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Hair oils for split ends. Means for hair care

Secant tips are a problem almost everygirls. The more hair grows, the more often this troublesome trouble appears. Of course, they can and should be trimmed in a timely manner, but this is not the only way. Hair oils for split ends can restore shine, strength and life even in very neglected cases.

hair oils for split ends

Why sekutsya?

Before taking any action ontreatment of hair, you need to understand the root causes. And then you should already look for funds from split ends. There are a lot of them now. Dry, split hair usually appears for the following reasons:

  • malnutrition;
  • frequent staining of hair;
  • frequent drying with a hairdryer, iron or curling iron;
  • ultraviolet irradiation (solarium, frequent exposure to the sun);
  • too frequent washing your head;
  • tight tightening of hair with elastic bands, stitching, high and tight hair;
  • strict restrictive diets;
  • use of blunt or unprofessional scissors;
  • improperly chosen means for hair care.

mask from split ends

How to start treatment?

Certainly, hair oils for splittips can help in solving the problem. However, you do not need to start with them. If the tips are very strongly crossed (up to 1 cm), then you need to contact the master in the salon for their shaving. And only then begin to treat with oils, masks and other means. Naturally, it is necessary to pick up suitable shampoos, conditioners and hair sprays.

What are the recommended oils?

Their list is quite extensive. So, for example, the most common hair oils for split ends, which are recommended by hairdressers and trichologists, are:

  • burdock;
  • castor;
  • coconut;
  • peachy;
  • almond;
  • jojoba;
  • linen;
  • olive;
  • sunflower.

Each of them must be properly used, otherwise there is a risk of getting excessively greasy and dirty hair, and not healthy and silky from the roots and to the tips.

means of split ends


The mask from split ends on its basis is very effective, the result is noticeable after the first application. However, you need to prepare it correctly. Therefore, you will need:

  • a few tablespoons of oil (the amount depends on the length and thickness of the hair);
  • ready industrial suitable type of mask.

These ingredients are mixed in a small container,carefully mixed, applied to the hair along the entire length, having retreated from the roots at least 1 cm. To keep oil with a mask, it is necessary exactly as indicated in the instructions to the industrial mask. Why is mixing required? First, burdock oil is difficult to wash, and in combination with the mask process is facilitated. Secondly, a double effect is obtained: the tips are smoothed, the hair is fed and additionally moistened.

against split ends


Many funds from split ends are createdprecisely on its basis. Indeed, trichologists and experienced masters of coconut oil is recognized as the most useful for hair. Apart from the fact that it helps to fight with split ends, its properties include:

  • food;
  • moisturizing;
  • saturation with vitamins.

Unfortunately, there are certain difficulties withapplication. So, coconut oil is quite thick and steep. It is difficult to apply on hair: they start to stick together and stick together, and to wash off then and at all is problematic. Therefore, usually coconut oil or warm up in a water bath so that the consistency becomes longer, or diluted with other oils. For example, ethereal orange or lemon. The mask from split ends at the same time acquires a unique aroma, although quite concentrated. Oil is applied, having deviated from the roots a couple of centimeters, along the entire length. You can wash off after a quarter of an hour, otherwise the mask will become thick.

serum for split ends

Peach and almond

These hair oils for split ends are veryare easy to apply. They simply grease the strands, one after another, and then they warm the head with teflon and a towel. To wash off oil it is possible in half an hour, using shampoo and balm-conditioner. It is necessary to thoroughly wash the hair with cool running water. Repeat the procedure can be once a week for three months, then you need to take a break.

dry split hair


Perhaps, this is the most difficult in operation andstorage oil. First, the glass transparent container is not suitable for it. Oil from this begins to deteriorate, lose its original properties. Secondly, the smell of linseed oil is very, very specific. Not every girl will be able to apply such a composition to her hair, since even shampoo to repel the fragrance is problematic. Therefore, usually oil only the tips are lubricated, not the entire length. In this case, the movements should be strictly along the line of growth to the bottom. So the ends will be sealed, overlaid with oil, and not raspushatsya.


Against split ends this oil helpsvery worthy. And jojoba has an advantage - it does not need to be washed off hair. It is enough to put a little oil on the ends, ironing the strands one after another, and then wait until the product is absorbed. Even then you can do the laying, hairstyles, pinning your hair. The tips will look alive, shiny and moisturized.


This oil can also be used as aindependent means, and as a component of complex masks. And in either case will be good. So, olive oil is often applied to the ends of hair in a pure form, evenly spreading from the middle of the length of the strands. It is advisable to use a wooden comb for this, rather than plastic or metal.

Industrial ready-made products

There are many good industrial readymeans based on various, most often exotic oils. For example, Avon produces a professional series of hair care products, where there is a serum for split ends and not only, which is called "Comprehensive care." It contains argan oil. It favorably affects not only the dried tips, but also the structure of the hair, making them soft, docile, shiny and strong. Serum should not be washed off, it is distributed along moist strands from the middle of the length.

If the hair is fatty

Naturally, oil has a strong effect onstructure. Therefore, owners of fatty hair are strongly advised against falling on their roots. Moreover: the split ends are treated only locally. Oil is applied solely to them, avoiding hitting even the middle of the length of the hair. It is desirable to use those grades that involve washing with shampoo afterwards.

General recommendations

Seeding ends are quite successfully treated then,When a person does not neglect a visit to a hairdresser. In time, cut hair is the key to proper growth and health. In addition, it is worth improving your diet by giving up harmful food: fried, fatty, salted, smoked. Regular intake of vitamins, fish oil and castor oil helps to make not only the hair healthier, but also nails and skin. In addition, it is worth refraining from a long stay in the sun, in chlorinated and sea water, a sauna. If it is possible to dry hair naturally, without using hair dryers, plaques and ironing, then they should be used. So the tips will not overheat and dry, which means they will be healthy, strong and beautiful.

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