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About lip tattooing

Lip tattooing is a tattoo by whichyou can visually increase or correct the shape of the lips. The mouth thanks to the procedure can be made more seductive and vivid. And if you choose a rich shade, you can do without lipstick for a long time. But more often girls choose pigments, which are based on natural substances.

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When carrying out tattooing in the upper layer of the skinImplant pigment, which persists for five years. Even before the procedure, a sketch is made and the desired shape is chosen, then the master disinfects the skin of the lips, and then with the help of very small needles a pigment is introduced under the skin. Often the line is drawn a little higher than the natural line of the lips. Thus, visually they increase. After the procedure, there is swelling on the lips, and the color is brighter than it really is. Sometimes a month later, a correction is made, in which the gaps are blurred or the outline is highlighted. With correction, the lip tattoo lasts longer. Feedback about the procedure is quite different. One liked it, and others were unhappy with the color that turned out. The result of the work depends solely on the qualification of the master who did the procedure. Therefore, it should be chosen very carefully.

You can make lip tattoo all the way, and you canonly the contour. The second option is chosen by those who like to use lipstick, but they do not want to spend time drawing out a contour. There are also different types of feathering. Partially shade lips when they want the color of the pigment as natural as possible, and tattooing was done for the purpose of a small increase or correction. The contour is shaded completely when the color of the pigment differs markedly from the natural color of the lips.

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Permanent make-up (tattoo) has a number ofshortcomings and advantages. The advantages include a long-lasting result, the ability to adjust the asymmetry of the lips, low cost in comparison with other methods to increase the lips (fillers, botox), rich, bright pigment color allows you not to use cosmetics for a long time. The disadvantages of the procedure can be attributed to the fact that it is very difficult to get the tattoo out. And in the case when he gets bored or just does not like it, it is very painful: by injection or by surgical method. Therefore, during the procedure, you need to choose a master, because the result depends only on his skill, aesthetic taste and accuracy.

There are contraindications, they include various diseases of the blood, inflammation, dermatitis, wounds in the lips, pregnancy and lactation, the presence of allergies to the pigment.

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And those girls who had herpes, it is recommended to drink tablets from him for prevention before carrying out tattooing. And after the procedure, use special ointments.

Tattoo of the lips. Before and after

Everyone has a different result, some do not have swelling and lipsalmost do not blush, but others have swelling and lips a little brighter than they should be. Therefore, do not be afraid if your lips are a little swollen, it will pass within a few days. I wish you success!

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