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Manicure "kiwi": variants of fruit design of nails

Manicure "kiwi" is a perfect variant of a bright,juicy fruit summer nail art. Despite the simplicity of execution, it effectively looks on the nails. There are several options for this manicure, depending on how bright you would like to make it. Of course, as in any nail design, the main thing is the accuracy of the execution. Manicure "kiwi" can be done both on the entire nail, and only on the tips, so that it is more restrained.

What will be required

To make such a fruit manicure, you will need the following:

  • base coating for varnish;
  • lacquer green (to create the pulp of kiwi);
  • varnish of white and black shades;
  • thin brush;
  • lacquer-fixative.

To create a picture of kiwi do not need so much money, so this manicure can choose newcomers.

manicure kiwi

Step-by-step execution

You can see the photo of the "kiwi" manicure and choose the most suitable variant for you. Below is a juicy and vivid drawing.

  1. Apply base coat and allow to dry.
  2. Cover the nails with green lacquer - this is the flesh of the fruit. If one layer was not enough, apply a second one. Each layer must be pre-dried.
  3. Draw a circle in the middle of the nail. It does not have to be smooth - it will make the drawing approximate to natural.
  4. With a thin brush, draw out the rays from the middle, so that it looks like the sun.
  5. Dip the brush in a black lacquer and draw on the nails small dots to make them look like kiwi seeds.
  6. After the pattern dries, cover the nails with a varnish-fixer.

Bright and juicy manicure is ready! Nothing complicated in its creation was not, but it looks interesting on the nails.

manicure kiwi pictures

Manicure with drops

This is a spectacular, unusual design, to createwhich will require skill. Drops can be combined with any background coverage, pattern. Very interesting, they look at the fruit. Manicure "kiwi" with drops turns out very juicy and stylish. To create it, you will need:

  • matte coating (to give realism to drops);
  • gel finish without a sticky layer;
  • dots with different diameters of tips, if you do not have it, you can take a toothpick or a hairpin with a rounded tip;
  • Ultraviolet lamp.

Before you draw a drop, you need to make a background coverage. In this case it is the creation of fruit design - kiwi. After the pattern has dried, you can proceed to the droplets.

  1. The background is covered with opaque.
  2. Dots get a gel finish and put a dot.After the entire nail is in droplets, it should be dried in a UV lamp, without waiting for all the nails to be made. The manicure will retain the shape, the points made will be solid.
  3. If you do not have this tool, you canuse a transparent gel-varnish. After drying, the clinker or alcohol will need to remove the sticky layer. Similarly, it is necessary to dry every nail, so that the manicure is voluminous and beautiful.

"Drip" design is ready! Look at the "kiwi" manicure with drops - it looks fresh, juicy and very summery. Such a pattern will give your image lightness, brightness.

manicure kiwi with drops

Ideas of manicure "kiwi"

If you are not prepared to ensure that all your marigoldswere bright and resembled fruit, you can choose a more discreet option. For example, to make in this style only the protruding edge of the nail, or just one nail to make "fruit", and the others to cover with a light shade.

You can make the middle at the edge of the nail, thendraw the rays. Alternating white stripes with a yellow or green lighter shade will add more realism. Next, black lacquer seeds are drawn and everything is covered with a fixative. You can draw a few drops for juiciness.

manicure kiwi with drops photo

It is not necessary to make a background covering greencolors. Good for such subjects suitable shade of sea wave, yellow or brown (kiwi skin color). An interesting solution would be to create drawings: alternate between different fruits. This is not only kiwi, but also bananas, watermelons, pineapples. This manicure is suitable for those who are not afraid of bright design.

Маникюр "киви" - это простое и стильное решение for nails. Despite the simplicity of the picture, there is room for creativity. Of course, any manicure should be done in accordance with the dress code, so that the whole look looked organic and aesthetic. This design does not necessarily do in the summer, in the winter such a picture will raise your spirits and add brightness to any winter look.

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