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Sea buckthorn oil, application.

In the people of sea-buckthorn is valued not only for pineapplearoma and original sweetish-sour taste, but also for numerous advantages that make it possible to use its fruits in medicine and cosmetology. The sea-buckthorn contains many biologically active components, including vitamins C, A, E, group B, as well as organic acids, flavonoids, sugars, macro- and microelements. Seeds of the plant contain more than 10% of the oil, which is widely used in many branches of medicine, and the leaves and bark of the sea-buckthorn also possess medicinal properties.

Sea buckthorn oil. Application in medicine.

The collected fruits are eaten and usedfor obtaining sea buckthorn oil. Not only bactericidal, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect is possessed by sea buckthorn oil. The use of this product in medicine as an anesthetic is also quite acceptable, in addition, it can be used as an immunostimulant for many serious diseases. Sea buckthorn oil is often used to treat bruises, bedsores, frostbites and even trophic ulcers, it also helps with eczema, lichen and skin tuberculosis. In otolaryngology, sea buckthorn oil is also useful, its use for the treatment of chronic tonsillitis, rhinitis and sinusitis often brings quite a good result.

At what diseases can you use sea buckthorn?

Essential medicinal properties of sea-buckthornoils are associated with its ability to promote the regeneration of mucous membranes and skin. However, the product is used not only in the treatment of skin diseases, it is often used orally for stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers. Sea-buckthorn oil has an excellent therapeutic effect with changes in the liver, atherosclerosis, after the surgery, the fruits of sea-buckthorn are appointed as a fortifying agent. The juice of fresh sea buckthorn fruit is also used in purulent ulcers, as well as to reduce the radiation load after X-ray therapy.

Sea buckthorn oil. Application in cosmetology.

The cosmetic properties of sea buckthorn are widely known -oil or caring products on its basis contribute to the prevention of skin degeneration. It increases the elasticity of the skin, makes it supple and even eliminates small mimic wrinkles. Many young ladies often use sea buckthorn oil in creams, lotions and masks, and all because it contributes to clarifying or eliminating pigment spots, and also softens and nourishes the skin, protecting it from peeling and drying. Oil from the fruits of sea-buckthorn has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, preventing skin inflammation and acne. In modern cosmetology, oil is used in creams, masks, after-sun lotions, protective lip balms, massage oils, hair care products, nails and eyelashes.

Contraindications to the use of sea buckthorn oil

Pure sea buckthorn oil is not recommendeduse, in this form it can lead to an increase in its sensitivity and to a decrease in the protective functions of the skin. It is not recommended to use sea buckthorn oil for cholangitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, diarrhea, cholelithiasis, with exacerbation of chronic processes in the pancreas, gall bladder, liver.

And finally I offer you some folk recipes for the skin using sea buckthorn oil.

Care for problem skin

A few drops of sea buckthorn oil is recommended to be added to your usual day cream, with daily care for problematic and dry skin.

Care for aging skin

Mix one teaspoonful to a homogeneous consistencya spoonful of sea buckthorn oil, one tablespoon of cosmetic clay and one raw yolk. The mask is evenly applied to the face, and after exactly 15 minutes it is washed off with water. This mask can be used twice a week, it helps to rejuvenate the skin and gives it elasticity and elasticity.

Care for dry skin

Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice,honey, add sea buckthorn oil and one raw yolk. The resulting mass can be used for face and decollete skin once a week. The mixture is washed off with water after 15 to 20 minutes.

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