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Work excavator: features of the profession, job duties, wages

Excavator is a multifunctional earth moving machinemachine designed for soil development. In modern construction it is used everywhere, but do not forget that any technique must be managed by someone. This is precisely the job of the excavator.

Duties and features of the profession

Work as an excavator
The excavator driver isa highly qualified specialist with special personal qualities. The most valued employees are able to manage different models of equipment. The representative of this profession is obliged to excellently understand the device of the equipment on which he works and be able to independently carry out maintenance and repair with minor breakdowns. I must have an excavator operator and have a good understanding of the types of soils and their properties. Work as an excavator requires responsibility, attention and speed of reaction. Do not forget that even the slightest mistake in the management of such a large machine can lead to significant material losses, as well as create a threat to the life of the machinist of the excavator and surrounding people.

What kind of education is necessary for the operator of the excavator?

Work as an excavator in Moscow
To control the excavator,having a certificate confirming the qualification of the state sample. A specialized secondary education is required, if it is non-core, it will also be necessary to spend about half a year on the profile courses offered by many training centers. The work of an excavator involves serious physical exertion, and for this reason is exclusively male. A specialist who manages this type of construction equipment must possess a good eye and visual memory. The ability to remain calm in extreme situations is also necessary. Please note that this profession has a number of limitations for health reasons. And all the working drivers of the excavator regularly undergo a special medical commission.

Features of the profession and the level of wages

Work as an excavator in the north
Work excavator often involvesa replacement schedule, in this case two specialists work alternately on one unit of equipment. At the same time, the average salary level in the given profession for Moscow is 50,000 rubles a month, for regions - 20-25 thousand rubles. Highly qualified specialists of this branch are in demand in all areas of our country, but because of the difference in wages, many prefer to go to work outside their hometown. For example, even a specialist in the middle level work as an excavator in Moscow can bring 100 thousand rubles a month or more, while in Ryazan it's almost impossible to earn more than 50 thousand rubles. Some companies offer a shift schedule, its standard version: two working months and one month of rest. Work excavator in the north is difficult due to climatic features, but it is highly paid. In addition, almost always comfortable accommodation and meals the employer provides completely free of charge.

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