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Yellow peeling: tip, indication and effect

Cosmetologists and their clients with great successuse a yellow peeling. Reviews about it are almost always positive, since the recovery period is minimal (5-7 days). It is very effective: coping with such problems as acne, hyperpigmentation, earlier aging and photoaging.

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Yellow peeling: reviews, action, indications

By the way the skin is peeled, there aresurface, middle and deep. In fact, this peeling is superficial, but its effectiveness is close to the middle one. Due to this yellow face peeling struggles with such problems as small and medium wrinkles, age spots, earlier aging, weakening of facial skin tone, post-acne, gums, wilting. After yellow peeling, the face acquires a good turgor, the tissues are lifted, the dull color, spots, wrinkles disappear, freshness appears, the contour and relief of the face are aligned and tightened. Passed the course of procedures "yellow peeling" reviews and recommendations express only positive.

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Principle of action of yellow peeling

The active element of this peeling is retinoicacid, which is a derivative of vitamin A. In addition to it, the composition also includes vitamin C, phytic, koey, phytic and azelaic acid. The peculiarity of the effect of retinol peeling lies in its way of interacting with the skin cells, resulting in pronounced rejuvenation and elimination of aesthetic defects. When applying a peeling mask on the face, retinol, due to its fat-soluble ability, penetrates through the lipid layer of the skin. Further, it "mates" with the receptors of skin cells, which leads to faster metabolism and the formation of new young cells. The same, rising to the surface, push out the dead cells. The process is accompanied by the production of collagen, elastin and the formation of hyaluronic acid.

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As a result, there is a significant rejuvenation andgeneral improvement of the skin: it tightens, tone improves, turgor, spots disappear, small wrinkles and scarring. Dermatologists and cosmetologists retinol peeling is recognized as one of the most effective means in the fight against aging and other undesirable problems.

Peeling procedure

It is an application by a specialistcomposition on the face, neck and décolleté area (on demand). This mask remains on the client's face, with which he must go home. After 7-12 hours it is washed off at home. The recovery period lasts from 5 to 7 days.
It is characterized by desquamation, the appearance of scalesand films on the face. In no case should they be torn off and removed. As a rule, the process of exfoliation does not give patients a special discomfort. These days they should use special creams and funds when going out and while at home. This, firstly, enhances the effect of peeling, and secondly, protects the "naked" skin from aggressive environmental factors. Yellow peeling, reviews of which can be learned from a specialist cosmetician, is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, liver disease, couperose, acute inflammatory processes and herpes.

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