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Chemical peeling: reviews and other useful information

To renew facial skin and rejuvenate everywhereuse now chemical peeling. Feedback about this procedure is contradictory. Some consider it effective, others argue that they have not achieved any results. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand in more detail what it is - chemical peeling.

Comments from those who tried it on themselves, say:the procedure should be resorted only if there are deep wrinkles and scars, since it is radical. Thanks to chemical peeling, the upper layers of the epidermis depart, the regeneration processes are stimulated, and therefore the aesthetic state of the skin improves. This is the right way to get the effect of rejuvenation without the help of plastic surgeons.

Chemical peeling can be superficial,medium and deep. These types of peelings solve different problems. So, with the help of a superficial version of the procedure, you can get rid of pigment spots. But the average peeling penetrates the epidermis to its full depth. With the help of this variety, you can correct some skin defects: stretch marks, wrinkles, scars. Deep chemical face peeling can be compared even with a serious operation performed by the surgeon. It penetrates the skin to the full depth, the basal membrane deforms (which does not occur in the two previous cases). The epidermis is restored only through regeneration. Chemical peeling (feedback is confirmed) should be assigned by a specialist, he also chooses his version, based on their situation of the patient.

So, what are the indications for this procedure?

- Actinic dermatitis;

- problem skin;

- Acne;

- cosmetic skin defects;

- hyperpigmentation;

- prevention of aging.

How does chemical peeling occur?

First, the cosmetologist moistens the cotton applicator ina certain chemical solution, carefully squeezes it out so that the solution does not hit the patient in the eye, and rubs it into the skin for half an hour. First of all, the frontal part is processed, then - the nose, cheeks, and then - the chin. You can feel a slight burning sensation. Then two types of adhesive plasters are applied to the face: cotton (two pieces) and silk (the same number). The procedure takes approximately two hours. The mask does not need to be removed on its own, it will depart for the second day. After its removal the skin must be treated with iodine thymol, which promotes its regeneration. With such a mask, it will take another seven days. As a result of the procedure there is a severe swelling, which comes off only a week later. On the face should form a dense crust. Then the cosmetologist covers it with a layer of cotton wool for one day. Then the patient will be able to take care of the skin on his own, using various means.

The procedure receives conflicting reviews.Chemical face peeling will be effective if you pass at least 5-6 sessions with an interval of 14 days. Not everyone has enough patience. The effect of the procedure lasts a maximum of a year, then it can be repeated.

Experts recommend after chemical peelinguse at home remedies that have a stimulating, moisturizing and soothing effect. But drugs with glycolic acid is better to exclude. Crusts formed on the face, you can not remove yourself, otherwise there may be scars and scars.

With regard to side effects, it is possiblethe appearance of swelling, itching, blisters on the skin. About such a procedure as chemical peeling reviews leave not only ordinary women, but also celebrities, for example, Julia Roberts or Carmen Electra.

There is a chemical peel and contraindications.The procedure is forbidden to carry out with increased sensitivity of the skin, in the presence of any neoplasms, at a time when acne worsens, with visible damage to the skin. At home, it's best not to do it or carry out very carefully.

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