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Glossy Hair

Get long hair and keep them at the same timehealth and beauty - almost impossible work. This is due to the fact that in the process of growth they are affected by many negative factors: bad ecology, stress, poor nutrition. Therefore, almost all women wearing long hair, they look far from the way in the commercials and the pages of magazines, and lifeless and dull. Therapeutic procedures - masks, balms, of course, improve their condition, but still can not bring the ideal desired effect. What to do?

Glossy Hair

Fortunately, beauty technologies do not stand on oneplace. Using the newest of them, you can easily achieve the desired results. For example, glossing hair is an excellent, quick method of hair care. With its help, you can bring them into the proper form in the shortest possible time.

There are two types of procedure - cuticular andmolecular hair gloss. In both cases, your hair is first applied to a special composition and ironed with a special hot iron. The main difference between the procedures is that by making molecular hair gloss, the expert influences the external and internal structure of the hair. When cuticle, it affects only their surface, making absolutely smooth the split ends and "closing" the scales.


All women who have recourse to thismethod, are satisfied with the result that brings the gloss of hair. Feedback about the procedure is almost always positive, since the difference that they observe before and after is very significant.

How does this happen?

During the gloss, the specialist applies to the hairSpecial oils, then scald the curls with forceps. Due to the influence of high temperatures, the structure of the curl opens and the useful substances penetrate inside. To consolidate the effect you need to use protective means: shampoos, masks and balms.


Having made the glossy hair you get:

  • heat-healing of weakened and damaged hair;
  • restoration, strengthening from within;
  • increased elasticity and strength of hair;
  • "sealed" from inside the curls, gluing the scales;
  • tremendous silkiness, ease at combing;
  • hair becomes smooth and silky along the entire length, acquire an inimitable, terrific shine.

Gloss at home

And if the salon does not work?Another question, no doubt, is of interest to many women - and can you gloss your hair at home? Of course you can. Get a set of medicinal cosmetics for glossing the company you trust and forward. You probably have a hair iron. In the procedure there is nothing complicated, the main thing is to follow the instructions on the loose leaf exactly.

However, experts still recommend contacting beauty salons. There, this procedure is not so expensive, and the effect you just like.

How much is enough?

To maintain the achieved result,conduct hair glossing regularly. The initial effect lasts about 2-4 weeks. Hair gets well-groomed, healthy appearance, their durability increases, they are easier to comb. However, with the passage of time, the action of nutrients in the structure starts to weaken and it is necessary to repeat the procedure anew.

Combination of procedures

Very carefully you need to do moleculargloss if you also dye your hair. Doing both procedures at the same time is simply unacceptable. Since the hair is treated with oils when glossed, the paint may be unevenly distributed. Therefore, it is better to stain several weeks after glossing. Besides this, you will get a brighter and more saturated color.

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