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Body wraps at home

In our dynamic age, it is difficult for women to findtime to visit the spa-salon, and look slim and attractive very much like. In this they can help wrap for slimming at home. The procedure is able to save a woman not only from extra pounds, but also to make the skin supple and youthful. This way of preserving youth is used by beauties of the whole world since ancient times. The effect is achieved by splitting the fat in the cells and removing excess fluid from the woman's body. The substances contained in the wrapping preparations nourish the skin with minerals and vitamins. It becomes more supple and velvety.

The basic rules of carrying out wraps for growing thin at home

For greater efficiency of the procedure, the basic rules are observed:

  1. Before wrapping, take a shower and use a body scrub to cleanse the skin, remove all dead cells.
  2. To warm up and inflow of blood in problem areas with a washcloth or mittens, massage the skin.
  3. We apply the substance for wrapping on the prepared areas.
  4. The food film is wrapped around the body area with the mixture.
  5. We withstand from 30 to 40 minutes.To create a certain temperature regime it is recommended to put warm things on or to lie under the blanket. In this process, you should monitor your health. As soon as you feel the signs of malaise, immediately stop the procedure and wash the substance off the body.
  6. If everything went well, after the time has elapsed, we remove the curative mixture from the body under the shower, apply a nourishing cream or anti-cellulite lotion.

body wraps at home

Recipes for slimming at home

Warnings withclay, seaweed and honey. Ingredients for the medicinal mixture are available for sale, and the procedure can be performed at home without effort. These recipes help not only to part with extra pounds, but also quickly get rid of cellulite.

Wrapping with clay

Clay perfectly removes unnecessary liquid fromharmful toxins. As a result, the skin becomes even, the orange peel disappears. Clay wrapping helps to get rid of stretch marks. To prepare the substance for take 3-4 tablespoons of powdered clay, mix them with water to the consistency of liquid porridge. To the mixture add a few aromatic drops of orange and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

quickly get rid of cellulite

Honey wrap

Effective wraps for weight loss - based onhoney. It increases blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, splits fat deposits in skin cells and removes excess fluid. For the procedure, use only two tablespoons of liquid honey, a teaspoon of red ground pepper, two teaspoons of vegetable oil. The combination of honey and pepper can cause an allergic reaction to sensitive skin. To create a softer mixture, pepper can be replaced with a powder of cinnamon.

effective weight loss wraps

Body wrap with algae

For this procedure you need to buy at a pharmacya preparation from a dry kelp. Three or four tablespoons of dried algae is placed in water at room temperature and left for a while for swelling. Then we put the mixture on the body. Laminaria - this is an ideal wrapping for slimming at home. Active substances quickly penetrate the skin and split fat cells, remove the prominent blue sosudiki and tone the muscles. Many women after pregnancy use laminaria wraps to remove stretch marks.

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