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High-quality and inexpensive peeling. Calcium chloride: reviews about the procedure with this tool

Many girls and women dream of a beautiful andsmooth skin, because it is always pleasant to look at a radiant, well-groomed face. Permanent salon treatment of peeling is not affordable, but there is a way out - home peeling with calcium chloride.

For the procedure to be purchased inpharmacy ampoules with calcium chloride of 5 ml, they are quite inexpensive - about 30 rubles, and a baby soap without additives. Now you can start peeling. Calcium chloride (reviews of the procedure indicate this) should be taken in the evening, before going to bed. In this case, overnight, the skin will recover from mechanical stress.

Home peeling with calcium chloride
First you need to wash your face thoroughly.Open the ampoule, moisten the cotton pad contents and apply to the skin of the face, avoiding the area around the eyes and above the upper lip. When the applied liquid dries, apply it another 3-5 times and let it dry completely. It is worth to listen carefully to the sensations: there should not be a strong feeling of tingling or burning. After that, you need to soap your hands with baby soap and begin to roll off the horny layer of skin - the process of chemical reaction of calcium chloride and soap causes exfoliation of dead cells. When there is a feeling that the skin is no longer rolling down, and the face is left with only a soapy layer, it's time to wash with warm water. Since the skin is sufficiently dried, do not diligently wipe it with a towel, let the water soak. So, just hold a peel. Calcium chloride, the reviews say it, reduces pores and brightens the skin of the face. In addition, small inflammations take place in the form of pimples.

Facial peeling with calcium chloride
Face peeling with calcium chloride strongly dehydratesskin, so many recommend that after this procedure, apply a nourishing mask and moisturizer. As a mask prepared by yourself, a mixture of crushed oatmeal, banana gruel and chamomile infusion is suitable. To make the mask has an anti-inflammatory effect, a couple of drops of essential oil are added to it, a good result is provided by tea tree oil. Some use a water-diluted soy-based infant formula instead of a mask. Instead of a cream many like to use natural oils, for example, avocados, grape seeds or jojoba. These are excellent tools for moisturizing and nourishing the skin after peeling, which also have a natural anti-aging effect.

Peeling (calcium chloride) reviews are quite diverse. However, it should be noted that

Peeling calcium chloride reviews
negatively express those girls whoinattentively studied the process and performed the procedure incorrectly. In such cases, pigmentation of the skin, the appearance of red spots or dry skin is possible. To avoid pigmentation, you should use a cream with ultraviolet protection before going out. With the right choice of mask and moisturizer, you can protect the skin from dryness and redness. If during the application of calcium chloride or soap, the skin begins to tingle, then the process should be immediately stopped and washed off with water. And that this did not happen, before peeling, test for an allergic reaction, usually it is done on the site of the elbow fold.

Most often peeling (calcium chloride) reviewsreceives positive. Those who tried this method on themselves, note: the pores are cleared, the skin of the face is lightened, the pimples are dried. But this procedure is suitable for people with normal and oily skin, and those who have dry and sensitive skin, should stop the peeling with calcium chloride.

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