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Positive qualities of a person as a criterion for the selection of employees

Every time we draw up a resume we come acrosswith the same problem - the filling of the item "positive and negative qualities". Often we pay him little attention, so we are not recruited. The fact is that for a leader it is important not only education and work experience, but also positive qualities of a person.

positive qualities of a person
Oh, but how difficult it is sometimes to recall at least oneits good quality! Not at all because they are not there! It's just that at the most crucial moment, nothing happens, as luck would have it. In addition, not all the positive and negative qualities of a person should be taken into account in each summary. If you are applying for one position - it should be one list, another - another. Of course, many qualities will appear in both, and in another resume, but it is worthwhile to understand that not all of them are important for a particular activity.

First, let's talk about what positive qualities of a person are always important. Of course, this is:

- a desire to work;

- punctuality;

- mindfulness;

- politeness;

- a responsibility;

- honesty;

- purposefulness.

Any employer will assess in an employee suchquality of personality. However, remember that cheating is not the best way to get a job. Therefore, everything that you wrote on the resume must be true. All these traits should be brought up in any person from birth, therefore, most likely, you do not have to deceive.

positive and negative qualities of a person
We go further.What positive qualities of a person allow you to apply for a certain position? Here everything is also quite simple. If the vacancy that you want to occupy involves working with people, then you (ideally) should have:

- self-control;

- sociability;

- Cheerfulness;

- communication skills;

- resistance to stress;

- the ability to find a common language with customers.

It will not be superfluous for a secretary or an office managerattractiveness. Agree, such a person is the face of the company, and it should be liked by customers. If the position assumes work in a team, then the ability to work with other employees in a coordinated manner will not interfere. Work related to business trips and trips will require energy and the ability to quickly adapt to new circumstances.

But it is worth noting that not all positivehuman qualities remain so in all cases. For example, if a candidate for a programmer's position is sociable, the leader may think that he will spend more time communicating with colleagues than working. A cheerful employee of the ritual service is unlikely to tolerate customers.

human qualities are positive
What specific qualities should be noted insummary? Again, it depends on the vacancy. If the post involves preliminary training, indicate "learnability", work creative - tell us about creative thinking and creativity. The skills of preparing certain documents, shorthand, self-criticism - all these qualities need to be indicated only in individual cases.

In general, the completion of a resume (and even one of ititem) is a serious occupation. Tension memory, remember the existing qualities of a person. Positive and suitable for this position features to choose from them will not be difficult.

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