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Base under shadow: reviews, review, rating

First in the world of beauty there were only shadows foreye. But when they were used, women felt certain difficulties. From a dry skin shadows showered, with fat skin - crawled. Sometimes you put them on the mobile eyelid, but when you blink, the ink is imprinted under the eyebrow. And often by the end of the day the make-up of the eyes turned into a nightmare. Shadows climbed into mimic, tiny wrinkles and emphasized them, adding to their mistress for a decade or two. And no matter how high the quality of this product, it was accompanied by some minor troubles.

But here there were bases under a shade ... Reviews for a make-upfor eyes there and then have changed a tone. After all, this cream base allows the shadows to remain on the eyelid all day without changes. Thanks to primers, make-up does not roll down, does not get into folds, does not turn into a dirty spot for a century. In addition, the shadows on the base are perfectly shaded. Of course, every woman has the right to decide for herself which makeup is better, but we can tell what to choose as a primer for eye makeup.

There are many ratings of databases, compiled according to various criteria - for price, for popularity. But we have taken as a basis the effectiveness of the tool.

The best base under the shadows

1. "Mary Kay"

This cosmetic firm did not stay away fromthe general trend and released its base under the shadows. What do consumers say about this primer? Many women consider him the best. Its main advantage is water resistance. But often the eye makeup suffers not only from the rain. Heat affects the eyelids, and consequently the shadows, in the most pernicious way. The paint floats and rolls down into the corners of the eyes.

But with the primer from "Mary Kay" you can not worry:makeup is kept as glued in any weather. In addition, these bases under the shade of reviews called "transforming the color." Color pigments seem to get extra power - they become bright and saturated. Yes, and the composition of the primer is very gentle, which allows it to be used by people with allergies or who wear contact lenses. In the database there is a moisturizing skin glycerin, softening beeswax and protecting the eyelid from an aggressive environment of sesame oil and wheat hydrolyzed protein. The price of a small tube for eight and a half grams is four hundred and ninety rubles.

Base for shadows reviews

2. NYX Eyeshadow Base

Which primer is better if we considercheap base under the shade? The reviews say the NYX jar costs about five dollars. NYX releases its primers in three colors: white, solid and pearly. For them and the shadow, you need to choose the appropriate ones - matte or glossy. The white base makes the makeup color a little brighter. The shadows start to light up from the inside.

The flesh colored primer acts as a tonalcream. It protects the sensitive skin of the age. In addition, it creates an even coating, thanks to which the shadows lie well and shade, do not sink into the folds and reliably lie all day. Such a primer does not enhance color, but does not distort it.

The pearlescent base gives the shadows an easy iridescent shine.

The reviews note the long-term effect of the primer.Any shadows it supports at least eight hours. The only inconvenience is small jars with screw caps. Of these, it is difficult to get the right amount of primer. But users notice that there is another base under the shadows of NYX. The cosmetic means HD EYE SHADOW BASE is available in the form of a tube like a mascara with a comfortable sponge brush.

Which makeup is better

3. Urban Decay

What are popular among the domesticdatabase users under the shadows? Rating continues the primer Eyeshadow Primer from Urban Dayay, which is very fond of Russian ladies. Yes, and abroad, this brand is a bestseller. Reviews say that thanks to this primer, the shadows do not fade and do not slide down the whole day. In addition, the base makes the makeup color more saturated. All shades are revealed in full. Especially praise the base under the shadow of the owner of oily skin. Even in the hot summer, the make-up does not swim and does not climb into the folds. At the same time, the base does not dry the skin and does not cause a feeling of tightness or heaviness at all.

Products "Ayshedou Primer" is produced in threevariants. If you want to reflect on the century the authentic color of your shadows, then the opinions are advised to buy "Original". The base of a solid shade, when dry, becomes completely invisible. "Eden" can be used instead of shadows, for makeup in the style of "nude." And "Sin" is good as a highlighter. The cost of primers from Urban Dakey is about one and a half thousand rubles.

Cosmetic set for women

4. Cosmetic set for women from "Coloration"

Most databases are released separately.They need to choose shades - matte or pearly. But manufacturers go to meet customers and select for them an appropriate collection of shades. Lovers of multicolored palettes and bold experiments with their image such a product to anything, but most women are happy.

Cosmetic set for women from the Americancompany "Coloration" consists of six products. There are brushes for applying makeup, two types of shadows, the same amount of powder, one blush and primer for the eyes.

What can be said about this last one?Reviews report that "Coloration" - mineral cosmetics. In the shadows there are mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxide. And the base has a pleasant mousse texture. The primer is well placed on the skin and firmly retains crumbly shadows. In its composition, in addition to mineral substances, include oils, including castor, useful for eyelashes. Again, the complaints concern the packing of the primer: the tool must be picked out from the jar with a fingernail.

Base under the shadow of the rating

5. Lumene

Cosmetic brand "Lumen" has long beenreleases primers for the eyelids. And does not cease to strive for excellence. Most recently, the company released a new line - "Beauty Baise Eishedou Primer." In it, the company enriched not only the color range, but also the composition. Now in the primers there is also a useful seed oil of polar cranberries, which has an antioxidant effect.

Women who often used products from"Lumen", highly appreciated the quality of "Beauty Baise Eishedu Primer." This is the best base under the shadows, they believe, as the makeup perfectly shades and keeps well on the eyelids. The primer refreshes the color of the shadows, prevents them from rolling down. Packaging in the form of a tube makes it easy to apply the base. The price of the product is five hundred and eighty rubles. Primers are available in several shades. The leader in popularity is the "Original". It has a light beige shade without a shimmer and sparkles.

6. A stable base under the eye shadow from YSL Couture Eye Primer

And again the jar.But this French cosmetics, at least, it is convenient to type an applicator. The base level the surface of the skin of the eyelid, hides small imperfections. With such a primer, the shadows become brighter and last longer, for eight hours. The texture at the base is low-fat, silky, tender, with a pleasant satin finish. The product is suitable for those who have sensitive skin around the eyes. In addition, such a base can also be used as a shadow, creating a natural make-up in the nude style.

Products "Couture A Premier" is produced in twoshades - light beige and "medium". If you buy both jars, you can do makeup in the style of "I do not paint my eyes." The bases under the shadow of the reviews are called perfectly masquerading small defects. The price of a jar is two thousand two hundred rubles.

Base under the shadow price

7. "Artdeko"

You can endlessly argue about what kind of cosmeticsbetter. But all users agree that the firm "Artdeko" produces good and inexpensive products. Among the rich assortment there is a primer under the shade. He has a natural skin color, and the shimmer is very light and discreet. The base is easy to distribute with both a brush and fingers (the product is packed in a jar). But five milliliters is enough for a long time.

In addition to economy, users mentioncaring properties of decorative cosmetics. It contains irritating bisabolol and nutritious vitamin E. The reviews also note with surprise that the primer, unlike the similar products of other brands, has a smell. A gentle, unstable bouquet will appeal to lovers of wood and sea fragrances. The price of the product is four hundred and fifty rubles.

Base under eye shadow

8. "Make Up an Ever Ever"

And closes our rating of the Aqua Seal primer from MakeUp For Ever. It has an absolutely liquid consistency. It should be mixed with dry shadows and only then apply makeup. The reviews point out that if everything is done correctly, we will get an excellent and stable base under the shade. The price of a bottle with "drops" is one thousand eight hundred rubles.

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