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Trainer compiler: job description, duties, rights

The train compiler is a very important and complex profession. All the nuances and peculiarities of this work will be discussed in this article.

Who is the train composer?

How can I briefly describe the profession?If we take the official wording, then the train composer is a person who is engaged in the dismantling and formation of rolling stock. That is, all the work of the specialist in question is to rearrange the cars of the trains, necessarily in a certain order. Of course, you can do this only if you have the knowledge and after the briefing.

train composer

This profession is considered very difficult andresponsible. The main task that faces a specialist is to send the staff on time. In this case, the train composer is responsible for the integrity of the train, its completeness, for its safety and accuracy when performing maneuvers. It is necessary to check the trains in time, to detach and fasten the wagons in time with the help of special brake shoes.

About professional duties

It is necessary to mention the duties of the originatortrains. The functions of this specialist really a lot: in fact, it is on him depends the efficiency of train traffic. Here are just some of the main duties of the representative of the profession:

  • Work on the translation of arrows, which are not centralized.
  • Timely fencing of the train wagons with brake shoes.
  • Ensuring the safety and safety of the formulations.
  • Disengagement and trailing of cars.
  • The work with changing the train composition is the management of locomotive maneuvers.

Of course, there is a compiler of trains and a host of other duties and functions. However, their number will depend only on the place of work, namely, from the station itself and the region where it is located.

Working day: acceptance and delivery of duty

Dry transfer of the main professionalduties if and will give an idea of ​​the work, then the most minimal. That is why it is worth describing the very day of the specialist himself, how he looks, how it is planned.

So, the train composer begins his workday from the receipt of the safety briefing. This happens on a special meeting. After that each worker takes the so-called "inventory of strict accounting" and a certain arrangement of cars. Planning begins for all further work with the station attendant. It includes, as a rule, checking of wagons, their maintenance, coupling, uncoupling, etc.

train-trainer duties

It should also be taken into account that each of its actionsthe train composer will coordinate by radio with the attendant. There are a lot of works, and it's certainly not possible to get bored of a representative of the profession in question. And in addition to servicing the cars, it is necessary to prepare the trainings, correctly fill out the accounting journal, check the accepted cars - and be sure personally! So, there really is a lot of work for a station employee.

Job description of trains' builderprescribes that the appointment of the duty is always established and fixed by the station master in accordance with all conditions and norms. Upon acceptance of duty, the employee must check the condition of all cars, their location, availability of inventory and special seals on the vehicles. The delivery of the watch is carried out only after checking the trains, arranging carriages in places and ensuring safety in accordance with established norms.

What are the qualities of a train composer?

Like any other employee, train composermust have certain qualities and traits. But which ones? First of all, this, of course, is conscientiousness and attentiveness. Only these two qualities will be components of high professionalism. However, do not forget about communication, stress and conflict-free. The fact is that you have to work with living people. Often, it is also necessary to manage employees qualifications below: they can be specialists with a lower rank or assistant trainer.

trainer's instruction manual

Of course, everyone can make a mistake.And it is by no means to be very nervous because of this - it will only exacerbate the situation. Just such a quality as stress resistance will help to achieve mutual understanding with colleagues. Being calm and unperturbed in this profession is very important. You have to be even cold-blooded. In order for the work to be coherent, effective and well organized, it is necessary to work, first of all, on yourself, on your character.

Where can I learn a profession?

The profession of "train composer" requirescompulsory education. And which one? This will be discussed later. To enter a college or a technical school, you do not need to finish all eleven school classes. Nine years will be the optimal base for admission to the railway college. In educational institutions preparing trainees, give the following basic knowledge:

  • traffic safety techniques;
  • the use of special sound and hand signals;
  • driving direction of the locomotive;
  • use of brake shoes;
  • the use of portable radio stations;
  • competent fastening of trains on rails;
  • ensuring the safety of goods, their unloading.

assistant trainer

It is also worth mentioning an indicative list of subjects for which the course of lectures will be read:

  • The course of the railways.
  • Occupational Safety and Health.
  • OBZH or BDZ.
  • Arrangement of freight cars and their maintenance.

About grades in the profession

As in many other professions, there are certain categories in the work of the train composer. There are four in all:

  • 3 digit. The representative of the lowest rank leadswork in small areas of traffic on railways, while not having common use. Thus, the scope of the employee's work with the third level is somewhat limited.
  • 4 th category characterized by the fact that its carriers mustwork with the railway transport is not common use, but already in tense areas. Accordingly, because of this, the complexity of work in comparison with the third category is significantly increased.
  • 5 rank. Specialists work with the railway transport already of general use. However, the work is carried out in low-activity areas, that is, where specialists with the third level work.
  • 6 category. Owners of this category, the last and the most complex, work in tense areas with public railroad transport.

trainer safety

Thus, the duties of the train composerthe most varied. In addition, this classification by category allows you to build a system of relationships between superiors and subordinates. Representatives of a high rank can be issued by the authorities under the leadership of workers with lower qualifications. However, this depends, again, on the station and the region where this station is located.

About the Rights of the Trailer Designer

Инструкция представителей рассматриваемой profession assigns certain rights to workers. Further, only some of the most basic rights of the train composer will be mentioned. So, the employee has the right to request from the authorities necessary for the work equipment, namely:

  • special working form;
  • a signal lamp;
  • yellow flag;
  • radio and portable radio station, as well as other accessories.

profession train composer

Работник имеет право подавать жалобу, если ему не Accessories were given in the form of overalls, special footwear, signal elements, etc. The safety of the trainee is entirely based on the rights of the latter. It is worth noting that the station employee also has such an important right as the reception and the end of the duty with minimal time and with the optimal rhythm of the entire station. Simply put, the beginning and the end of the work should be timely, and the working hours of the specialist should not exceed the norm.

Disadvantages of the profession

There are some flaws in the train maker. Of course, there are not so many of them, but it’s worth mentioning:

  • High responsibility. The job of the train maker is prettydifficult, also very important. It is worth understanding what responsibility lies with the representatives of the profession. Naturally, the higher the rank, the higher the responsibility: however, experience makes itself felt. Over time, the profession will not seem so exhausting and difficult.
  • Physical work. The profession in question is very hard andtruly masculine. That is why it is often necessary to work with hands. Do not forget about the presence of night shifts, which can exhaust quite strongly.

Of course, there are many other shortcomings in the work of the train maker. But most of them will be subjective, so they should not be indicated.

The merits of the profession

The profession of the originator of trains has many advantages. The main advantages of the work include:

  • Good income. Salary at the considered specialistreally worthy. However, the exact numbers can not be specified: it all depends on the region, the station itself, as well as the level available. Many train makers claim that their salaries are high enough for them to continue working.
    job descriptor
  • Demand This item is not at all contrived:the profession is really in demand in the labor market. Frequently, at railway stations there is a lack of quality specialists who could organize a clear and coordinated work.
  • Teamwork. Many employees will agree that work becomes a favorite, largely due to the presence of a healthy, friendly team. And it is also the merit of the profession.
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