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Hoteliers are who?

Currently The profession of the hotelier is considered one of the mosthighly paid and prestigious in hotels of a hotel type. Without these professionals in this business is simply impossible to do. Managers with a lot of professional duties are the personnel, without which it is unrealistic to establish the ideal work of any hotel. And in this article we will talk about who are professional hoteliers, and also highlight the specifics of this profession.

Facts from the history of the profession

There were times when travelers only in their dreamsrepresented rest in a hotel, characterized by comfort, serenity and security. Hoteliers (these innkeepers in those years) were mostly boorish, greedy and not trustworthy people. The quality of living conditions also did not please visitors.

In the middle of the XIX century, the situation changedthe better side - the staff became more polite and hospitable, new services appeared. This led to a significant increase in prices. But on the territory of the hotels, beauty salons, institutions providing entertainment services and restaurants began to be located.

A modern hotel of a new level opened in Paris inthe end of the XIX century the Swiss Cesar Ritz. For that time interval, this was a significant step forward: the hotel rooms had bathrooms, lunches were brought to the room, and on Sundays you could enjoy Viennese buns.

Hoteliers are

Such establishments began to flourish, representatives of notable estates and royal families stayed in them.

Professional duties of hoteliers

Hoteliers are high-level specialists occupying a place at the highest step in the hotel business. The duties of these people include:

  • provision of comfortable living conditions for guests;
  • creating the necessary conditions for the work of hotel staff;
  • increase in the amount of profit.

These specialists are responsible for maintaining the image and reputation of the hotel at the proper level.

Hoteliers are developing an advertising policyactivity of his institution, determine the basic functions of his economic services. This post is also designated as hotel manager or hotel director.

Hotel manager

Ways to manage a hotel typedifferent levels of service and amenities directly depend on its overall concept. Depending on the established rules of conduct, the hotelier can behave with guests as a welcoming host or, conversely, as a reserved hotel administrator.

Daily tasks for hoteliers

Hoteliers are professionals in the hotel business, who, along with global tasks, solve many issues every day. These include:

  1. Organization of the hotel.
  2. Control over the level of customer service.
  3. Coordination of staff activities
  4. Ensuring the operation of equipment.
  5. Organization of repair work.
  6. Maintenance of financial and accounting documentation.
  7. Control over the circulation of funds.

Necessary personal qualities

Hotel business is a special sphere of services,in which the personal qualities of employees are of great importance. Real chances to climb the career ladder are available for communicative, benevolent, stress-resistant people with literate speech and good manners.

Hoteliers are high-class specialists,which during the working day has to solve a lot of emerging issues, overcome a lot of unusual situations and at the same time always show hospitality in relation to the guests and employees of the hotel.

hotel manager

The hotel administrator must have a special ability to receive and accommodate guests properly, regardless of any circumstances.

Criteria for implementation in the profession

The main condition for successful employment isthe position of the hotelier is the fluency of one, and in priority - several foreign languages. Knowledge of the same English language is necessary to work in almost all the services of the hotel.

Hoteliers should have a higher education,confirming the level of their intelligence. The most demanded is the education in the sphere of hotel business and tourism, which can be obtained in many specialized educational institutions. Experience and recommendations are welcomed.

After receiving the diploma immediately get a positionhotelier is almost impossible. There are examples when the hotel administrator started his career as a dishwasher. To achieve the highest step in the hotel business, you need work experience and a corresponding reputation.

Occupation Hotelier

Working in a hotel as a hotelier (pros and cons)

Competent specialists should have information that there are positive and negative sides in this profession. So, the pluses of the work of hoteliers are considered to be:

  • constant demand in the labor market;
  • prestige of the profession;
  • high wages.

The disadvantages of working in this position are as follows:

  • Maximum level of responsibility for the decisions made.
  • Irregular working hours.
  • High emotional loads.
  • Constant communication with different people.

Hotelier (hotel manager) - rather difficultand a responsible profession. This person should know in full detail the work of each employee of the hotel and skillfully coordinate it. He must have an idea of ​​what events take place within the walls of the hotel every minute.

The salary of this specialist depends on his competence.

Working in the hotel

Good hoteliers are diplomats, marketing specialists, psychologists and recruiting managers, administrators and financiers all rolled into one.

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