the main actors. Outstanding actor Yury Yakovlev, who embodied on the screen the image of a handsome handsome lieutenant Dmitry Rzhevsky, was not a rider, but his charisma conquered the creators of the picture. According to the idea, he was engaged in absentia with a young niece - the niece of the count, and is not particularly happy about the upcoming marriage with a fashionista and a mincing woman.

The heroine of Larissa Golubkina - Shurochka Azarova -broke the stereotype of the woman-heroine who developed in the movie. Usually this character was still in the shadow of his male colleagues, but in the case of the "Hussar ballad", the brilliant Shurochka eclipsed the legendary lieutenant, the rest of the generals, and even the Field Marshal himself. Her game can be enjoyed endlessly.

Actor Nikolai Kryuchkov, who played the role of a faithful servant, friend of the Azarovs, Ivan, got so accustomed to the image that he also took care of Golubkin after the shooting.

Actor Viktor Koltsov - Count Azarov, surprised both the crew and the creators of his natural restraint, discipline and acting skills.

The role of Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov was entrusted to the actor Igor Ilyinsky. Despite the attacks of the censors, the field marshal turned out to be simply remarkable.

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Secondary, but no less vivid roles

"Hussar ballad", the actors of which in the majoritywent already into a different world, was an interesting experiment not only for Ryazanov. Many venerable masters of the Soviet scene tried on unconventional images. For example, Anthony Hodursky incredibly accurately conveyed the essence of the sugary Count Nurin, completely unprepared for military service. The first and only kinolyoy Tatyana Shmygi became the character of the fatal beauty Louise Germont. Actor Lev Polyakov was inimitably good in the role of Pierre Pelymov. And especially I remember the partisan spectator who sang the song "A long time ago". Vladimir Troshin played it. Actors and roles, the creators of the film "The Hussar Ballad" will forever remain in the hearts of domestic audiences - connoisseurs of good cinema.

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Patriotic Vaudeville

The work of Ryazanov can be safely characterized aspatriotic musical picture, which teaches to be self-confident, courageous and merciful, teaches to appreciate true friends and true friendship. The film "The Hussar Ballad" (actors repeatedly stressed this in an interview) clearly demonstrates some of the most remarkable and correct qualities of a Russian person - true patriotism, mercy to the defeated enemy.

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Where and how to shoot the film "The Hussar Ballad"

Separate episodes of the painting were to be shot ina poor manor manor. Creators for a long time could not find a suitable mansion. Most of the patrimonial estates were destroyed during the revolution. Therefore, finding a grove of age-old lime trees and the remains of the old nobleman's estate (overgrown pond and dilapidated church), the decorators set to work. The church was rebuilt several times, making it look like a manor house, set up sculptures, smashed flower beds, erected a fence. Artists Gennady Myasnikov and Mikhail Bogdanov became real wizards, turning centuries-old ruins into an elegant and beautiful estate. The shooting was provided by a group of circus performers under the leadership of Mikhail Tuganov. The only thing that overshadowed the director of the painting "The Hussar Ballad" - the actors who played the partisans. They were so benefited by five meals a day and staying in the open air, that they looked very full and happy.

The film "The Hussar Ballad" became the leader of the domestic rental in 1962, occupying the 40th place among the Soviet paintings in the history of the Soviet film industry as a whole.

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