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Occupational safety at work, management and organization of work

Occupational safety at work is the creation of a safe work process in the workplace, which is based on three main positions:

- the priority of the employee's health and life over the results of his work;

- compliance with requirements, relevant standards and documents in production;

- Encouraging staff to adhere to a safety culture of production.

Labor protection in industry provides forpreparation, approval and implementation of legal, organizational, social, economic, scientific, technical, medical, sanitary and preventive measures aimed at preserving the life of the employee, his health and ability to work.

Management and organization of labor protection

Management of occupational safety at the enterprise isan integral part of the management system at the enterprise, which contributes to caution against accidents (occupational diseases) and consists of a set of interrelated activities aimed at meeting the requirements of laws in the field of ensuring health and life of workers.

The main goal of the management is to createnecessary conditions for the formation of a conscious attitude to security among employees, improvement of existing mechanisms and introduction of new mechanisms in the management of labor protection.

The level of interaction between officials,who participate in management, is defined in job descriptions, on the basis of normative documents, a directory of qualification characteristics with the elimination of duplication of functions, unambiguous submission, a clear definition of responsibilities and responsibilities, as well as delegation of authority.

Occupational safety at work, its tasks and functions

The development and implementation of measures to implement labor protection in the enterprise should be aimed at ensuring:

- safe, healthy and proper working conditions;

- maintenance in the relevant safe state of production equipment, facilities, engineering networks and buildings;

- maintenance of safe technological processes;

- personnel protection means;

- organization of training for each employee in safe ways of managing technological processes;

- propaganda of labor protection;

- Accounting, analysis and assessment of the conditions of activity;

- compulsory insurance of personnel;

- optimal working and rest modes;

- Sanitary and domestic services;

- organization of medical and preventive maintenance of personnel.

Organization of work on labor protection

This process includes the accounting, control, evaluation and analysis of labor protection at all stages of production.

At each enterprise, activities and work should be planned and financed in the field of improving labor protection and improving the state of security and the working environment.

An important role is also played by the organization of the provision of training facilities with modern teaching aids, programs for training and quality vocational training and retraining of workers.

Labor protection at work and responsibility for its violation

For violation of laws on labor protection, educationbarriers to the activities of officials and representatives of trade unions, the guilty employees are held accountable in accordance with applicable laws.

Responsibility for every accident andoccupational disease that occurred in the workplace is borne by officials who did not ensure compliance with the rules of industrial sanitation and did not take appropriate measures to prevent cases of occupational poisoning and accidents, as well as those who directly violated the rules.

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