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Bright pink manicure: be in the trend!

Pink is considered to be the most gentle andfeminine. There are a huge number of shades of pink, among which there are quite ambiguous, and unconditional favorites. Artists, designers, masters of manicure and even hairdressing art widely use in their work these cheerful and expressive colors that make a woman so bright and beautiful.

bright pink manicure

The bright pink manicure is again in the trend. He has some special features that must be taken into account.

Main rules

Стилисты не рекомендуют сочетать в маникюре bright pink shades of varnish with a predatory pattern, a lot of rhinestones, abundant gold and an elongated pointed form. Most likely, this combination will look vulgar and vulgar. Observe the measure in everything, then the manicure in bright pink colors will look stylish and neat.

bright pink manicure

Another common error is the nailsdifferent lengths. If it so happens that one of your marigolds has broken, trim the others by its length. Do not hope that he suddenly grows faster than others and eventually overtakes them. Do not forget that for several years now the natural form and length have been in fashion. And the prerequisites to the fact that this can change, is not yet observed.

Manicure on short nails

A great idea, which looks good in most cases - is a monochromatic bright pink manicure on nails of small length.

manicure bright pink color

If you are going to a beach party,a themed summer holiday or a nightclub, you can safely use fluorescent or fluorescent varnishes. Poisonous shades are still in fashion, but you need to remember the appropriateness! If the format of the event allows this, do not be afraid to shine.

French: Classics and Innovations

French manicure does not lose ground and hardlywill be going to do it in the near future. For its production, it is possible to use bright pink shades of lacquer. You can simply paint the protruding edge, but you can show your imagination and slightly diversify the classics.

manicure with bright pink varnish

Of course, for such a manicure you will need some artistic skills and thin brushes.

Lunar manicure in pink tones

This new trend has caught on to many women of fashion.Lunar manicure is a kind of a jacket, only the contrasting stripes are drawn not over the overgrown edge of the nail, but at its base. She can repeat the line of nail growth, and can resemble a crescent moon - this gave this manicure its name.

manicure in bright pink tones

If you want to muffle the effect a bitbright pink varnish, paint stripes black, steel, anthracite, chocolate. This will balance the scale a little. And if you are waiting for the lights of the night city or a noisy beach bar, it is appropriate to shade a bright pink manicure with a strip of gold. Make it neat and thin, then your hands will look stylish.

An unusual combination: bright pink and gentle pink

Cover the nails with a layer of clear varnish. When it dries, apply a contrasting pattern on it. This combination will look very impressive!

bright pink manicure

Do not forget about the use of special applicators, which will allow to get even stripes. And of course, do not try to draw on nails with a normal brush. Use a special - thin.

Long nails

Если природа наделила вас красивыми прочными nails of the correct form, you belong to a small circle of real lucky ones. Masters of the nail design have long been calling for a natural form, for several years now they have been saying that the accreted nails are yesterday. Do not look modern and stylish and most options tipsy - false nails. But all these recommendations do not in any way concern girls who can afford to grow long nails. Use bright and dark shades of varnish with caution. Make sure that it does not age you. Particularly ambiguous is a manicure with a bright pink varnish on his tanned hands. But in some cases, and it looks pretty nice.

manicure bright pink color

If you are lucky with your nails, and a bright pink varnish onthey look beautiful, boldly wear such a manicure. But remember that hands with such catchy and spectacular nails should not be overloaded with ornaments. Perhaps, it will be quite enough an engagement ring or a laconic bracelet?

For special occasions

If you are going to make a bright pink manicure on a holiday, you can carefully experiment with some elements that are not quite suitable for everyday style.

manicure with bright pink varnish

For example, with the help of special microbuses make on some fingers "caviar manicure." A few neat rhinestones will also give the hands the necessary solemnity.

The idea of ​​a "special nail"

It is customary to highlight the nails of nameless fingers. A manicure of bright pink color with special nails looks very advantageous, especially if you give due attention to the combination of colors.

manicure in bright pink tones

A saturated shade of fuchsia, for example, is verystylish looks in combination with white. Try to experiment with the lunar or French manicure, and for one or two nails, apply a drawing. You can apply painting with a brush, ready decals with ornament, which are sold in the departments for nail art.

Do not be afraid to try new things, but do not forget about the sense of proportion, then your pens will always be in the spotlight.

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