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Coconut oil for face and skin

Every woman dreams of knowing all the secretsbeauty. She is especially interested in how to properly care for her face, so that the skin always remains young, taut and smooth. It's no secret that queen Cleopatra has always been considered a real beauty ideal, because she knew how to maintain her beauty with the help of gifts of nature. Many claim that it used to care for the skin not only milk and honey, but coconut oil for the face. Who knows, perhaps, at that time, women began to understand that it is the beauty, charm and attractiveness of the female that can become the main weapon in the struggle for the most beautiful and influential men.

To date, there are manyall sorts of recipes for rejuvenating and nourishing the skin of the face. Among them, the first place belongs precisely to the coconut tree nut. The coconut pulp is separated from the hard shell, cleaned, dried, then finely chopped and then squeezed to obtain oil. Having gone through such a long process of production, coconut oil for the face is valued for its ability to rejuvenate the skin and nourish it with nutrients.

It's no secret that in the composition of coconutthe oils are made of myristic and lauric fatty acids, and due to the presence of these important components, it turns out to be solid. This form of coconut oil promotes rapid absorption into the skin, thereby moisturizing and softening it. In addition, it gives the skin of the face a slightly matte color and a healthy appearance. However, this is not the only advantage of this cosmetic ingredient. After all, coconut oil for the face is suitable for all skin types. Now a woman no longer has to worry because she has dry or vice versa oily skin. This wonderful oil will restore the balance of water in the female body and eliminate all skin imperfections.

Coconut oil for the skin is simply irreplaceable,because it has not only a smoothing, but also a moisturizing property. Immediately after the woman has applied oil to the skin, a special thin film forms on her skin, which protects the skin of the face, preventing peeling, dryness, cracking and even coarsening.

It is worth noting that it is coconut oil forthe person helps to increase the overall tone of the skin. It returns to it the former elasticity and elasticity, which makes this remedy simply irreplaceable for all women. In addition, coconut oil is also great for use as a tanning agent on the beach or in the solarium, as it helps cool the skin and lift its tone. And if earlier our grandmothers and mothers used such a natural remedy known in Russia as cedar oil for the face, but now everything has changed. Exotic coconut oil for the face became available to women of our country.

In addition to cosmetology, this oil is activeIt is also used in many other areas. So, it is proved that due to calming property this product has found its application in medicine. Coconut oil helps to remove stress, is an active assistant in the fight against heart disease, helps to strengthen immunity. Many scientists believe that the useful properties of coconut oil have not yet been studied to the end. But all available data speak of one thing, namely that this product is considered environmentally friendly and extremely useful in any form. Recent studies have shown that coconut oil can be used even in the fight against HIV and cancer. Of course, until the end of the scientists have not yet figured out how this is possible, but the research continues. The main thing is that it's a good start.

Coconut oil for the skin has a number of properties,which just need to know not only every woman, but even men. After all, the secrets of beauty that nature reveals to us, it's just a sin not to take advantage of the male sex. In addition, there is absolutely no need to use various chemical substances to care for your skin, when the natural remedy is right at your fingertips.

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