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Profession "train driver": description, specificity, advantages

Among the many working specialties issuch, which dream of since childhood. They are shrouded in a halo of romance and high professionalism. One of them - the profession of "train driver". He is the most important in rail transport, and his activities are connected with the management of the locomotive.

profession train driver

A short excursion into the history of the profession

Once the first rails were laid and releasedthe first train, the question of his administration became acute. For a trip to be successful, not only the relevant knowledge is necessary, but also specific character traits.

In Russia, the "train driver" profession arose infar back in 1834. Initially, on the rails were small trains of only four cars. Their speed did not exceed 33 km / h. But after increasing the power and the speed limit to 42 km / h, people needed to cope with the increasing load. Therefore, training courses were organized to gain knowledge and skills in railway transport management.

profession train driver for children

Especially in demand were the machinists in the timesSoviet Union. The laying of the rail was proceeding at a tremendous pace, different compositions were being manufactured in the country for the transport of goods and passengers. Qualified people, fully trained to manage the staff, were required.

Special features of the specialty

The profession of a driver is more often regarded aspurely male. However, no one will restrict the female representatives if they deign to learn this skill. But for the choice to be conscious, it is necessary to know exactly the description of the profession of "train driver".

my future profession is a train driver

Specialty has a number of specificFeatures that you should pay attention to. Activities require not only endurance, but also excellent health. Therefore, upon admission to the relevant educational institution, a medical certificate of fitness is required.

The "train driver" profession means knowing the technical features of the machine and the automatic devices that are in the locomotive cab.

The driver needs the maximum concentrationattention. To avoid an accident, it is necessary to pay attention to road signs, weather conditions and instrument readings. Long-distance trains always put assistants, who insure the chief engineer and give an opportunity to relax.

The main duties of locomotive driver

When the train is moving, the driver and the assistant perform the following main functions:

  • follow signs and signals on the railway track;
  • observe the indications of the dashboard, which indicates the uninterrupted operation of the entire rolling stock;
  • follow the state of the locomotive, its integrity;
  • give the set signals at the entrance to the station;
  • are responsible for the safety of maneuvers;
  • When faults are detected, they must immediately inform the station attendants.

The profession of "train driver" implies frequentabsence from home. But it gives an opportunity to see many new places. Therefore, people who are hungry for new experiences and are ready to study the technical characteristics of rail transport, often choose this specialty.

Toy railway

Those children who write an essay on the subject - "My future profession - the train driver" during the lessons on vocational guidance, it is necessary to visit the children's railway.

Such organizations exist already in manycities of Russia. Those who dream of driving on rails are not only a toy, but a real full-fledged structure, organize special training. After gaining the necessary knowledge, the guys can work as real conductors, on duty at the station, and even help the driver to drive a real train with the passengers.

where to get the profession of train driver

The children's railway not only providesentertainment services for skating small children, but also is an institution of additional education. Children aged 8 to 15 years can study various railway specialties and consolidate their skills in practice.

Profession "train driver" for children is masterednot only in the classrooms. On real trains of a slightly reduced format and on a narrower rail track, under the guidance of an adult the teenager learns the basics of complex craftsmanship.

On the children's railway, everything is real.As far as technical capabilities are concerned, all equipment corresponds to a similar one on general-purpose routes. And, although the rails do not have access to the general track, the composition fully corresponds to the full-fledged passenger locomotive and people are the real ones.

Learning the skill of driving

Dreaming to conquer a heavy car and becomethe long-term manager is useful to know where to get the train driver's profession. They teach specialties in railway technical schools, entry is possible after 9 classes of a comprehensive school.

job description train driver

The main disciplines that future students will be trained in are related to the technical sciences, the safety rules for transporting people and goods, the fundamentals of the railway movement.

In order to competently manage the whole composition, it is necessary to study its characteristics and to have knowledge of the software and the principles of its operation.

To realize a dream, it remains only to chooseThe nearest educational institution, the list of which is quite extensive. Among the most famous singles out: Saratov, Samara, Orenburg, Penza technical schools of railway transport.

For higher education, you needgo to state high schools of communication, where you can get the profession of a train driver and the qualification of a railway engineer. The universities are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Rostov, the Far East and other areas.

Profession of the profession

Before choosing a future profession, it is important to know its prospects. Specialization "locomotive engineer" takes a leading position in the list published by the "Russian newspaper" a couple of years ago.

where you can get the profession of train driver

Employers' demand for labor exchanges speaks of the demand, among which 33% of the total number corresponded to the work of the "machinist".

Pros of the specialty and its shortcomings

Like any other, the profession of a machinist hasits unquestionable merits. One of them is associated with a halo of romance, when a person is constantly on the road and sees many new places. But this dignity breeds a flaw. Specificity of the profession forces a person to be separated from the family for a long time, which some may not like.

But the enormous responsibility for lifepassengers and the safety of cargo guarantees and decent wages. Russian railways, in addition to wages, provide their employees with additional support in the form of bonuses, trips to a sanatorium and long vacations.

The downside is high loads on the body andthe influence of harmful factors on health. At the driver's shift lasts for 12 hours, which he spends in a confined space and extremely concentrating attention.

The thorny path

After training, all specialists begin their journey withassistant driver. Depending on basic education and practical skills, an aspiring specialist may hold an assistant position from several months to two years.

Only after testing by a professional and passing an appropriate interview a person is trusted to independently manage the rolling stock.

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