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Dry shampoo "Avon": reviews and description

There are situations when there is no time orthe opportunity to wash your hair. In this case, the appearance of the hair does not please at all. Those who have ever found themselves in such a situation, understand how important it is to have an effective cosmetology tool that can quickly give hair a clean look.

dry shampoo eivon reviews

But many faced with unjustifiedpurchases that are very well advertised, and in practice are an unnecessary waste of money. Therefore, for potential customers, the existing experience of other people is important, who have already used the goods. One such product is the dry shampoo "Avon", reviews about it are very significant, so they should be studied before making a purchasing decision.

About the product

Dry shampoos have appeared for a long time already -a few decades ago. But until now they have not become well known. And many people hear about this cosmetic remedy for the first time. Some companies have this product in their line. They differ from each other in price, composition and form of release. The agent may be in the form of a powder or an aerosol. The mechanism of action of dry shampoo is that the components that make up it absorb the fat from the hair.

Dry shampoo "Avon"

The products of this brand are very affordable,and dry shampoo was no exception. As an absorbent, it uses rice starch. Since the product form is an aerosol, it is easy to use, since it is easy to control the amount of application. In addition, this method minimizes the flow.

dry shampoo for hair

It is difficult to understand how interesting the product isis a dry shampoo "Avon", the real reviews of which are very different from each other. Someone this tool is suitable for and is a real wand-zashchalochkoy. Others do not see any effect at all. Still others note that the effect of pure roots persists for no more than an hour, and then disappears.

But a serious drawback, which is observedmany consumers, is the need to carefully comb the particles of matter from the hair. They are especially noticeable on the hair of brunettes. Applying the product is recommended on the roots and the radical area of ​​the hair. Dry shampoo "Avon" reviews experts questioned, as the drug dries the hair. It is worth not to use such cosmetics to the owners of damaged hair.

Methods of application

Dry shampoo is primarily used as aSOS-tool. The manufacturer claims that only 60 seconds are enough to make hair look amazing. But in practice, it does not always happen that way. After the dry hair shampoo "Avon" has been applied, the testimonials of many customers indicate a rather frequent appearance of a white shade. Therefore, after use, the product should be left for 5 minutes, massage the head and then carefully comb the hair.

dry shampoo eivon real reviews

The best way is to use dryshampoo from the evening. After applying, you should massage your head, twist your hair into a bundle and go to bed. In the morning, you need to dissolve your hair and comb it. So recommend to use experienced people dry shampoo "Avon". Reviews say that you can wash your hair less often, and also use a hairdryer and a curling iron for styling. This product should be used by owners of dyed hair, so as to preserve the beautiful color of the strands longer.

This kind of cosmetic is completelynot single-valued. It is difficult to draw the right conclusions based on the experience of others. Dry shampoo "Avon", reviews of which there are enthusiastic, and absolutely negative, is worth trying for those who are interested in or need this type of cosmetics for hair.

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