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Coconut oil for sunbathing in the sun: reviews, instructions for use

With the arrival of warm days you want the bodygot a beautiful and light tan. Going to enjoy sunbathing, you need to remember to take with them a means of protection. As a last resort, you can use not only store cosmetics, but also coconut oil for sunbathing in the sun. The reviews about such a natural remedy are in most cases positive, and all this is due to the natural composition in which no chemical components are present. How to apply this oil on the skin? Are there any contraindications to its use and how to choose this tool? Let's figure it out.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Products of natural origin are not largelyinferior to cosmetic products that fill the shelves of shops and pharmacies. The main advantage of coconut oil is its natural composition. Unlike sprays, balms and creams, it does not include chemicals that do not always have a positive effect on the skin.

coconut oil for sun tanning reviews

Natural coconut oil for tanning containsThe composition of hyaluronic acid - a natural moisturizer. If you neglect the means of protection during tanning, you can face such problems as itching and dry skin. Coconut oil takes on two tasks - it moisturizes the skin and at the same time protects it from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.

This natural product has anotherplus - instant absorption after application. Moreover, the oil contributes to enhanced production of melanin, which will allow you to quickly tan and permanently preserve a beautiful chocolate shade.

Natural coconut oil for tanning thanks toactive action of fatty acids and other equally useful trace elements helps to maintain a healthy structure of the epidermis during the period of sunbathing. Coconut oil is also characterized by antimicrobial and anti-fungal effects. Thus, it can be used to prevent the development of skin diseases, which can be picked up in crowded places.

How to use?

Coconut oil, as a tanning agent, canact as protecting the skin from dehydration. Its SPF is 6, so for girls with fair skin to rely on full protection from the sun with it, you should not. Such a product is ideal if the skin is already slightly sunburnt or is considered tan in itself.
In order not to get burned in the sun, it is advisable to mix coconut oil with store lotion or to prepare a cream based on oils.

how much is coconut oil

Apply the composition of the oil and the purchase means you can right on the beach. To do this, add a drop of melted butter to the milk or cream.
At home you can prepare a meansthe components of which will be olive or castor oil, coconut oil. To make a homemade product that protects the skin, shea butter needs to be added to it, since its protective factor is SPF 16.

Connect the components in a ratio of 2: 1:1 (olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter). Oils in solid form should be slightly heated, so that they acquire a liquid consistency. To make it more effective, you can add vitamin E to it.

When to apply?

How to use coconut oil for tanning,so that it shows its protective properties and helps the skin to find a beautiful shade after sunbathing? It is advisable to prepare in advance for access to the beach. This will allow the oil to soak in and perform its functions. Apply oil on the body after taking a shower. After 15 minutes, the procedure can be repeated. During this time, the tool is completely absorbed and will not leave a sticky film on the skin.

tanning oil which is better

After swimming in the reservoir protective layer must be updated without fail.
Кокосовое масло для тела для загара применяется, As a rule, for intensive moisturizing of the skin and its recovery after visiting the beach. If redness has appeared on the skin after tanning, coconut oil will also help to solve this problem. Together with panthenol, it soothes inflamed skin, relieves itching, dryness.

Coconut oil for tanning in a solarium

You can enjoy a beautiful tan all year round andfor this it is not necessary to go to warm countries. Tanning in a tanning bed is a procedure that is in great demand. It is especially in demand in mid-spring, when young ladies begin intensive preparations for the beach season.

Much has been said about the dangers of tanning, but ifI want to get a light chocolate shade and at the same time maintain the health of the skin, you need to adhere to the rules of protection. In this case, come to the aid of oil for tanning. Which is better to choose for tanning and how to apply it? This task is able to cope with coconut oil. However, it is important to remember that in itself it poorly protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, so it needs to be combined with more powerful sunscreen. Apply it in the same way as coconut oil for sunbathing in the sun. Reviews of such a protective tool indicate that it helps speed up tanning and perfectly moisturizes the skin.

how to use coconut oil for tanning

Before applying the product need to take a showerusing a scrub or peeling. Such cosmetic products will eliminate the horny layer and will contribute to an even tan. If you plan to hike in the solarium for 8-10 minutes, it will be enough to apply a protective combined composition once. For a longer session, apply the agent twice.


In which cases it is unacceptable to usecoconut oil for sunburn? Reviews that it can provoke an allergy are extremely rare. However, a number of contraindications for this tool is still there. Coconut oil should be discarded for girls with oily skin prone to acne. As mentioned above, coconut oil does not have a high protection factor, so it will not be able to protect white-skinned people from the scorching sun. In other cases, coconut oil can be used without fear.

Tanning rules

Despite the value of coconut oil, relyprotection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation is not worth it. Its protection factor is negligible, so you need to sunbathe with it, adhering to certain rules:

  1. Do not stay in the sun from 11 to 16 hours. It is during these hours that the sun manifests itself from the aggressive side. Instead of even beautiful tan, you can get serious burns.
  2. Apply to the skin means for sunburn in the shade.
  3. Do not use perfumes and alcohol-based products before going to the beach, as they can provoke pigmentation.
  4. After bathing, the protection layer must be updated without fail.
  5. Apply coconut oil to sunburn in the sun, reviews of which indicate its naturalness and effectiveness.

How to choose coconut oil?

Coconut oil is refined andunrefined. The product of the first spin is subjected to primary filtration. Its cleaning is carried out mechanically, and the composition is devoid of any synthetic components. As for the refined oil, it loses some useful properties in the cleaning process.

natural coconut oil for tanning
What oil for sunburn is better to buy?When choosing a product you need to focus on its smell. High quality unrefined oil has a pleasant coconut aroma. The refined product itself is absent.

It is best to give preference to the oil, whichplaced in a transparent container. The fact is that in this way you can see its color. If it turns out to be dark yellow, it will indicate that it is not sufficiently cleaned. Quality oil should be clear. A slightly yellowish shade is also welcomed.

The process of melting coconut oil begins attemperature of 25 degrees, so at a lower rate, it can acquire a solid texture. However, in such conditions it does not lose its useful properties and effectiveness.

Thai coconut oil: where to buy and how much

Thailand can rightly be called the birthplace of coconutoils. In this southern country it is in great demand because it is famous for its powerful moisturizing effect. Thai coconut oil for tanning is considered one of the most popular products of the local population and guests of the country. It can be found here in almost every outlet. However, for tanning is better to buy high-quality tool in a pharmacy or supermarket.

Thai coconut oil for tanning

How much is coconut oil?Product prices in Thailand depend on the volume. For a bottle of 100 ml will have to pay about 200 rubles, for 250 ml - 600 rubles. A bottle of 0.5 liters will cost 1,000 rubles, and 1 liter in 1 600.

coconut body oil for tanning

Popular Coconut Oil Brands

The trading market offers a huge selection of coconut oil from various manufacturers. The most popular products include:

  • Samui Nature Coconut Oil - a product of coldSpin, which can be used not only to care for your body and hair, but also to use inside. The oil is completely safe because it undergoes a gentle refining process and does not lose its beneficial properties.
  • Harnn offers the most gentle (fermented) oils. Elite series products are ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Coconut oil from the ArgiLife brand is considered the most budgetary option. Reasonable price and acceptable quality make it a popular product among consumers.

Regardless of how much coconut oil costs, at the time of purchase it is extremely important to examine its composition. Preference should be given to the product marked "100% coconut oil".

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