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Peeling Jessner will return youth and attractiveness to the skin

Peeling is a cosmetic procedure thatallows you to remove dead skin particles, clean it, reduce age spots and traces of aging. Modern cosmetology offers a variety of effects and penetration procedures that solve such problems as the removal of traces of photoaging, age changes, scars and scars, traces of acne.

Jessner's Peeling

Jessner's peeling
Classic combined chemical peelingJessner was first proposed by an American cosmetologist and quickly became popular in Hollywood, where an ideal appearance is the key to success. The effectiveness of its effects due to a successful combination of components: salicylic and lactic acid with resorcinol.

Peeling Jessner significantly reduces the production ofsebum, softens and removes the gums, smooths out wrinkles, smooths the complexion and reduces the appearance of scars and scars, and all these effects are achieved due to strong peeling. After the procedure, reddening of the skin passes for several (2 to 4 hours) hours, which allows you to lead a habitual way of life.

Jessner's peeling is shown at the expressedphotoaging, hyperpigmentation and age-related skin changes. Thanks to the activation of metabolic and regenerative processes in the skin, there is a significant improvement in appearance and rejuvenation of the skin. This type of peeling is also shown to reduce manifestation

enzymatic peeling
stretch marks and for smoothing the violations of the relief of the skin.

It is recommended to conduct 6-10 sessions with breaks in7-14 days. After the completion of the course, there is a significant improvement in skin condition and a rejuvenating effect, which can last up to several years.

Enzymatic peeling

A new tool in the struggle to preserve youth andskin beauty - enzymatic peeling. Its action is based on the effect on the skin of a natural enzyme papain, which is extracted from the papaya tree. This enzyme softens proteins, and affects only the dead cells, because the living substances contain substances that neutralize it. Therefore, enzymatic agents can be safely applied to the skin - there will be no harm in any case.

After enzymatic peeling,alignment of the skin relief, reduction of pigmentation, improvement of complexion. Due to the soft and harmless effect of the remedy, the industry produces a wide range of products using papain. Therefore, carrying out enzymatic peeling at home is very real and safe.

salicylic peeling reviews
Salicylic peeling

To soft chemical peelings can be attributedprocedure with the use of salicylic acid. If you want to rejuvenate and renew the skin, reduce the depth of wrinkles and improve the complexion, then you need a salicylic peeling. Testimonials of clients who underwent this procedure, speak of its high efficiency and low traumatism. Of the unpleasant phenomena after the session, note only a brief reddening and the subsequent dryness of the skin, which eventually passes. After the completion of the course of procedures (5-8 sessions), marked rejuvenation and facial cleansing along with narrowing of the pores are noted.

Any chemical peeling requires the observance of allrecommendations both before the procedures and during the recovery period. Only if they are fully and timely implemented can you minimize possible negative consequences.

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