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Fallout 4: bolt (where to get, why it is needed)

Life in the world after nuclear war is notonly with all sorts of dangers. Quite often when passing the game Fallout 4, the Russian voice acting which appeared more recently, you will encounter a banal lack of resources. After all, most types of weapons or armor can not be modified without this or that material. And without improved equipment it is impossible to study some areas of Fallout 4. A bolt is one such resource. How to find this object in sufficient quantity will tell this guide.

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Fallout 4. Where do I get the bolts?

Bolt is a pretty valuable item.After all, without it no weapons or armor can be improved. In addition, bolts are necessary for the construction of some structures. Despite the fact that this resource is not so rare, be prepared for the fact that you will experience a constant shortage of this subject during the passage of the game Fallout 4. The bolt will be needed in huge quantities, and it will not be easy to find it in the finished form. So if you find a bundle of this resource while researching the wasteland, then consider this a luck.

The easiest way to buy this resource in lots of 25 piecesfrom the merchants. For example, Arturo Rodriguez - the seller of rubbish in Diamond City - will gladly give you these items. In addition, you can buy a batch of bolts from Karl urn. Find this wandering vendor of all rubbish can be on the road from Concord to "Snack Drumling." For the next batch of bolts you need to go to the Alliance and find Penny Fitzgerald there. Another seller who sells this resource is Rufus Rubins, whose shop is located in the lobby of the Rexford Hotel. In addition, you can buy a bundle of bolts from the Technique of Tom - the seller of things of the Podzemka faction.

fallout 4 bolt id

Please note that this purchase will cost from 50covers, which is quite expensive, especially for beginners Fallout 4. The bolt (id of the item is shown below) appears in the inventory of merchants not as often as one would like, so this method does not satisfy all your needs in this material.

Trash analysis

You can get this material from severalitems scattered throughout the locations of the game Fallout 4. The bolt is removed from the desktop fan, typewriter, lawn trimmer, conventional ancient globe, toy car and truck, as well as pepper and tiles. If you experience a constant shortage of this resource, then try to memorize the objects from which you can remove the bolts.

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In addition, this material can be obtained fromthe analysis of certain types of weapons. Bolts are extracted from laser pistols and rifles, combat shotguns, smoothbore and laser carbines, 10 mm pistols. Moreover, you can get the bolts from the pistols and rifles of the Institute.

Where to get items containing bolts?

Buy trash, from which this resource is obtained,you can have any trader in the wasteland. But this method is quite expensive. It is much more profitable to search some locations of Fallout 4. A bolt in sufficient quantity can be found in raider settlements. After all, these opponents often use 10mm pistols for armament. But it is much more profitable to find them in the ruins of the synths. These enemies are armed with laser carbines, the analysis of which gives 2-3 bolts from one weapon. It is clear that such a catch is very difficult. And before you go on a search, as much as possible reduce the weight of the inventory. In addition, it is not superfluous to bring along a partner who will not only help in combat, but also incur a part of the cargo.

bolt in the Fallout 4

A great place to find resources

Get a huge amount of items in whichthere are bolts, it is possible at the plant "Wilson Atomize". This location is located in the south-eastern part of the Commonwealth. The landmark will be the ruins of the town of Quincy. At the factory, special toys were produced - robots "Buttercup". So, one such object contains 4 bolts. In addition, from the "Buttercup" you can extract three gears, five parts of steel and four springs. So the search should be done. If you have not already opened this location, then go to the Rotation and find Arlene Glass, who will give a quest to find items hidden in the factory.

cheat code on bolts fallout 4

Before you go on a trip, do not forgetmake room in the inventory and stock up with power armor and weapons, because inside the area you have to fight with the supermutants. But the catch will surpass all your expectations. One trip to the factory will provide you with this Fallout 4 resource for a long time. Russian voice acting will allow you to enjoy the task in full. Do not forget to take any companion on your journey, because such a character will help in the battle and will carry a portion of your burden. In addition, having obtained items, send them to the workshop for analysis will help friendship with the Brotherhood of Steel. Having developed a good relationship with this faction, you can call a helicopter, which quickly takes you to any point of the wasteland, even if you are overloaded. After a while you can go back to the factory - the toys will appear again, but the supermutants will be here as well.

How to disassemble trash?

Добыв нужное количество вещей, содержащих этот a valuable resource, you need to go to any of your settlement, which has a workshop. Once you are in place, open the "Workbench Menu". You can do this by pressing the "V" key. Next, you will need to move all items containing bolts to the inventory and save them there by pressing the "T" key.

 fallout 4 where the bolts
After all these steps, you will extract resources from thetrash. This is the fastest way to parse things. If you want to dig a little, you can throw them all on the floor, then disassemble each separately. This method takes a very long time, but it should be used if the trash contains several types of materials, and you want to get some specific.

Cheat code for the bolts Fallout 4

Few players decide on resource extraction whenhelp with a variety of codes or cheats. After all, this method is rather dishonest. In addition, getting everything right away, you lose interest in the search, and this is an especially important component of any game. But if you do not consider this method of mining something unnatural, then using a special cheat, you can get any object or resource in the game Fallout 4. Bolt - ID 00069081. If you do not know how to add items using code, then follow these steps :

  • Open the console line with the "~" key.
  • Enter player.additem "code" "quantity".

You do not need to enter the "" sign.That is, if you want to get, for example, 10 bolts, then you need to register the following command: player.additem 00069081 10. Thus, you can get any number of resources.

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