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How to trim a song: an overview of the programs

Today's article will be devoted to the question,how to crop a song. The ability to properly separate audio tracks into separate fragments will allow you to make ringtones yourself, reduce the file size and much more. I decided that you should not give exact instructions with step-by-step actions. It is better to give a brief overview of the programs with which you can split the tracks. To your attention in the article will be presented only two editors. They are great for beginners who do not have experience with audio files. So, later on you will learn how to trim a song.

how to crop a song,


For a program in its category, this editor does nothas any significant disadvantages. That is, there is all the necessary tools to quickly cut the song. The program is completely free. In this editor there is no advertising, except for one button, which leads to the official developer site. The main working area of ​​the utility consists of a built-in player and control keys. The output file can be saved in .mp3, .wav and several other formats. The built-in player has a graphic design for more intuitive control. To trim a necessary song, you only need to put two marks, the first will mean the beginning, and the other, respectively, the end. The weight of the program is 11 megabytes. Any user, even the most inexperienced, will be able to use all the functions of this editor. To trim a song with this program, you need to do the following:

  1. In the input file panel, select the track that you regret to edit.
  2. In the output file panel, select the directory where you want to save the new file.
  3. Select the "Scissors" tool with the "[" sign and mark the beginning of the fragment.
  4. Mark the end with the tool with the icon "]".

crop a song program


This small utility allows you to trim songs inrecord fast deadlines. The installer of the program weighs no more than 200 kilobytes. In the unpacked form, the utility will take 11 megabytes. As with the previously described program, there is nothing superfluous here. There is no advertising, no complicated interface, no other unnecessary means. There is only a common working area and several controls. At the first start you will be asked to choose the language of the program. And they are provided with 20 pieces to choose from. Here there is also the Russian language. This will further simplify your task. A convenient additional function is a graphic player. It displays decibels, which, in turn, indicate the volume of the music being played. This allows you to produce more accurate cuts, as you can see where the sounds abate. Developers did not put the price tag on the program, so it can be installed for free. The only significant disadvantage is the support of just one format, namely. Mp3. But this problem can be avoided by using the converter.

, crop songs


The question of how to trim a song is verypopular. After all, many have a desire to put a fragment of your favorite composition on the phone call. In this article, two programs from this category were presented. If you downloaded at least one utility from previously described editors, then you should already know how to trim a song. For more serious purposes it is worthwhile to use special software that allows you to impose various effects and filters. But this is a completely different story.

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