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Eau De Toilette Water Dior Sauvage: reviews, pyramid, price

Eau de toilette Dior Sauvage for men appearedon the market relatively recently - in September 2015. But this was quite an expected event. An impressive advertising campaign, a well-known brand - all this guaranteed a high demand for Dior Sauvage. Customer feedback is sharply divided after they have tried a new perfume. Someone fell in love, but someone hated this fragrance. Persistence, the pyramid of Dior Sauvage, reviews of real buyers - we'll talk about all this in the article.

New product exit

The "father" of this fragrance is Francois Dimashi -the main perfumer of the fashion house Dior. Sauvage in French means wild, which is the basic idea of ​​spirits. Francois Dimashi in an interview claimed that when creating the fragrance, only high-quality natural substances were used, and sometimes in a few excessive doses. It is a perfume that is inspired by wildlife, vast desert spaces and free wind.

The perfume of Sauvage Dior is the fragrance of a modern man. He watches himself, looks attractive, but it has a core and strength of mind.

perfume sauvage dior

Advertising campaign

The face of the perfume was Johnny Depp, that instantlyplayed in favor of sales. An advertising video on the official channel Christian Dior was watched by more than 24 million viewers, many of whom immediately became fired with the desire to get the coveted vial. Still - after all, charismatic and manly Johnny Depp not only plays an electric guitar, but also embarks on a journey through the California desert. There he meets some of the most famous representatives of the American fauna: buffalo, eagle and wolf. Under the influence of the majestic nature of the actor decides to throw off the worldly tinsel and symbolically digs in the middle of the desert all of his jewelry. Then he enjoys the primeval wildness of the desert surrounding him. The director of the video was Jean Baptiste Mondine. Impressive pictures taken at the same location, decorated the pages of many glossy magazines.

dior sauvage reviews

Pyramid of perfume

Often men's fragrances are created with a minimum number of notes. But the Dior Sauvage pyramid is quite complicated:

  • the top notes are pepper and Calabrian bergamot;
  • notes of the heart - geranium, lavender, pink pepper, patchouli, vetiver, Chinese pepper, elemi;
  • base notes are labdanum, white cedar, ambroxane.

The cost of Sauvage Dior

The price of the fragrance is predictably high, because it belongs to luxury perfume. A bottle of 60 ml will cost 4-5,5 thousand rubles, and 100 ml - 5,5-7,5 thousand rubles.

In addition, there is a whole line of products availablefor personal care: after shave lotion, after shave balm, shower gel and deodorant (in the form of a spray or stick) - all with the fragrance of Sauvage Dior. The price of these products is also very high. Lotion and balm cost about 3 -3.5 thousand rubles, and the gel and deodorants - about 2 thousand rubles. each.

sauvage dior price

What do customers like in Dior Sauvage?

Reviews of fans of fragrance note that thispretty classic men's perfume. A bright and fresh beginning of the sound of the fragrance will be enjoyed by men of different ages. However, with the opening, the smell becomes more intense, spicy and even slightly sweet. A rich woody base only strengthens this impression. Therefore Sauvage is still not a youthful fragrance, but a perfume for men from 30 years old. It sounds expensive, stylish, according to buyers - elegant, refined, but at the same time cozy. The smell lasts a long time on the skin and has a noticeable plume.

About persistence there is no common opinion:Someone praises the fragrance, says that he keeps for several days, even despite the adoption of the shower, and someone, on the contrary, is dissatisfied with the "price-resistance" ratio. But this parameter strongly depends on the skin of the perfume carrier.

Another important factor that is mentionedmany buyers - women like this fragrance, and they even give compliments about this and wonder what kind of perfume they are. Perhaps this is due to the use of classical components for men's perfumes, which are associated with masculinity and strength. It is a scent that can be worn throughout the day.

toilet water dior sauvage

Negative opinions

And what are the customers of Dior Sauvage dissatisfied with? Reviews find many flaws in this perfume.

Many have been misled by the advertising campaign, andthey expected to get a fresher fragrance. Also, he is often criticized for the lack of "raisins" and individuality, which should accompany the perfume, which is the eccentric Johnny Depp.

As mentioned above, the author of this smell promiseduse only natural ingredients. This is quite logical, given the image of the fragrance. But according to the impressions of buyers, natural in it only bergamot, and all other notes are synthetic and, accordingly, they do not smell very natural and rich. Given the price of perfume, this is a big disadvantage.

Another drawback (which, however, for manyis a dignity) - is the richness of the aroma, which is similar to the flavors of the 80's and 90's and which gradually went out of fashion, giving way to smoother odors. For someone, this is a big plus, but to someone the smell seems suffocating.

Therefore, it is best to test Dior Sauvage personally, not to be disappointed by the purchase or, conversely, not to miss this interesting flavor.

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