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Lightweight concrete - the best solution for construction and design

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В современном строительстве, естественно, и materials are applied modernized. Various mixtures, plaster, composites. Particular attention is the materials used for the construction of walls and floors of buildings. Traditional bricks are replaced by lightweight concrete. What are they? What are the technical characteristics? Wouldn't it let the winter tenants freeze? In the summer? Do not give languish from the heat? Let's try to figure it out.

lightweight concrete on porous aggregates

For the first time a mixture of cement, large porousfillers, sand and water experienced in the late nineteenth century. But to use it in construction began much later. Already in the twentieth century. Lightweight concrete appeared decades later. Its difference from the previous species is the specific mass. In technical terms, it should be no more than one thousand eight hundred kilograms per cubic meter. Only then is concrete considered light. To achieve such a technical property allows the presence of claydite or slag. Accordingly, such species are called: expanded clay concrete or slag concrete. But here it is possible to attribute excellent in production, but polymer concrete with similar qualities, foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, gas concrete. What are they produced for and where are they used? Most often, lightweight concrete is a component of floor slabs for basements, first floors of buildings, attics. This is explained by the fact that such partitions are heat-intensive and, accordingly, save energy costs.

Lightweight concrete is different from usual heavyhigh porous qualities, low weight, heat saving. These types of building materials are indispensable in the construction of high-rise buildings. Lightweight concrete on porous aggregates, of course, inferior in strength properties. The question is easy to solve. They are improved by introducing into the design of valves.

lightweight concrete

Lightweight concrete gets widespreadrecently in private construction. This is natural due to the cost of such material. According to their tasks in such works, light concrete is divided into two types. The first is the material for load-bearing walls with porous fillers, with a specific weight of more than one thousand four hundred kilograms per cubic meter. Call this concrete "constructive." Another type and, accordingly, the brand - insulating. The name speaks for itself. Apply at construction of not bearing walls. The weight of such material does not exceed five hundred kilograms per cubic meter.

Стены зданий - не единственное применение для lightweight concrete. They are well established when casting decorative forms. This contributed to the high plastic quality. A small weight made concrete competitive in the production of decorative products with heavy plaster. Colons, pilasters, rusts, cornices from the hands of masters come out surprisingly graceful and original.

Lightweight concrete, which GOST meets all standards, is an excellent solution for private construction, the manufacture of fences, fences and other structures that involve design intervention.

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