/ / Effective staff management is the best way to achieve enterprise prosperity

Effective staff management is the best way to achieve enterprise prosperity

The main component of the success of any enterpriseare his employees. A competent management of personnel is the key position of the enterprise in the market, which determines its importance and financial growth.

For the correct organization of some workersonly the individual qualities of a leader are very few. Here you need to know the management, the methods of effective management and real examples of the experience of successful managers.

Personnel and its role in the enterprise

Employees are individuals with(as with a legal entity) in a relationship that is regulated through a contract of employment or an employment contract. In these relations, co-owners and owners of the enterprise (as individuals) can participate, if they, in addition to their share of income, also receive payment for what they personally participate in its activities.

The personnel of the enterprise are the personnel, which possesses a number of signs: qualification, competence, abilities.

All employees of the company are qualified in the following categories: workers, technical employees, professionals, professionals and managers.

Depending on the type of activity, staff can be divided into the following groups: operational, repair, operational, maintenance, technical and administrative.

Personnel management is an activitymanagers of the enterprise, which is aimed at the development of targeted strategies, concepts in the field of personnel policy and effective management methods in the workplace.

This process consists of a system of interrelatedorganizational, social and economic measures to create normal conditions for the functioning, formation and maximum use of working capacity. Personnel management is a continuous process aimed at achieving the goals set by motivating and changing the goals of employees.

Motivation of work

Motivation of work and satisfaction with the results of work depend not only on the employee himself. An important role in this process is the immediate leader.

Personnel management is an impact on people in such a way that they have a desire to work, to show their best.

Motivation is a combination of external (legalnorms, administrative influences, collective incentives and norms of behavior) and internal (personal needs, individual values, personal interests, ideals and motives) of the motivating forces.

Personnel management is an accurate definitiongoals and awareness of the final results of the work. The manager should organize the production process in such a way that the subordinates saw the importance of work at the initial stages and had the opportunity to participate in making final decisions. The work organized on these principles ensures satisfaction of all participants in the work process.

Management Service

Personnel Management Service - a number of structural units (in the field of management) in conjunction with officials who manage employees within the chosen policy.

The HR management service includes:department for recruitment and dismissal of employees, personnel department, service for selection, adaptation, training, planning, forecasting, department of organization of life and rest and normalization of working conditions.

This service is constructiveA division that does not directly participate in production activities, while helping to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise. The work of management services has 2 directions: strategic and tactical.

Strategic direction of the serviceis focused on the development of the personnel policy of the enterprise. It is development of theoretical views, requirements, ideas, methods and practical actions of work with the personnel.

Within the framework of the tactical direction,current personnel activities to create the workforce of the enterprise. The essence of the work in this direction is a clear delineation of the functions of employees and their implementation in practice.

Concepts, objectives and goals human resources management

In conclusion, I would like to note that the maintasks and objectives of management is to provide the enterprise with highly qualified personnel, their effective use, as well as the organization of professional development of subordinates.

To date, the basic concept of managementat the enterprise are: a role of the person of the employee, knowledge of motivational factors, ability to develop them and direct on realization of problems which are put before the enterprise.

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