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Which is better: shellac or gel-lacquer? The difference between gel-lacquer and shellac

For any woman equally important are thick, curvyhair and beautiful, gentle hands. From their condition depends largely on femininity, charm, sexuality. The beauty of the hands is emphasized by well-groomed nails. Maintaining their attractiveness always required cost, effort, time. Just removing the spoiled and applying a new nail coating every day (or two) was worth it. However, the time when a woman needed to go to such sacrifices is a thing of the past thanks to the appearance of new cosmetics.

Novelties in the care of nails

Several years ago, the cosmetics markettriumphantly included innovative types of coatings for nails. They are new hybrid substances, which are a compound of gel and varnish in one product. Many visitors of the salons, who have already tried their dignity on their nails, do not attach importance to what is better - shellac or gel-lacquer. They choose the products that the master recommends.

what is better shellac or gel varnish

Most often at the final stage of implementationmanicure and pedicure while traditionally used nail polish. However, its use is being superseded more and more by more modern cosmetic products every day. The development of new technologies could not ignore the care of the beautiful half of humanity, and remarkable materials were created.

Innovative materials in cosmetics for nails

One of the main advantages of new materials andtechnology is a significant, in comparison with conventional varnishes, an increase in the durability of the nail coating. This property is equally inherent in new products for manicure and pedicure, so it's hard to say what is better: shellac or gel-lacquer.

A very important quality is the abilitygive the nails extra rigidity, hardness. A feature of the use of gel-lacquer and shellac is their positive effect on the shortcomings. They give flexible nails to flexibility and plasticity, flexible - strength, breaking - integrity.

Choosing which is better - gel-lacquer or shellac, or artificial modeling by gels, it is necessary to know both the positive and negative aspects of each of these types of care.

what is better gel lacquer or shellac

Features of the implementation of coatings with modern materials

The technology of applying modern coatings is simple, but has its own strictly defined sequence.

1.After performing antiseptic and antibacterial treatment, giving the nail plate a beautiful shape, sharpening its edge with a thin layer of basic coating. It is fixed with ultraviolet light of a special lamp for 8-10 minutes. This procedure does not require mechanical treatment, injuring the nail, which is provided by the technology for nail extensions with gel or acrylic compositions.

2.Direct application of shellac on the prepared surface of the nail is made by the usual and traditional brushes from the bottle, and not by special blades from the jars. The coating is self leveled, formed with a special pencil, then fixed for 2-3 minutes with the help of a lamp of ultraviolet light. During the procedure, regardless of whether gel-lacquer or shellac is used, there are no persistent unpleasant odors that instantly fill the room when working with traditional nail polishes.

difference between gel varnish and shellac

3. The final part of the procedure for covering nails with modern means is applying a third, fixing layer using ultraviolet light.

Thus, the time that is neededspend on the implementation of the entire process, takes no more than 30-40 minutes. These time costs for bringing the nails into a beautiful, attractive, healthy and natural state are significantly less than those required to perform a complex procedure of building with acrylic.

Advantages of modern materials

1. Shellac does not include chemicals harmful to the epithelium.

2. The applied third layer contains oils that have a beneficial effect on the cuticle, and the massage performed at the end of the procedure relaxes, rejuvenates the skin of the hands.

3. The quality of materials, the technology of their use exclude the threat of spoiling the coating immediately after the completion of the application by accidentally touching an alien object.

4. Absence of unpleasant sensations when applying modern cosmetics for nail care.

5.The service life of the coatings under consideration is from two weeks on hands to one and a half months on legs. Comparison of this indicator also does not allow to answer with confidence the question of what is better: gel-lacquer or shellac.

than shellac differs from gel varnish

6.To remove shellac and gel-varnish, it is not necessary to perform the cutting of the layer being replaced. Application of special liquids and subsequent removal of the old coating makes the procedure easy, painless, not injuring the nail plate, leaving no unpleasant sensations.

7. The use of modern materials does not require breaks.

8. Wide color palette - more than twenty colors and their shades for any, even the most demanding taste.

Disadvantages of gel-varnish

1.Inconvenience of the use of funds in the home. While it is not quite clear what is better - shellac or gel-lacquer, than from them it is more convenient, it is more practical to carry out a covering of nails at home. This is explained by the fact that for carrying out both procedures it is necessary to purchase raw materials and special equipment that are not of a budget value. So far, not everyone can afford to have such tools at home, primarily because of economic inexpediency.

2.Shellac is not universal, suitable for all kinds of nails. First of all, this restriction applies to those hands that for a long time daily work with water without using protective equipment.

gel varnish or shellac

User Reviews

When discussing the advantages of one or the othermaterial for nail care, the views of opponents in the dispute on the topic "Which is better: shellac or gel lacquer?" converge in one thing - it all depends on the manufacturer. This is due to the fact that in the manufacturing of such funds there are all new manufacturers who also use innovative technologies.

One of the main indicators of what lac-gelsshellac differ from other gel varnishes, is the ease with which they are removed. Unlike many similar coatings, shellac is not required to be cut, processed by various formulations, including those containing acetone. It is soaked in a time of about 10 minutes. After applying the usual means for removing artificial nails, and then removed with a stick from the manicure set.

than the lacquer gelac gels differ from other gel varnishes

Preservation of natural nails, gainingselected shape and color, attracting the attention of others - is the result of using modern manicure and pedicure modern cosmetics. As evidenced by the opinion of an increasing number of people who have tried these funds. If not all, then every second of those who took advantage of innovative material, leaves feedback on the coating of nails gel-lacquer shellac (shellac) of the most enthusiastic content.

Use of foot nail products

Nail plates of toes grow not sointensively, as on the hands. The same applies to the cuticle. In this connection, innovative nail polish coatings on the feet do not require such frequent updating as on the hands.

Some ladies say that the fundamental,a significant difference between gel-lacquer and shellac when performing pedicure with their help is practically absent. Both coatings have practically the same high resistance to damage. This quality is especially in demand in the spring-summer period of the year, when one wears open shoes. Legs look well-groomed and attractive, no matter where you are: at work, for a walk or relaxing on the beach.

tip about coating nail gel with lacquer shellac shellac

So which is better?

More substantively, competently and skillfullyAbove the answer to the question of how shellac is different from gel polish, there are specialists in the field of cosmetology. They continue to improve the skills of practical work with these materials, conduct research, summarize the results.

Not expecting the results of these professional studies,based on personal impressions, the experience of friends and acquaintances, an increasing number of women try and use modern cosmetic products, preferring their use in nail care.

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