/ What is a watercolor tattoo?

What is a watercolor tattoo?

The skill of stuffing tattoos has long since emerged from the scale of single-color simple sticks. One of the relatively recent types of drawings on the body is a watercolor tattoo.

What an amazing drawing?

watercolor tattoo

The founder of this direction wasa tattoo artist from New York, Amanda Wachob. She introduced a completely innovative way of presenting native painting. Possessing professional artistic skills, she completely simulated the work of a natural brush and water-soluble paints. Due to which reincarnated the standard form of a tattoo in a work of art. Visually, the picture is made in the "watercolor" technique. The part of the body on which the image is applied resembles a fragment of an art canvas. Although for the style of this master do not use any special tools, besides the usual tattoo machine, but the result produces a striking impression.

If you plunge into childhood memories, beforeeyes pops up the picture, how the awkward pen with a brush of squirrel wool painted blurry patterns on his body. What a delight triumphed then in the soul, and how fascinating the process seemed. Now children's fantasies can be realized with the help of professional masters. Adult people have a vivid sense of delight and their own uniqueness able to give watercolor tattoos. Sketches made in this technique, you can see in our article. It is possible that some will like you.


watercolor tattoos

Watercolor tattoo is valuable above all itsbeauty and uneasy image transmission. All attention is focused on the visual attractiveness of the image, and its importance is receding into the background. It is in these aspects that watercolor tattoos have a cardinal difference from conventional ones. This style of drawing of the drawing is subject to a varied palette of shades. It is possible to use different tones of the same color or contrast notes.

Whichever option you choose, thisOnly emphasize the individuality of the owner of the tattoo. Depending on the wishes you can choose a concise image of a small size or paint a fully defined part of the body. The subject of the drawing has no boundaries, like the master's imagination, it is only necessary to choose a suitable variant for himself.


watercolor tattoos sketches

Watercolor tattoos are able to accentuatethe dignity of the figure or, conversely, hide from prying eyes the characteristics of the human body. Sometimes, when drawing images, lines of different saturation are combined, which gives it a visual volume and brings to the fore the idea. Such a technique is often used by famous masters. Some consider it necessary to use the brightest color gamut as possible, so that the pattern retains the juiciness of colors over a long period. Others use the blur effect by adding a small amount of water to the pigment. There are works in which two techniques are connected, which involuntarily evokes the association of the parallel existence of reality and the world of fantasy.

Watercolor tattoo:value

The values ​​of tattoos made in engineering"watercolor", are similar to traditional. For example, a bird often symbolizes freedom, beauty. However, the interpretation depends on many factors: exactly where the image is drawn, what kind of birds it is. Here they are, excellent and ambiguous watercolor tattoos. Photos of works performed in this style are usually shown in the salons, so if you like these drawings, be sure to look through the portfolio of masters.

Important point

watercolor tattoos photo

Tattoos in the technique of "watercolor" not so long agoappeared on the territory of the post-Soviet space. As you know, skill requires practice and, of course, time. Therefore, deciding to put such a kind of tattoo, it should be understood that the work requires a really high level of professionalism. Decent quality is an order of magnitude more expensive. The cost factor is certainly important, but not determinative.


Watercolor tattoo is a great chanceto give yourself extra beauty. The body - like a canvas, the boundaries of creativity are determined only by your own imagination and the professional capabilities of the master.

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