Hair oil

Since ancient times, various oils have been used by womenfor strengthening hair and their nutrition, as well as for them to acquire a healthy radiance. The most famous are castor, burdock, linseed, olive, wheat germ oil. Let's look at each of them separately.

Castor oil for hair

This species has long been known for its healingproperties. This oil, used in the composition of masks, strengthens the roots and accelerates hair growth. Its deep moisturizing effect helps to save too dry, brittle, discolored and burnt hair. This effect is also useful for scalp, prone to the formation of dandruff. With the regular use of castor oil to power the ends of the hair, you can protect them from brittleness and cross-section. Masks for hair very often contain it in its composition. If you want to increase the nutritional value of the mask, then, in addition to castor oil, add sea buckthorn, almond, grape seed or some other form. Essential oil for hair, in particular, rosemary or pine, also differ in that they are very useful in the composition of masks. They are enough for a couple of drops.

Almond oil for hair

But its useful properties are also knownfairly widely. It is made from the nuclei of the bones of almonds, both bitter and sweet, by hot or cold pressing. The rich composition of almond oil allows it to be used very effectively in cosmetology and medicine. It is a transparent yellowish liquid, which has a pleasant taste and has no odor. This oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands, accelerating the growth of hair and making them beautiful and shiny. You can apply it in its pure form a couple of times a day, by combing the hair with a comb on which the oil is applied. To enhance its effect, you can add a few drops of any essential oil. So the effectiveness of the tool will be much higher. You can rub the oil directly into the roots of the hair. Then the maximum effect will be achieved.

Flax oil for hair

Its useful properties have long been known.It is obtained directly from flax seeds. You can improve the look and condition of your hair, even if you regularly eat it, and in addition you can use it as part of different hair masks. It helps in strengthening the hair, restoring the damaged structure, making them stronger and shiny, preventing loss and accelerating growth. Thanks to him you can get rid of split ends, dandruff and other problems. However, to obtain a truly positive effect, it is necessary to do the procedures regularly for several weeks, or even months. It is suitable for different types of hair, since it does not make them fat and very quickly absorbed. It can be used in pure form or diluted.

Olive oil for hair

He was used by beauties in ancient Rome,so you can learn from their experience. To get the effect, it should be used correctly. To do this, it should be slightly heated in a water bath, which will allow it to more effectively nourish the skin and hair follicles. The oil must be accurately spread over the entire length of the hair by means of a comb or cotton swab. Roots of hair should be given special attention, rubbing it as carefully as possible. Then for an hour the hair should be wrapped with cellophane and a towel. Only after this you can wash off.

Wheat germ oil for hair

This product can be rubbed into the roots of hair withoutany preliminary preparation. If necessary, it can also be used in combination with other oils. You can drop a little orange or pine essential oil into it, and then apply this composition to your hair. As in other cases, the hair should be wrapped for a while with cellophane and a towel for best effect.

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