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What is the job of a pharmacist?

Who is a pharmacist, everyone knows.This profession is tempting at first glance. It would seem that medical romance is present, and the responsibility is relatively small. But is it really? What is the work of a pharmacist, what are the pros and cons of it?

The pharmacist and the pharmacist are the same?

Work as a pharmacist
Среди обывателей распространено мнение о том, что A pharmacist is a person working as a pharmacy salesman. And no more. In fact, it is not quite right; representatives of this profession work in laboratories and in the manufacture of pharmacological products. However, it is important to understand that working as a pharmacist in a pharmacy requires only a secondary specialized education, and in order to participate in the development of new drugs or work as a technologist at an enterprise producing drugs, you need a specialized higher education. A pharmacist of the highest category is a pharmacist, a specialist who can start his career either at the pharmacy counter, or immediately in some more serious organization. It is worth noting that the trade in pharmacological products is rapidly developing, and the lack of qualified personnel is obvious. It is not uncommon for pharmacists with secondary special education to become heads of pharmacies for several years.

Work as a pharmacist in a pharmacy: features of the profession

Find a pharmacist job
A pharmacist working in a pharmacy must, not onlydispensing drugs and counting buyers, but also well versed in the drugs sold. Do not forget that some types of pharmacological products are not allowed to be sold without a prescription. Another common situation - the buyer comes to the pharmacy and asks: "Give me something from the head." The pharmacist should not only find the right remedy for the symptoms described, but also try to convince the client to see a doctor, especially if the situation is serious. As for responsibility, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Many drugs have a high cost, and even if you work honestly and carefully, there is a high risk that colleagues from another shift will not be the same. Is it easy to find a pharmacist job in a pharmacy? Difficulties should arise, even employees without work experience and with secondary specialized education are in demand.

Work schedule and average salary of a pharmacist

Night pharmacist job
All pharmacies in our country are divided intoaround the clock and working for 10-12 hours. The most common work schedules are 2/2 or 3/3, and around the clock, usually during the day and at night, different employees work. Accordingly, there is a night shift - such is the job. Night pharmacist works with a minimum number of visitors. In some pharmacies operating 24 hours, daily schedules are practiced. How much do pharmacists earn? For Moscow, the bottom bracket of remuneration of specialists of this profile is around 30 thousand rubles, for the province the average amount is exactly two times less - 15 thousand rubles. Working as a pharmacist is interesting in its own way, but not always easy - not all pharmacy visitors behave culturally. High and physical activity - because most of the day you have to spend on his feet.

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