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Tattoo on the palm: features of the body painting

A few decades ago tattooswere a distinctive feature of people involved in crime in any way. Pads gave the opportunity to read the whole biography of a person. Tattoo on the palm in the criminal world - a phenomenon not so common as on other parts of the body. Nevertheless, they also met.

Today, a tattoo on the palm of any person is stylish, beautiful and original. And only people of old age fall into the pre-unconscious state, having seen such hands in young people.

Tattoo on the palm - great popularity

So, more.Modern tattoo on the palm is most often associated with a patterned Indian henna technique. Therefore, such patterns are often found in women. By the way, tattooing on the palm of your hand is a relatively painless procedure. However, before you decide on it, it is worth seven times to think about the picture. After all, they have to admire all my life.

palm tattoo

Fingers and back

A well-made tattoo on the palm is alwayslooks very attractive. This is a great place for drawing pictures. After all, with changes in weight and with age, skin changes are much less susceptible. Recently, more and more often among the young small tattoos on the fingers. These can be symbols or some kind of inscription.

Not only the fingers, but also the backpalm is a kind of "greetings from the past." Often such tattoos were stuffed by soldiers and sailors. There were inscribed marks and short inscriptions. Looking at such a tattoo, the former military can always easily determine in which troops the owner served.

Tattoos on the palms and fingers very oftenperformed by professional craftsmen. Despite the fact that many people are confident that the skin in these places will be updated fairly quickly, and, accordingly, the image may lose its clarity.

palm tattoo on the side

Male and female options

В общем, довольно трудно удивить кого-то таким body decoration like a tattoo on the palm of your side. Photos of various drawings and inscriptions can be seen in any catalog of each master professional. Among them are male and female images.

Современные мужчины, например, нередко пытаются thus express your personal life stance. Tattoos made in Soviet times, as mentioned above, carry information about military service (years of service, part number, etc.), the name of a woman’s beloved, etc. Today you can find wolves, tigers, snakes on the palms of men. , flames. There are also very small images - anchor, diamond, crown.

Masters claim that most of their clientsare women. For women, tattoos are a sign of sexuality and a way of expression. On the palm they have fairies, elves, butterflies, broken hearts or the names of beloved men. Sometimes Celtic motifs and astrological symbols are also filled.

In addition, for women and importantcalled the protective properties of tattoos. Ladies often try to perpetuate in their hands the most important dates in their lives. For example, a birthday or wedding date.

Popular images are alsovarious inscriptions, swallows, treble clef. Also paired tattoos for lovers are made on the palms. That is similar pictures or names. This choice is very serious, so you need to be extremely careful.

tattoo on the palm side view

At last

Many people believe that the tattoo on the palmon the side or in the center, on the fingers, as well as on the sole, may eventually erase. In fact, this is not true. After all, the paint is deep under the skin layer. You can only wipe it off with sandpaper. In such tattoos, small gaps can sometimes be noticeable. They appear immediately after healing. After that, the image does not change. And gaps arise only due to the fact that the paint did not hit the required depth.

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