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Manicure with bananas - create a fruit mood nails!

For example, you are not sure that you cancreate a complex pattern or design on the nails. Or soon an important event, but there is no time to enroll to the master. In both cases, you will be rescued by a simple and bright manicure with bananas. It is perfect for a summer look or a beach party. There are many ideas for nail design with the image of bananas - it all depends on your imagination and desire to stand out.

What is needed?

Special tools or devices for manicure with bananas are not required. The main condition is yellow lacquer. To work you still need:

  • base for varnish;
  • varnish to create a background;
  • varnish of black and yellow flowers;
  • lacquer brown shade - not required, but with it the drawing will be more expressive;
  • thin brush;
  • means for quick drying (if you have it in your arsenal).
    manicure with bananas

Festive option

You can find a variety of nail design ideas. You can choose the option for every taste and for any event. Manicure with bananas will be appropriate for the holiday.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. The basis is applied on nails under a varnish.
  2. After the tool is completely dry, you should paint the nails with a color that will serve as your background. It can be any color that goes well with yellow: red, blue, white.
  3. Fine brush paint yellow paint anddraw a few crescents - these are future bananas. Do not worry about the uniformity and uniformity of the application of varnish - so the picture will look more natural.
  4. When crescents dry up, a thin brushcircle the pattern with black paint - it will be the outline of the fruit. Draw tails, black specks: you can do it with careless strokes to look more natural.
  5. The final stage is the application of a drying agent or a lacquer fixer.

To make the image more elegant andcalm, choose pastel shades for the base, for example, pink or beige. Or you can draw bananas only on one nail, while others can be monotonous.

nail design ideas

Summer design

The most popular manicure with bananas is in the hot season. This is a positive and bright design, in which there are no restrictions.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Apply a thin layer of the base under the varnish.
  2. For the background, choose a bright, saturated hue,which will emphasize the summer mood. Perfect will be a combination of turquoise and yellow. If necessary, cover your nails with varnish in two layers to make the manicure look brighter.
  3. Dip a thin brush in black lacquer and paint the contours of bananas in a chaotic manner.
  4. Carefully paint the area inside the contour with the same tool with yellow paint. It is desirable that the painting was enough once. But, if the color does not suit you, you can apply a second layer.
  5. To give the effect of "overripe" on bananas brown lacquer, paint a little brown spots. You can make a highlight in white.
  6. After waiting for the drawing to dry completely, apply a lacquer fixer.

Also in the summer manicure with bananas, you can addother fruits, such as pineapples. It is simple to draw them: draw an oval with any paint and shade the area inside the contour, then draw the leaves. You can choose any color that will fit the range of manicures with bananas or take the brown and green shades - for the naturalness of the painted fruit.

yellow manicure with bananas

Is it possible to combine bananas with a yellow background?

It seems that this will not be the best solution -because there is no contrast. Many girls refuse to shade the sun, because they think that the drawing will not be so expressive. But yellow manicure with bananas can be spectacular and bright.

Cover the nails in yellow in two layers tothe background is bright and sunny. Using a fine brush with black lacquer, carefully draw the contours of the bananas. Simple and effective, and most importantly - positive, the design is ready!

Bananas manicure can be combined with variouspatterns. It may be strips, peas. You can make not a solid background, but a gradient. Or alternate the pattern of bananas and pineapples. It will turn out fresh and interesting. The undoubted advantage of such a manicure is the simplicity of its implementation, a large scope for creativity. If you want to diversify fruit themes, you can portray a palm tree or a monkey's muzzle.

summer manicure with bananas

Такой дизайн ногтей будет поднимать настроение не only its owner, but also those around him. Of course, you should consider in advance whether such a bright manicure is allowed by the dress code. It can be done and more tender by choosing the appropriate shades. Banana design looks original and fresh.

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