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Jojoba Oil for the face: the secrets of beautiful and healthy skin

Jojoba plant is widespread inarid and very hot corners of our planet, such as Arizona, California, northern Mexico, etc. The fruits of this evergreen shrub are small nuts, half composed of wax, which is extracted by cold pressing. The component obtained as a result of the treatment has a beautiful golden yellowish hue and a pleasant faint aroma. Depending on the temperature regime, it can have a thick or liquid consistency. So, at a temperature below 6 ° C, the product begins to solidify. In connection with this feature, this substance is more a liquid wax than oil.

Jojoba oil for the face: useful properties

In its composition, jojoba oil is similar to the compositionsebum. In addition, the herbal ingredient contains a significant percentage of vitamin E, necessary for skin health, regeneration of its cells. When applied to the skin, oil penetrates into the deeper layers, leaving almost no greasy marks on the surface, and forms a protective layer that retains moisture.

Natural raw materials are excellent for anyskin type, but it is especially effective for dry, prone to peeling and early appearance of wrinkles. Jojoba oil for the face intensively nourishes the upper layers of the epidermis, thereby increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin, in other words, helps fight the primary signs of aging. Because of this, it is used even for the care of the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes, helping to smooth shallow “crow's feet”.

Also liquid vegetable wax possessesanti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, that is, helps to eliminate various skin diseases and inflammations. Jojoba oil very effectively copes with acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It is used for redness and irritation resulting from shaving hair.

Жожоба масло для лица защищает поверхность кожи from harmful ultraviolet radiation, while improving the absorption of vitamin D. In connection with this feature, it is often used as a protective agent for sunburn.

This wax substance alone is enoughconcentrated, therefore it is recommended to mix it with lighter ingredients, such as grape, almond, apricot, peach or rosehip oil. Undiluted jojoba wax is used only for spot application.

Face Jojoba Oil: Home Cosmetics Recipes

Refreshing mask

Finely grated avocados and cucumber mix in equalproportions and add a small amount of jojoba oil. Apply the mixture on previously cleansed face and neck, after 20 minutes, rinse the skin with water. Vegetable wax, which is part of the mask, perfectly nourishes, and the components of cucumber cleanse and tone up the skin.

Cleansing compress for oily skin

Heat 50 ml of milk, add butter to itjojoba (20 ml), and two drops of oils of bergamot, geranium, sandalwood, myrtle and lavender. Thoroughly mix the mixture, dip a gauze or linen napkin into it. Lightly squeeze and apply it to the face. When the napkin has cooled, re-wet it in a warm mixture. After several such manipulations, wash and wipe the skin with a piece of ice. The procedure contributes to the opening of pores and their cleansing, so it is especially useful for skin prone to acne and oily shine. After such a compress, a facial massage is recommended.

Nutrition for mature skin

Jojoba oil for the face (50ml) mix withgeranium, lavender (2 drops), sandalwood (4 drops) oils, mix and apply on wrinkles. The mixture nourishes the skin well, improves elasticity and slows the development of wrinkles. These oils can be stored in the refrigerator in a closed vial for a long time.

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