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Original and popular perfume Chloe

When in 1945 a young and wealthyaristocrat Gabi Agyen moved from Egypt to Paris, many drew attention to the swarthy beauty. Interest in her was not only in her bright and spectacular appearance. The Parisians drew attention to her ability to dress beautifully and unusually. All of her outfits did not fit into the then accepted Parisian fashionable canons, they had a special charm, and this invariably drew her eyes to her.

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Brilliant mind, inexhaustible energy, amazingimagination - this was the 24-year-old Gaby. Like a hurricane, she flashed through Paris, but soon she got bored with secular life. When one of her many friends invited her to create a sketch for the dress, she gladly agreed. At once six sketches appeared on which Gaby herself made amazing cotton dresses. Then she got courage and took them to fashionable Parisian boutiques.

What was the amazement of a beginner designer,when all her dresses were sold in a matter of days, and boutique owners asked her to continue cooperation! It was then that the idea arose about creating a tailoring company. Then Gaby thought about how to name her offspring. She did not like her own name for some unknown reason, and she asked her friend Chloe Brümentton to use her name, especially since the girl was sure that this experiment would not last more than three months.

However, the experiment of Gabi Agyen in three months is notit has been going on for more than sixty years. Charming dresses from Chloe enjoyed incredible success - from buyers there was no release. The models produced under the Chloe brand were of completely different styles. In other words, the fashion house Chloe did not have a recognizable face. Own style, he arrived in the 70 years, when the company came to the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld. From this moment the company's heyday begins.

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In 1975, the fashion house Chloe begins to produceperfumery. The author of the debut fragrance was Karl Lagerfeld, who so successfully joined the company. The perfume of Chloe has become a real work of art. They made a sensation in Paris. The combination of gentle notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom and jasmine are fascinating. These spirits are designed for a refined and refined woman who is not afraid of life's difficulties. It has been more than 30 years since the creation of this fragrance, but today he has not become any more fans.

In 1992, the famous brand produces the followingperfume Chloe - Narciss. This rich eastern flavor has appealed to women from high society. He subtly emphasized the grace and grace of a true lady. Its owner loves luxury and knows its worth. This composition is especially good for an evening appearance.

The popularity of oriental fragrances grew from year to year inyear. Very soon, the perfume Chloe occupied their worthy place in the perfume world. Comments of grateful customers came from all over the world. Fans of the famous brand's creativity were asked to continue releasing their favorite compositions.

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However, the next novelty is the perfume Chloe Eau deParfum Intense - appeared only in 2009. It was intended for women of different ages. Her love and very young girls, and older women. This is a real winter fairy tale. The fragrance intricately weaves sandal notes with a tender smell of rose and fragile accents of beans is thin. It clearly captures the image of the Snow Queen.

In 2011, another brilliant scent wasis presented to the general public - the perfume Chloe Eau de Fleurs Neroli. This is a completely unique composition that can bring every woman back to the magical world of childhood, give happy and sunny days, make the world unlimited. The fragrance consists of citrus notes, interwoven with spiciness of rosemary and sage.

All the perfumes created by the fashion house Chloe are works of high perfumery art that will please the admirers of this company for many years.

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