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Manicure with bows: ideas

Manicure with bows is considered one of the mostcute and romantic amongst all. Moreover, these same decorative elements are very often present on clothes, which means that the nail art will be successfully blended with the girl's outfit. Varieties of manicure with a lot of bows. After all, you can draw a pattern in different ways and colors, combining the image with an unusual way of applying varnish.

French manicure with bow

To make such a nail art, you need to prepare:

- turquoise, pink, golden and white lacquers;
- dot;
- a thin brush for manicure;
- Semicircular stencils.

Initially, you need to remove the cuticle withmanicure tweezers or a special stylus with a blunt end. The first option is suitable for girls who have already mastered the instrument and are able to handle tweezers. The second option is much easier and safer. You also need to trim all the nails. Then you should wipe off the remains of the old varnish.

Begin to create a drawing

Having finished the preparation, you need to cover the plates with a colorless varnish, which will strengthen and align the nails. When it dries, you can apply a light pink on the nails, which will serve as the primary color.

manicure with bows
After waiting for complete drying, the nails needpaste stencils. Make it necessary so that they pass just below the upper line of the smile, preventing the funds from reaching the bottom edge. The tips of the nails are covered with turquoise varnish. Then the labels are carefully removed when the lacquer dries a little.

After that you can decorate the turquoise endsfingers with peas. To do this, you need to take the dots, lower it into a white lacquer and arbitrarily set the dots. The smaller the pattern, the more spectacular the manicure will look.

A jacket with a bow looks very beautiful.The bows will be placed on the nails of ring fingers. At the same time, the French manicure is not done on them. Nails are covered with a monochrome layer of turquoise varnish. Taking a thin brush, you need to dab it in a golden lacquer and draw a small rectangle with slightly rounded corners in the center of the plate. Further in different directions from the figure you need to draw two ears of a bow. They can be depicted several lines that simulate folds. You can also draw two ribbons that go down to the base of the nail.

french manicure with bow
At the very end it is recommended to cover the nail plates with a layer of colorless varnish to fix the image and make it more durable.

Red Nail Art

Elegant manicure red with a bow is done veryjust. The main thing is to clearly follow the instructions and wait for the complete drying of each layer. So, to make such a manicure with bows, you will need:

- red, white and black varnishes;
- a thin brush for manicure.

manicure red with bow
First, the nails are covered with an even layer of redvarnish. If the color is unsaturated, then the procedure can be repeated. Further, when the varnish dries, it is necessary to take a brush and, dipping it in white, draw a small circle in the center of the top line of the smile. After that - two small triangles, which will be the ears of the bow. Also you can paint ribbons, located on the line of a smile. When the manicure with the bows completely dry, you need to take a clean brush, get a little black lacquer and draw a pattern. You should also draw a triangle of a pair of lines.

Gentle manicure with beads

To create a manicure will need:

- pale green, pale pink and white lacquers;
- a thin brush;
- small beads of light green and pink.

Manicure with bows and beads is done inseveral stages. The first thing on the nails of the large and ring finger is applied a pale pink varnish, and on all the others - a pale green. Further, when the layer dries, you need to take a thin brush and draw the lines. The color should be taken in accordance with the shade, which is applied. That is, on the nails of the ring finger and thumb, it is necessary to draw vertical pink lines, and on the rest - green. Do not show too expressive stripes. They should be barely noticeable. It is also not necessary to draw them from the beginning to the very end of the nail.

manicure jacket with a bow
When the pattern dries, you can proceed to the drawing.Using a thin brush, which must be dipped in a white lacquer, you should draw two triangles with rounded corners. In this case, geometric figures must meet with each other with their sharp angles. After that, several lines are drawn in the triangles. Ribbons are added at will.
Waiting for the pattern to dry, you can decorate the bows with beads. Here, too, you need to consider the color of the nail itself. The beads are glued in the place where the triangles meet, imitating the bow knot.


In general, to do a manicure with bows at allnot difficult. In this case, the resulting nail art can be completely different, depending on the colors that the girl herself chose. In any case, an interesting design will not go unnoticed and will delight the surrounding people.

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