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Thai coconut oil: application, properties, photo

Coconut oil has found its application in modern cosmetology. Especially often used for facial skin, hair.

Product Description

Thai coconut oil is naturalproduct without any additives, thickeners, flavors and others. All the useful microelements that are in it, can disappear due to different processing. Therefore, this product can not be processed. Such a tool is great for women, whose skin begins to lose its elasticity, and the hair becomes dull, and the tips are split.

Thai coconut oil

An interesting fact is that if the oil has a thickstructure and white color, this indicates that it was at a temperature below 25 degrees. Usually this happens after air transport. Therefore, do not assume that the product has deteriorated, it is normal for natural oil. If it has acquired such a consistency, you can warm it up by putting it in a warm place. And in order to survive longer, it should be left in a cold place.

Many cosmeticians argue about what kind of Thaicoconut oil is better - purified or not. You can say that the skin is more suitable first. For hair, both are perfect. How to understand what kind of oil you have before you? You can determine this way - the unclean has a smell, and the purified one does not.

What useful properties does it have?

Thai coconut oil is popular not only inThailand, but also beyond. Therefore, many cosmeticians recommend using this product in solving problems with the skin of the face, body and hair.

Thai coconut oil application

Thai coconut oil hasantibacterial action. Also fights well and with a fungus. Therefore, it is often used in the treatment of fungal leg lesions, rinsing the oral cavity. Another such oil is used to prevent the development of colds in the viral period.

Oil can be taken orally, since itis an excellent antioxidant. Has a purifying effect on the body, and also contributes to the fight against old infections and normalizes the work of the digestive tract.

Thai coconut oil thanks to protectivefunctions can be used for tanning. If you add a small amount in a night cream, then in combination it can have a great effect on the skin of the face.

This oil restores the damaged cells of the skin and the structure of the hair, it helps to heal various internal ulcers.

Those who want to lose weight, this oil will also help. This drug in a certain dosage improves the metabolism in the body and normalizes the amount of sugar.

On the skin, this oil has a positive effect, especially to eliminate the first wrinkles.

Also, the remedy strengthens the nails, as claimedwomen. In addition, this tool will be useful to those who are exposed to constant stress. Oil calms and repairs the human nervous system.

Thai coconut oil: an application for weakened hair

Very good this oil is suitable for weakenedand split hair. Usually this product is used in the form of a mask that helps restore healthy hair structure, strengthen the bulb and prevent further cross-section of the tips. In order to carry out such a procedure, the oil must be applied to the roots or the entire length of the ringlets a few hours before washing the head. This is done so that the product can completely absorb and saturate the hair with micronutrients. After such a mascot, the curls become shiny, silky and obedient. Typically, Thai coconut oil for hair is used for dry hair types. It is also used after prolonged staining. And if you make butter masks a few times a week, the tips will stop cutting.

Thai coconut oil tropicana

Cosmetologists advise such masks to be left onday. But such procedures need to be done with caution and only once a year. It is also possible to add this product to shampoos in the amount of one large spoon, so that the oil does not have a negative effect on the scalp. It should be borne in mind that such masochki difficult to wash off, and hair look fat. What to do? You can use sour-milk products for rinsing hair, such as kefir, sour milk. But remember that they must be in a warm state.

Thai Hair Mask with Coconut Oil

In addition, such rinsing will give even moreeffect, if you use it just Thai coconut oil. The feedback of those who used this product for hair restoration is very positive, which indicates that this remedy is very healing and useful for every type of hair.


Also, there is also a special Thai maskfor hair with coconut oil. Such products perfectly cope with damaged hair, and also nourish the roots well and give shine to the curls. Protect the hair from chemical attack during laying, curling and any heat exposure. In the modern market, there are many companies that produce such masks based on coconut oil. The price varies, depending on capacity, brand and other factors. But whatever mask is chosen, the main thing is that it is made on the basis of 100% coconut oil. Then the tool will give a good result and justify its value in a couple of applications.

For skin care

Thai coconut oil brings goodThe result is not only for hair care, but also for the face skin. It is a unique product that can be applied to any type of dermis. Those substances that are in the oil, namely, the combined fats, help repair damaged cells, cure various dermatological problems. They also nourish, smooth wrinkles and have a rejuvenating effect. Many women in Thailand use this oil in order to dry the skin. But here the girls of the European type should not be used refined for drying.

Thai cosmetics coconut oil

Cosmetologists recommend the use of such oilonly in strictly specified dosages and course per month. After a break for a couple of months. It is better to add this oil to various creams, then the remedy will not harm the delicate skin of the face, but will only enhance the effect of cosmetics.

Use for the body

Modern cosmetology offers a wideproduct range. Oil from Thailand deserved a certain place in the current care of skin and hair. After all, all products of Thai manufacturers are made from natural raw materials. Therefore, it's not for nothing that Thai cosmetics has gained its popularity so far. Coconut oil is one of the most popular means for caring for problem skin of the face, the body.

It perfectly copes with some problems,which can appear on the human body, especially if it is necessary to eliminate the inflammatory process, make the skin supple, helps to nourish the veil and thereby slows down the aging process. As already mentioned above, this oil can be used at a time when you are sunbathing.

In addition, Thai coconut oil can beapply to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. It is due to the content of fat and vitamin E in it, it helps to soften the skin and make it more elastic. It is recommended to apply it on clean skin after showering and applying a scrub for cleaning. After it is necessary to put, massaging, on a body and to wash off warm water.

What is important to know when choosing coconut oil?

It is known that the Thai market offers two typesoils from coconut - it is refined and uncleaned - refined and unrefined. The first will be in standard packaging, it is already more popular due to frequent use, this product produces well-known brands. This product should not have any smell, it can already be used immediately for both external use and inside. But the second type is usually sold in plastic bottles in the markets. It has more vitamins, but it differs in smell, which can not everyone please.

What brands produce Thai coconut oil?

Many brands are already known outside the country of origin. Among them are very popular:

Thai coconut oil for hair

  • Firm "Samui Natura".The oil is very well proven in application both inside and outside care. It is often used by cosmetologists. After all, in this way many vitamins have been preserved. In addition, it gently cares for the skin.
  • Thai coconut oil "Tropicana" is not a popular brand. But it is mass-produced and has many positive reviews.
  • "Harn" - this oil is purified by a processfermentation. Thanks to this, many useful substances remain in it. The oil of this brand can be used by owners of sensitive skin and with severely damaged hair.

Thai coconut oil reviews

Of course, these are just a few of theproducts that are used in the modern world of cosmetology. But when choosing it is worth paying attention to the composition. There should be indicated one hundred percent of the content of coconut oil, and also be written the word bio. This indicates that this oil is completely natural, without the presence of any chemical agents.

A small conclusion

Now you know what is Thai coconutoil (photos for clarity are presented in the article) than it is useful for the skin and hair, how to use it correctly. We hope that this information was interesting and useful to you. Be beautiful!

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