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Present yourself correctly: a sample of the resume of an office manager

In market conditions, a summary is indispensablea tool for presenting yourself. In Europe it is customary to use the more intricate Latin term "curriculum vitae" (briefly - CV), which translates as "biography", "biography."

Summary - this is an opportunity to briefly and concisely tellthe employer about their skills, work experience, education. A well-written resume should answer the question: "Why am I the best candidate for a vacancy?"

Resume for different vacancies have their own characteristics, but there are also general requirements to their form and content.

What should be in the resume?

The standard summary includes the following sections:

  • job title;
  • target;
  • experience;
  • achievements;
  • education;
  • skills;
  • personal qualities.

At the request of the applicant or at the request of the employer, additional items can be reflected:

  • hobby;
  • Desired salary level;
  • recommendations;
  • presence of a driver's license, car, language skills.
    sample resume Construction management, engineering support

Ideally, a finished resume is aa holistic and logically related, structured document. Specify only those qualities and skills that correspond to reality, present information in a business style, break the text into paragraphs for better perception - all this will increase your rating and chances of finding a job.

Executive Office Summary: Sample and Recommendations

The employer, wishing to save on staffemployees, often looking for a universal specialist who can skilfully accept clients and coordinate the work of units, and compile reports correctly. This vacancy is usually called an administrator or an office manager.

Applicants for this work a lot, so it is especially important to draw up a resume of an office manager. A CV sample can be modified to reflect its distinctive features and unique skills.

resume Office-manager sample resume

Below is a brief sample of the resume of the office manager. Expand it or not - it's up to you.

Karaulova Oksana V.
Mob.phone: +380504001328
e-mail: [email protected]

Position: Office Manager

goal: getting an office manager job

Salary: from 4000 UAH.

Qualification: 5 years of experience as secretary-consultant inconstruction company. Daily monitored the passage of documents, the deadline for their execution and the fulfillment of oral orders of the head; carried out registration and registration of concluded contracts; formalized drafts of organizational and administrative documents of the company; held the reception of clients and partners of the company; conducted accounting and issuance of powers of attorney according to the orders of the head; made out a report card of working hours, sick leave, dismissal and dismissal of employees, travel documents; conducted familiarization with the orders and other internal documentation of the employees of the enterprise; carried out the order and delivery of the writing goods for office of the company; participated in the preparation of reports on construction (M-29, 1-kb).

Achievements: developed and implemented a system of nomenclatureaccounting records in the office in accordance with regulatory requirements (classification, order of development, approval, registration, accounting and storage of documents, as well as the formation of archival cases).

Education: from 2003 to 2008 she studied at the full-time department of the management faculty of the National Academy of Public Utilities, received a diploma in economics and management.

Additional education: in November 2010 she passed the refresher courses for referents, duration - 30 days, passed the exam "excellent", received a certificate.

Skills: fluently own PC (Word, Excel, Fine Reader), Internet program, 1C personnel accounting software, office equipment.

Languages: Russian - fluent; basic English. Practical possession of the rules of etiquette and business communication.

Personal qualities: good communication skills, focus on results, punctuality, organization.

When drafting an individual resume, we recommend that you focus on the proposed sample.

Resume of the office-manager of the construction company

The activity of the construction company has its ownspecificity, so applicants for such a position need to show their leverage in the CV text. A sample of the resume of the office manager just reflects the specific skills that may be required from the employee. This is the ability to work in a core program, and draw up reports on construction, and navigate in the primary accounting documentation related to construction.

Features of the resume for the secretary

Office manager is a universal andmany-sided: he and the swine, and the reaper, and the dude is a gambler. Well illustrates this sample of the resume of the office manager: secretary, personnel officer, clerk and administrator combines this vacancy. The secretary is one of the variations of an office manager with a narrower scope of responsibilities.

The secretary is called upon to performfunctions in the organization, schedule a leader, answer calls, receive visitors. When registering for a position as a secretary, keep in mind these nuances, be concise and do not specify unnecessary.

How to write a resume if there is no work experience?

Most employers prefer candidates who already know something and are able. How to be in this situation graduates of universities?

sample resume Secretary, secretary

Proceed from the fact that the employer is interested in your professional competence, which includes education. Therefore, except for part-time work during study, it will be appropriate to indicate in the summary:

  • theme of thesis and specialization;
  • sphere of industrial practice;
  • scientific conferences, articles, publications.

A few words about public duties andPersonal achievements will also give the employer an opportunity to assess your qualities. Take for a sample of the resume of the office manager - without work experience, you can also be sensible about yourself.

What should not be in the resume?

Recruiters have different approaches to studying resume candidates, each has its own methodology. However, there are things that you should not write under any circumstances:

  • about the place of work of relatives;
  • about their religious views;
  • confidential information about the previous employer;
  • requirements for future employment;
  • about courses, trips and skills not related to work.

sample resume Operations management, support

Also, you should avoid these pearls (excerpts from the summary):

  • "... Do not offer the post of realizer !!! ..."
  • "Personal qualities: negative - believe in fate and not interested in politics ..."
  • "Foreign language: English (like a dog - I understand everything, but I do not speak) ...".

Before sending, read the summary for errors, remove unnecessary words and lines, make the document readable and structured and only then send.

How did Steve Jobs make up the summary?

One of the owners of the corporation Apple Steve Jobs at one time began with the job of hiring.

sample resume Operations management, support
His summary of twenty years ago and todaylooks impressive: it is original, and deliberate. The goal is the brightest summary of the resume. Building on bridges and lighting up the fire, I have a lot of experience, lots of energy, some understanding of life, and I'm not afraid to start from the very beginning, "wrote Steve Jobs . It seems that he has achieved his goal. What do you want.

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