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Strategy "Lucky Bum": reviews, description, advices

To date, there are many gamingprojects in which you can earn real money. Of course, many of them give away fraud and do not deserve the attention of people who want to get cash for the game. At the same time, some of the strategies deserve the trust of users. In this short review we will talk about the game "Lucky Bum", the reviews of which are more than positive.

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Strategy description

"Lucky Homeless" - the game is quite new andcompletely different from other projects with the withdrawal of money. Here you do not need, like the average farmer, to grow crops, to engage in the construction or development of a city. In the story you get in the 90s and become the most ordinary homeless person. And now you need to make a fairly wealthy citizen of your character. In this case, you have several opportunities to achieve this in the game "Lucky Homeless", reviews of which you will learn later. Your character can become both a simple citizen and an oligarch or a criminal authority - it all depends on your desire and activity.

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The authors did a good job on the plot and mechanics.strategy "Lucky Homeless". The game was quite realistic in terms of living conditions. After all, it shows all the difficulties that we face in reality. For example, to get a good job, your character needs to stop being a bum. And in order to open up your own business, you need to “give it to the paw” to the local mayor. So the path to success will be rather thorny.

Principles of the game "Lucky Homeless"

Strategy gives you the opportunity to earn capitalwithout any investment. But keep in mind that the path from a simple homeless to a successful entrepreneur without investment will take quite a long time. So, starting to play, you will think about whether it is worth pouring a small amount of money into the “Lucky Homeless” strategy.

Log in will bring in your account 10 rubles - this amount andwill be the starting capital. Initially, your character will not have too many opportunities for earnings. At first, you can ask for alms or work as a crowd at rallies. Such work does not require a "kickback", so the income from it will go regularly on its own.

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But such studies will not bring you seriousprofits, and to find a better job, you need to get hold of at least some housing and have at least 100 rubles on your account. You will be able to earn this amount by “tusovka at rallies”, but if you consider that such activity brings 1 ruble per day, you can understand that this will not happen soon. But you can replenish your balance with real money, which will significantly speed up the process.

Ways of earning

As evidenced by dedicated strategies"Lucky Homeless" reviews, players are delighted with the large number of opportunities through which you can earn money. Here you can not only find a job, but also open your own business, as well as get a personal bank account that will pay dividends. In addition, this strategy has the opportunity to develop a criminal business, although this stage of the game is still in development.

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How to get a job?

In this strategy, there are many options whereyour character can get a job and at the same time get a pretty decent salary. And the amount of money earned depends on the amount of rollback that you pay for employment. And the higher it is, the greater the income. Most players are afraid of this rollback, because a well-paid position will have to pay a round sum. But this is not the biggest difficulty in the game, because you will pay back only once, after which the work will always be available. The situation with the “housing” is worse, because your character needs to rent a certain room in order to get this or that job. At the same time, the rental period is 30 days, so do not forget to pay for the “apartment”, because if you lose it, the work will also leave you. Advice: if you want to achieve success in the strategy “Lucky Homeless” - you should enter the game daily. The fact is that income is accrued to you only on the days when you collect the profit.

Opening a business or bank account

Having achieved some success and having someamount, your character can start creating his own business. To do this, go to the "My Business" tab and look at the available options. To become a successful entrepreneur, you need not only to pay a rollback and have suitable housing, but also to gain “trust”. And for this you will need to go to the "Administration" section and pay a bribe to the mayor.

lucky homeless money withdrawal

If you do not want to work or engagebusiness, you can open a bank account from which dividends will go to your wallet. In this case, there are several options for opening a deposit, each of which differs by the amount of the contribution, as well as the interest rate. But keep in mind that the profit from the deposit must be collected every day. So do not forget to visit the game.

affiliate program

Another good earning opportunity in the game -this is attracting new members. All income you receive from referrals is automatically transferred to your account in the game "Lucky Homeless". Withdrawals are available instantly, but the minimum amount must be up to 10 rubles. The percentage of referral income is 7%, which makes attracting new people quite profitable.

Conclusions about the game "Lucky Homeless"

User reviews about the strategy in many waysare positive. To date, there have been no precedents with the inability to withdraw funds, as well as allegations of fraud or deception. Most players trust this strategy, although they do not deny that it is quite difficult to make big money here quickly.

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