/ / Quality management in the enterprise is the basis of competitiveness.

Product quality management at the enterprise is the basis of competitiveness.

Over the past decades, the structure of businesshas undergone a lot of changes, business is not the same as before, it has become much more complicated. The business world is not stable and changes every day, the level of competition has increased. In general, in order to "not fall out of the cage" under the current conditions of survival, each enterprise needs to have its own strategy, to find such ways of development and renovation that will allow it to survive in acute competition. Any enterprise that has plans to strengthen its positions and increase its profits should pay much attention to such an archival process as the management of product quality in the enterprise.

To date, quality managementproduction at the enterprise is conditioned by its aspiration to constant improvement of processes and labor results for achievement of competitive advantages in the oversaturated market of the goods and services. Ultimately, the survival and prosperity of the enterprise itself depends on these processes. This approach relies on managing quality control and preventing potential defects as one of the main tools that can circumvent competitors. The performers are directly responsible for the quality of the results of labor.

In addition, the humanfactor. Labor motivation contributes to the development of the creative potential of working personnel. It is important in the process that manages the quality of products in an enterprise to pay attention to research and analysis of problems arising at all stages of the production process, devoted to the development, production and further use of products by a potential consumer. Product quality management in an enterprise is a process proceeding in stages. The main stage is the development of a quality improvement plan. This includes the development of new requirements for product quality, and actions to ensure the creation of new products with the desired properties. It is important to assess the compliance of the properties of manufactured products with the requirements that are provided for in the plan.

Also a prerequisite for successful management.product quality at an enterprise is the study of operating conditions in order to determine directions for its further improvement. In the successful operation of an enterprise, an important role is played by the management of its reserves. The development of logistics has borne fruit. Now a large number of professionals believe that the most effective management of stocks in an enterprise is when it is primarily aimed at reducing the aggregate costs to minimum figures. Thus, the optimization of inventories implies a reduction in cost estimate items devoted to their creation and further maintenance. At the same time, inventory management, in addition to the logistic component, also has aspects related to finance and marketing. From this we can conclude that effective management of stocks in an enterprise cannot be assessed only by total costs, and the management strategy for creating reserves cannot be built only on minimizing the aforementioned costs. From the point of view of optimization, the most efficient inventory management implies such inventory management that would harmonize all aspects that are directly related to this task.

Enterprise competitiveness management -an important element in the success of the organization as a whole. This means that if competently managed competitiveness, it is possible to provide the optimum ratio of quality, price, service and direct the forces to improve these components. The study of competitors allows the company to determine its pros and cons, to develop competitive strategies. An enterprise must possess information about the extent to which it is competitive, since a sufficiently high level of competitiveness is a guarantor of obtaining high economic indicators in market conditions.

In the future, the company should also have in the strategic objectives of achieving such a level that would help it survive in the conditions created by tough competition.

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