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Mann Heinrich: biography, literary activity, major works

In the history of world literature there are twofigures with the surname Mann: Henry and Thomas. These writers are siblings, the youngest of whom became a vivid representative of the philosophical prose of the twentieth century. The elder is no less famous, but he was always in the shadow of his great brother. The topic of the article is the biography of a talented person who devoted his entire life to literature, but died in poverty and loneliness. His name is Mann Heinrich.

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Biography and origin

In 1871, in the family of the German merchant ThomasJohann Heinrich Manna son was born. The firstborn subsequently became one of the most famous authors of the XX century, whose name is Mann Heinrich. Date of birth - March 27. A brother, whose figure occupies a more significant place in the history of world literature, was born four years later.

The literary activity of the sons of Mann is absolutelydid not meet the family traditions, according to which, for two centuries, all members of this aristocratic family were engaged exclusively in commerce and social activities.

German and Brazilian blood flowed in the veins of the famous brothers Mann. Heinrich the elder once married a woman whose parents were from South America.

The future writer grew up in favorable conditions.His father held an important public position, which guaranteed all his children (and subsequently their five) a brilliant future. However, the fate of sons and daughters developed quite unexpectedly and tragically. Later, the story of this kind, as well as his death, will reflect in his famous novel "Buddenbrooks" Thomas Mann.

After Henry graduated from the Catharineum -a well-known gymnasium in Lübeck - he went to Dresden, in order to learn in this city the wisdom of the business. But a year later the young Mann interrupted his studies.

Heinrich chose to act as a volunteer inone of the Berlin publishing houses. At the same time, he was educated at the University of Friedrich Wilhelm. None of the Mann brothers finished his studies, because they wanted to write above everything in life. The propensity for creativity was completely uncharacteristic for representatives of the old German merchant family. If, of course, do not consider Julia Mann - the mother of Thomas and Henry. This woman was distinguished by extravagant behavior, musicality and artistry.

In 1910, one of the daughters inthe Mann family. Henry, whose work in this period was in some state of stagnation, extremely hard suffered the loss of his sister. He married only four years later, at the very beginning of the war. The author of the writer was the Czech actress Maria Canova. But later, in America, fate brought him with a woman named Nellie.

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In 1893, his family was transported to Munich by a senatorJohann Mann. Henry during this period undertook several trips, among which was a trip to St. Petersburg. The future writer has not had a permanent residence for many years. From the last decade of the nineteenth century and until the outbreak of World War I, Mann Heinrich, whose photo is presented in this article, constantly moved from city to city. For several years the German prose writer lived in Italy. And quite a part of his travels was accompanied by his younger brother.

The constant travel was a forced measurealso after the future writer suffered a serious lung disease in 1982. In order to restore health, the parents sent Henry to Wiesbaden. And it was at this time that the father of the famous prose writer passed away. After the final cure, Henry Mann created the first literary works.

"Teacher Gnus, or End of a tyrant"

Famous novel, whose main character ispedantic teacher of the gymnasium, was published a year after the creation. But this work, written by Mann Heinrich in 1904, was sharply criticized, and for a while it was completely forbidden. Particularly negatively "the story of falling in love with a man" was perceived in the native city of the prose writer.

The plot is based on the life of a person who is aboveall appreciated the power. But since he could manage only his disciples, he strove with all his strength to keep the younger generation in fear. But one day the passion took possession of him and completely changed his life. Not for nothing in the title of the novel is said about the "end of one tyrant". Later the novel was translated into many languages, and then the famous Hollywood director of German origin, Sternberg, shot the Blue Angel film with Marlene Dietrich in the title role.

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Disagreements in the views of the brothers Mann

Heinrich is a writer-prose writer, known at the beginningcentury, mainly among German-speaking readers - for many years completely ceased communication with his younger brother Thomas. The reason was acute political disagreements. After moving to America, Henry Mann was in distress, which aggravated also the tragic death of his wife. Despite the quarrel, the younger brother came to the rescue. Thomas Mann was one of the wealthiest German intellectual writers.

The Curse of Mann

Children and grandchildren of the German senator and merchantaccompanied by all sorts of misfortunes, which served as fertile soil for gossip and gossip. Both Henry's sisters committed suicide. In the same way, the second wife of the writer left this mortal world.

Thomas Mann, who is rather painfulreacted to such events with a strange relief, he reacted to the death of his brother's wife, stating in a letter to one of his relatives that "this woman only spoiled Henry's life, as she drank too much, scandalized and, worst of all, worked as a waitress in the club." The very same great novelist and author of the symbolic work "Death in Venice" all his life allegedly struggled with his homosexual inclinations. Which did not prevent him, however, to blame for the debauchery of his son, who did not seek to hide his belonging to the sexual minority.

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At the very beginning of World War I was alsopublished a novel by Henry Mann, in which the author quite realistically depicted the mores of Kaiser Germany. Working on the image of the main character, the writer was able to show it "from within". Gesling in Mann's novel is a typical representative of German philistine society, whose characteristic features were aggressiveness towards all alien and pathological fear of limiting his own power. This work, along with the books of Sigmund Freud, Heinrich Heine and Karl Marx, in the thirties was banned by fascists.

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"The young years of King Henry IV"

In 1935, in one of his most famousHeinrich Mann created a rather convincing image of an ideal ruler. The work reflects events in the life of the monarch, which cover the period, from childhood to death. Later the author wrote the continuation of the novel, and these works comprised a dilogy that played the most significant role in the work of the German prose writer.

In exile

Abroad, Mann's literary activity is notbrought no income. Perhaps it was because his novels were of interest primarily to German readers. A significant role in the fact that Mann's career has declined, played a tragedy in the family.

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In 1950, a man died in Santa Monicaextremely poor and absolutely lonely. A month before his death, the writer was offered the post of president of the Academy of Arts, which was in East Germany. But Henry Mann was destined to die on a foreign land, all alone.

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