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Resume for a personal driver: sample

Every second in the modern world isdriver. Someone runs their own car, someone turns the steering wheel of a minibus or a bus, and someone is a personal chauffeur of the general manager or tycoon.

In order to become a driver of your own car, you need to obtain rights in the traffic police, but in order to transport other people, you need to have certain skills and personal qualities.

Job Description

A personal driver is often required in largecompanies. In order to properly assess the resume of a personal driver, the HR manager should clearly understand what requirements the firm presents for the position.

Experience driving a car, experience in a similar positionand the presence of certain personal qualities - the three blocks that the ejcar values. Having considered each of them in detail, it is possible to judge whether the resume sample of a personal driver is suitable.

Obligatory knowledge

In his work the driver is responsible for the safety of the movement of another person. In order for the customer to be comfortable and not afraid to go in the car, the driver should know:

  • SDA and fines for their violation;
  • the device of the machine, the main characteristics, work and maintenance rules for units and assemblies;
  • rules and timing of compulsory inspections;
  • rules of caring for the body, salon, the principles of caring for the car;
  • signs of malfunctions and ways of their self-elimination;
  • cases, the code for troubleshooting must be addressed to the service center;
  • location of required service stations.

A skilled and experienced driver can not failknow simple things, such as how to measure the oil level, the timing of its replacement, or the location of the coolant tank. The candidate, whose summary contains erroneous data on the maintenance or traffic rules, will not meet the qualification requirements.

Driving skills

The CV of a personal driver should beit is indicated whether the applicant has experience in driving a car of a representative class. These include cars brands "Mercedes", "Volvo", "Bentley", "Rolls-Royce."

resume personal driver

The ability to drive such a car is an importantskill, since such transport is equipped with a large number of additional functions, knowledge of which the driver guarantees to the passenger comfort while driving. For example, the driver should know how the partition between the driver's seat and the cabin rises, if the situation so requires. Long searches for the necessary button or incorrect manipulation violate the comfort of passengers.


Sample CV of a personal driver shouldto describe the responsibilities that he had to perform at previous places of work. If there is little information in the summary, the HR manager must conduct interviews, asking additional questions about the functional responsibilities.

personal driver resume

The duties include:

  • ensuring timely delivery of the car;
  • maintenance of technical serviceability of the machine;
  • compliance with measures to ensure the safety of the entrusted vehicle;
  • driving the vehicle in compliance with all traffic rules to ensure safety for passengers and others;
  • maintenance of technical serviceability of the car, independent carrying out of inspections;
  • timely passage of inspections in the service center or technical inspections at the station;
  • the maintenance of the engine and salon, and also a body in a pure condition, protection of them from influences of an environment by processing of surfaces by special means;
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle, refusing to use any psychotropic or narcotic substances that affect the coordination and perception of reality;
  • mandatory clear development of the route before departure and alignment of the route with the passenger or higher management;
  • maintenance of travel lists to mark mileage, route, fuel consumption;
  • At the end of the day, the car is parked in the garage or on the parking lot.

An example of a resume of a personal driver should include a listing of job responsibilities. Missing points or uncharacteristic tasks should be clarified with the applicant.


Any position presupposes the existence of not only duties, but also rights. The driver is no exception.

the duties of a personal driver resume

In his work he has the right to:

  • requirement of passengers to comply with traffic rules (use of seat belts, transportation of children in special car seats, landing and disembarkation only in specially authorized places);
  • obtaining the necessary information in full;
  • submitting proposals to the leadership on increasing the accident-free driving of the car, increasing its competence, improving its work;
  • the requirement of management of working conditions that do not contradict the law;
  • making decisions within the competence.

A responsibility

Usually in the resume of the personal driver is notthe responsibilities that the employee bears to the employer are indicated. However, it is necessary to find out what the reactions were expected from the employer in case of emergency incidents or breakdowns.

job search personal driver sample

The driver is responsible for:

  • untimely, negligent performance or failure to perform direct duties;
  • non-observance of orders, orders, orders, binding to the preservation of trade secrets, confidential information, personal data;
  • violation of labor discipline, labor regulations, rules of TB and OT.


The work of a personal driver, though not related todangers, but is difficult and responsible. In his work, a personal driver is protected by the rules and regulations of the company or the contract that is concluded with employment. The laws of the Russian Federation, labor legislation protect the employee in his work.

Personal qualities

A person who needs a personaldriver, has a high income and often a bad character. The driver has to adjust to the passengers, feel their moods, be able and listen, and support the conversation, and shut up when necessary.

resume personal driver driver

Personal qualities for the driver play an important role. Sample CV for the job of a personal driver should contain a list of key personal qualities of the candidate.

Among the important are:

  • stress resistance;
  • flexibility;
  • the ability to find a common language;
  • empathy;
  • decency;
  • loyalty;
  • tolerance.

In view of the specificity of the position on whichit is necessary to work the driver, the most important quality is the ability to store information. In order not to become a source of leakage of important confidential data, the driver must understand that everything heard at work is not subject to disclosure.

Example summary

Duties of a personal driver for a resumethe candidate often rewrites from the job description. That there were no awkward moments at a meeting with the employer, it is necessary to read out the resume before sending.

After examining the example it will be clear why such a candidate does not fit the position of a personal driver.

resume personal driver example

Company: LLC Avtotrans, 02.2015 - 04.2015. I resigned at my own request.

Sector: passenger transportation around the city.

Position: driver of minibus.

Responsibilities: upholstering of passengers, departure to the route, refueling of the car, repair of minor breakdowns.

Wishes: I want to work as a personal or personal driver of the director or his wife on a good car.

Unfortunately, the drivers of route transport are notthe most stressful and benevolent in their mass of people. Such a candidate, who has little experience and overstated expectations for a future employer, will not meet the requirements for the position.

Experienced driver

Considering the resume of an experienced driver, immediatelyyou can understand that the candidate has all the necessary skills and qualities. Even the style of writing a resume of a personal driver of the leader will stand out among the whole mass of responses. A worthy candidate will compile CV in detail, attach contact phones for recommendations (where possible), will indicate not only the main responsibilities, but also the successes that could be in his work.

resume personal driver sample

Company: LLC "Trans-Neft-Resource", 2002-2014.

Position: family driver, personal driver of the general director.

The reason for the dismissal: the departure of the head for permanent residence outside the Russian Federation.


  • timely delivery of the car in the right place;
  • departure at night by order of management;
  • delivery of guests, family members (2 children - 3 years and 11 years) to the specified place;
  • business trips with management within the Russian Federation;
  • filling in a travel sheet, reporting faults;
  • car repair, compulsory vehicle inspection;
  • the control of a condition of the car, all knots and units;
  • timely replacement of necessary spare parts;
  • care for the body of the car and the salon.

Achievements: as a result of a clear route planning, reduced fuel consumption by 20%.

Personal qualities: clarity, punctuality, responsibility, stress resistance, mobility, the ability to remain silent and store information.

Additional information: 35 years of trouble-free driving experience, premium driving experience (Bentley, Mercedes, Volvo).

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