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How long does it take to tan after a tanning salon? How often can I visit the solarium?

Regardless of the time of year, you always want toto be the owner of bronze skin color. But some girls get what they want only with the onset of summer heat, while others, not wanting to put up with aristocratic pallor, get a ticket to the solarium.

But how fast will the result be from artificial ultraviolet radiation? And are there any rules for visiting the solarium?

through how much tan after tanning is manifested

How long can I sunbathe in the solarium on my first visit?

Of course, you always want an instant effect.This applies to sunburn. But in order that later there should not be any problems with skin and health in general, it is necessary to limit your first visit to a short session. And how much time it will last depends on the type of each girl:

  • Celtic.Distinctive features of girls of this type are pale, freckled skin, red or blond hair, light eyes (blue, gray). Since the skin of these girls contains a little melanin (pigment), it is very sensitive to ultraviolet light. It causes rapid redness and leads to burns. Therefore, to get a smooth, beautiful, and most importantly, a safe tan, the first session should last 3 minutes, no more.
  • Girls with dark skin, dark or blackhair, brown eyes can afford the first visit of 10 minutes. And to get the desired result, you can limit yourself to just a few sessions.

Observe these simple rules when you first visit the solarium, and you will get the expected result without complications.

how long does a tan stay after a tanning salon

What should I do when I visit for the first time?

So, if you wanted to become a mulatto in the midst of winter frosts, and the experience of going to the solarium was not, then remember the following recommendations, the observance of which will protect you from problems after the first session:

  1. Do not seek a quick effect. The duration of the first session is commensurable with your skin type.
  2. For the first experiment, the best option is a vertical solarium, which, unlike the horizontal, distributes the tan evenly.
  3. An interesting fact is that the carrot juice drunk before the tanning will favorably contribute to the appearance of sunburn.

How often can I visit the solarium?

Many believe that the solarium is harmless and the regularity of its visit depends only on the desire of the girl. But this is far from the case, therefore, it is worth noting the daily visit to the solarium.

In the qualified salons where it is providedservice of ultraviolet, there are certain restrictions on the number of sessions. For a year they should be no more than 50, and the interval between visits should be at least two days.

It follows that in a week there will be enough1-2 visits, while the course should be 10 sessions. After each procedure, use special fixers for sunburn, always moisturize the skin with creams or body milk, as ultraviolet takes moisture out of the skin.

The break between sessions should be 6 months.

how often you can visit the solarium

Follow the rules of the visit

With how often you can visit the solarium, figured out. But the visit should be beneficial, and in no case harm, so it is worth following the following rules:

  1. Before you buy a subscription to the procedure,first consult with your doctor. It will help to identify all contraindications (if any) and warn about the consequences if ignoring its prohibition. A prohibit the use of UV doctor may be based on the following reasons: heart disease, asthma, liver disease, thyroid dysfunction, skin disease, the presence of wounds.
  2. Use only those products for the skin that are intended for the tanning salon. Cosmetics for sun tanning do not fit.
  3. Before the procedure, do not take a shower and even more so use detergents. This hygienic procedure can deprive the skin of a protective fatty film, and this will lead to dryness of the dermis.
  4. Refuse any kind of depilation before the solarium.
  5. Before being exposed to ultraviolet light, remove all cosmetics from the face with a special lotion or milk. Make-up in the solarium can lead to a bad tan that will appear stained.
  6. If there are lenses on the eyes, then they need to be removed. Sunbathing is necessary in special glasses for the solarium, which are issued in the salon.
  7. Fully in the booth, the solarium is not exposed.Panties leave (this is good for health), but the bra is removed. On the chest, you can glue a special protection (in the nipple area) or simply cover with the palms.
  8. After the end of the procedure, you should rest, take a shower after the tanning bed and moisten the body with special means.

How long does it take to tan after a tanning salon?

Ultraviolet promotes active production of melanin, which gives color to the skin. This is facilitated by: the power of the lamps in the solarium, the number and duration of the session.

But how long does it take to tan after a tanning salon? Everything is individual and depends on the skin type of the girl.

  1. The owners of swarthy skin will see the result after the first procedure, as their skin is rich in color pigment.
  2. Pale-skinned girls will have to wait longer. How long does it take for a tan after a tanning bed? Sessions 5-6 must be held before the result is visible.

For the aristocratic type of girls procedurecan become lingering for the reason that the cells of their skin contain a small amount of color pigment. Under the influence of ultraviolet melanin will be gradually developed and accumulated, and the regularity of visits will affect the speedy achievement of the effect of sunburn.

first visit to the solarium

What will help improve the effect?

Special means for the solarium simplyare necessary during the period of using the service. The thing is that ultraviolet takes a lot of moisture out of the skin cells, so after the procedure it must be replenished. By the way, these funds affect how much the tan stays after a tanning salon.

What is suitable for use?

  1. Sunblock oil in the solarium.This product is applied before entering the booth. Under the influence of light lamps it penetrates well into the enlarged pores of the skin and activates the work of the pigment. On the surface, the oil forms a protective film. On sale you can find a lot of oils from different manufacturers.
  2. Drops with beta-carotene.This is another effective tanning agent that is taken internally. You can use drops during the whole course of tanning, and after it in order to fix the color longer. This tool is suitable for girls with pale skin. You can take drops in the summer, but the course should not exceed 90 days. The drops are completely safe and useful. Getting into the body they are converted to vitamin A.

what to do after a tanning bed

Skin care after tanning

After the ultraviolet exposure session on the skin is completed, it is necessary to carry out a series of courtship procedures.

What to do after a tanning bed?

  1. Do not expose yourself to performing any energy-consuming activities and works. Relax. This is primarily necessary for your skin.
  2. Shower.Through how much to wash after a sun deck? Immediately, when you come home. Take a warm, cool, shower with the use of a gel or a gentle soap. Do not rub heavily on the skin, use light massaging movements with your hands.
  3. After the shower, apply moisturizing creams, lotions or milk to the skin of the body.
  4. Observe the condition of your skin aftervisits to the solarium. If there are any changes: redness, burns, rashes, then immediately stop the procedure and see a doctor. Perhaps this is a consequence of individual intolerance (a rare phenomenon).

shower after solarium

To be or not to be a "chocolate"

Many girls are confused by the question of how muchkeeps tanning after a tanning bed. The effect seems short to them. Cast aside doubts. With the correct approach and observance of all rules and recommendations, the effect of the mulatto will persist for a long time.

But through how much tanning after a sun deck shows up, depends on your color-type, so take into account this moment. And do not chase after a quick result, neglecting your health.

through how much to wash after a sun deck

Tanning in the winter, no doubt, will set you apart from the crowd and will cause envy and admiration.

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