/ / "Collagen Ultra" (gel for the face): reviews and price. Is the "Collagen Ultra" gel effective against wrinkles?

"Collagen Ultra" (gel for the face): reviews and price. Is the "Collagen Ultra" gel effective against wrinkles?

It has long been known that beauty goes side by side withhealth. All our ailments immediately affect the condition of the skin, hair, nails. That's why the best cosmetics should be bought at the pharmacy. Drugs eliminate the cause of malfunctions in our body, whereas "masilas" only mask defects or (at best) nourish the upper layers of the skin, leaving intact wrinkles and "creases" intact. In this article, we will only talk about one such medical preparation known as "Collagen Ultra". Gel for the face, reviews of which are very enthusiastic, performs miracles in a couple of weeks. Why? But because it was developed by physicians to penetrate the healing substance of collagen through the skin deep into the body and the sanitation of ligaments, muscles and joints.

Collagen Ultra Face Gel reviews

What is Collagen?

It is a protein from which 80 percent consistshuman skin. With age, the body is harder to produce. From this, the skin becomes flabby, loses its elasticity and density, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Collagen is also responsible for the health of nail plates and scales of hair. It is a natural "lubricant" for friction of joints. If collagen in the human body becomes critically small, arthritis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system occur. Therefore, doctors come up with ways of replenishing this useful protein. In plastic surgery, collagen is used in its pure form. It is injected into the problem areas by injections. But also this panacea for aging is used to make various anti-aging creams and masks. Now collagen contains even mascara! But we got a little distracted. But you probably understand why you can use the medical preparation "Collagen Ultra" against wrinkles. Testimonials are advised not to be frightened of the point in the instructions for use, which states that this is a cure for arthrosis. With its regular use, a positive cosmetic effect is observed.

Collagen ultra-facial gel

What is Collagen?

The simplest and most popular protein is an animalorigin, which is synthesized from the skin of cows. It is present in inexpensive anti-aging products of domestic production. More expensive drugs contain hydrolyzed collagen, in which there are enchassers. They help to deliver the healing substance deep into the body. "Collagen Ultra" (gel), the price per tube of which does not exceed, by the way, one hundred and twenty rubles, also has in its composition this high-molecular hydrolyzed animal protein. Getting on the human skin, the gel forms the thinnest film, which has a "breathing" effect. It holds water and lets in air. Thus, the face gel moisturizes, softens and tightens the epidermis. Penetrating into deeper layers, the collagen smoothes the skin from the inside. It smooths the complexion and serves as a kind of lifting device. And, finally, native collagen, extracted from the skin of fish. It has high transdermal properties and is not rejected by the body as an alien body.

Collagen Ultra from Wrinkle Reviews

The "Collagen Ultra" Series

Gel for the face is not the only product,developed by the Moscow firm "Healthy Nutrition NGO". Manufacturers have created a series of products based on hydrolyzed protein. The main purpose of the product is the treatment of cartilage, joints, connective tissue, vessels. Gel and cream are produced in tubes of 75 grams. In addition to them for complex treatment, BAA is produced for internal use - in jars or sachets. This nutritional supplement can be neutral or flavored with lemon, peach, orange and strawberry. For cosmetic purposes, consumers are advised to use "Collagen Ultra" - a face gel. Reviews mention that the denser consistency of the cream makes it also an excellent night mask for hair. You need to apply in the evening a remedy for unwashed ringlets, distribute it with a comb along the entire length. Cover the head with a shower cap and go to bed. And in the morning to wash off with usual shampoo. This procedure should be repeated no more than once every two weeks. Then the hair will become healthy and shiny.

Collagen ultra gel price

"Collagen Ultra" (gel for the face): consumer reviews

To eliminate problems with musculoskeletalthe device needs complex treatment with the use of creams and supplements. The cure manufacturer promises after three months of therapy. "Collagen Ultra" (gel for the face) has a more rapid impact. Reviews say that in a week there are first signs of improving skin tone. If you read the instructions to the drug, it becomes clear that vitamin G is included in the gel, besides hydrolyzate of collagen. This is a very useful substance. Vitamin C helps the body to intensify the process of producing its own collagen. Also, the gel contains additional active ingredients dimexide and glucosamine, responsible for creating a "lubricant" in the joint tissues. Essential oils of rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, fir, geranium, mustard and sunflower soften the skin, and extracts of horsetail, burdock and wormwood allow the product to penetrate deep into the epidermis.

Ultra Collagen for the face

How to apply gel

The medicine does not cause allergic reactions andother side effects. They can use pregnant and lactating. But since this is still a medical product, it would be advisable to consult a physician before using it. How correctly to use "Collagen Ultra"? Gel for the face, the advise is advised to apply to cleanly washed with warm water and well-dried skin. To rub it it is necessary not so intensive movements, patting slightly with fingertips. Women assure that the drug is well absorbed. But if the drug was applied excessive amounts, you need to remove the excess cotton swab.

How the drug interacts with other cosmetics

The agent "Collagen Ultra" for the face isan excellent base for applying various creams, including tonal. The gel is completely absorbed, leaving no hint of greasy shine. The lack of characteristic of the medical preparations of the smell of the girl's reviews was noted as a positive factor. Cosmetic creams (tonal, sunscreen) lie on the gel perfectly: do not roll down, do not clog pores. The agent can be applied in the morning and evening. Throughout the day, as the reviews say, it would be nice to wipe a face with a piece of ice - this simple procedure will improve blood circulation and spur the production of natural collagen.

Collagen Ultra Gel Reviews

Who is eligible for the Collagen Ultra gel?

Cosmetologists advise to get busyrejuvenation of people who have barely crossed the 25-year mark. Yes, it is at this age that the "maturation" of the body ends and its wilting begins. And if a woman after 25 starts using "Collagen Ultra" gel for her face as a cosmetic, her beauty and youth will please her herself and those around her for many years. And for ladies at the age of its application is completely necessary. The effect of this drug is comparable to what is observed after a visit to an experienced cosmetologist. "Collagen Ultra" (gel) reviews are called "the elixir of youth." Women are delighted: after a week, small mimic wrinkles around the eyes disappear. Two leave pigmented spots, the complexion is leveled. And after a month the contour of the face becomes tightened, and even nasolabial folds and creases are leveled.

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