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Manicure with a sponge - show your personality!

If you are tired of the monotony of the varnish palette,you can make a pretty interesting manicure with the help of a sponge, which will shine bright motives in the hands of any fashionista. What will turn out in the end, will look original and cause admiration of girlfriends. A simple manicure at home can be done with the help of sponges and paints. It will perfectly match with any clothes, especially as colors can be chosen for the outfit. This design of nails can be done not only on the hands, but also on the legs, of course, with a certain practice, because immediately it may not turn out perfectly. To create such an original design, you will need: two or more paint colors, nail polish, sponge, file and liquid to remove varnish.

manicure with a sponge

Technique of application

To begin with it is necessary to make a hygienic manicure,that the skin around the nails looked aesthetically pleasing. After all, no lacquer on the nails, and even more so with the design, will not look perfect if the cuticles are not processed. After the procedure is completed, you can start doing a manicure with a sponge. On the file you need to apply a small amount of colors of different colors beside each other, and you can blend them with an orange stick - so you can achieve a smooth transition of color. While the paint has not dried up, it is necessary to dip the sponge in the path

simple manicure at home
and make a mark on a varnished nailprimary color. If the paint gets on the skin, then it is not terrible, since the nail polish remover will easily remove it. After you have made prints on all the nails, and the varnish has dried, the resulting picture should be covered with a protective varnish, and then removed from the skin all that is imprinted on it. Such a manicure, with the help of a sponge made on the nails, lasts from 2-3 days, depending on the hardness of the nail plate: the stronger your nails, the longer the coating will not rub off.

But not only varnish and paints can do suchnail design. With the help of light-cured gel polishes you can make the same interesting ornament. This applies to both conventional and polyurethane colored gels. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that when making a manicure with a sponge with gel polishes, it is necessary to apply the pattern not on all the nails at once, but cover them one by one so that the effect of the dots does not disappear when the gel spreads. The gel coating will last much longer than the lacquer, but when correcting it, you will have to either cut it off or soak it in a special solution. If you suddenly want to do such a manicure, but not at hand

easy manicure at home
no acrylic paints or gels, you canuse plain gouache. Using this method has its drawbacks: the coating will not be resistant, and the paint will have to be diluted with water to the desired consistency to get the transition effect.

Manicure at home? Easy!

It is not necessary for the original designNails go to a beauty salon - you can do a light manicure at home, you just have to practice a little. You should not be limited to the effect of stamping with a sponge: adding glitter or additional painting can turn a simple design into a very interesting abstraction, and the use of gold leaf will create a unique design that is now in vogue.

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