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Fragrant coffee facial scrub

Virtually every woman uses a scrub forpurification of the skin and exfoliation of dead cells. Without regular peeling, the skin becomes dull, flaky, pores become clogged, pimples appear. The use of expensive creams and emulsions in this case does not make sense, since the active substances do not penetrate the skin. The scrub contains scrubbing particles, detergents, nutritional components and moisturizing supplements that have a complex effect on the skin.

Facial scrub

Modern cosmetology offers manyScrubs: oily and combination skin are suitable for clays based on clay, for sensitive or dry skin, ideal means on a gentle cream base, and gel-like scrubs are suitable for all types. But such scrubs often cause even more peeling and dry the skin.

Increasingly, women themselves make scrubs forfaces: coffee, oatmeal, rice, salt - they are based only on natural products, without perfumes and the addition of chemical components. Very popular is the facial scrub of coffee, which not only tones and gently cleanses the skin, but also gives it a delicious aroma and a light golden tan.

Prepare a home scrub for a person is easy,the main thing is to determine the type of skin and choose the basis with which you will mix the coffee: honey - smooths the skin tone and serves as an antiseptic, oil - moisturizes and smooths small wrinkles, yogurt or sour cream - brightens redness, gives the skin a healthy radiance and freshness.

You can prepare coffee face scrubin several ways, but it is important to remember that it is better to take steamed grains for the skin of the face: drink a cup of coffee, and the remaining grains can be used to make a scrub.

Facial scrub for coffee
Coffee and honey scrub.

A teaspoon of steamed ground coffee beansmix with a teaspoon of honey and a spoonful of olive oil. The scrub should not be too thick and well overlapping the face. You can use the scrub a couple of times a week: apply to the face and décolleté area, gently massage for one minute and leave the face scrub for 7-8 minutes. Rinse with warm water. In addition, you do not need to nourish skin with the cream, olive oil perfectly moisturizes. Instead of olive oil, you can use grape seed oil.

Home Facial Scrub

Anti-Aging Face Scrub

A teaspoon of steamed milled coffee beansmix with a raw egg protein and a spoon of sour cream or yogurt without additives. Stir well, apply a mask on face and decollete area and leave for a few minutes. The egg protein tightens fine wrinkles, sour cream moisturizes, and coffee tones and cleanses.

Scrub against black dots for oily skin.

A teaspoon of dried ground coffee beans is mixedwith a spoon of blue clay powder and pour a small amount of boiling water for several minutes - the mass should be creamy. Before applying to the skin, add a teaspoon of honey to the coffee-clay mixture. Apply on face for 15-17 minutes, massage and rinse easily. Coffee perfectly cleans from black dots, and blue clay eliminates gloss.

For skin care, it is better to use a face scrub prepared with your hands from those components that do not cause allergies and are suitable for your skin type.

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