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How to be always young and keep shine in your eyes?

The canons of beauty are changeable, like fashion.Everyone has his own ideal of perfection, which over the years can change. Some people like a slanting cut of eyes, and someone prefers round eyes with long eyelashes. But everyone is attracted by a brilliant, with a twinkle, a glance. Everyone wants to have a healthy shine in their eyes, despite their age. Save the beauty and youth in our time is not easy. Permanent work at the computer, daily nervous experiences, fatigue, air pollution, malnutrition - all this leads to premature aging of the skin and loss of the former sparkling look.

How to restore shine to the eyes?

But everything is in our hands. Despite the lack of time and constant care, you can daily perform the necessary procedures for the return of youth and the preservation of vivacity.

shine in the eyes

All that we need - it's improvised means, a great desire and a little skill. Here are some tips for regular care:

  1. Let's start with the usual water procedures that wewe conduct regularly. It is necessary to introduce the rule for daily baths for the eyes. It is better to do them in the evening before going to sleep. Pour a little warm water into the basin and blink it with your eyes for a few seconds - this will help to remove fatigue and clear your eyes. Many believe that this will help wash away the negative energy accumulated during the day. This is the easiest way to return the shine and radiance of the eyes.

  2. Another rule - let the eyes rest more.Try not to overexert yourself at the computer or TV. Use any free minute. Do a simple gymnastics: close your eyes for a second, then open and 10 seconds often blink. This will help not only to give the eyes their former brightness, but also to preserve their eyesight.

  3. Do not forget about a full sleep. He will definitely return the shine in his eyes and healthy look to the skin.

Compresses for eyes and eyelids

We turn to the procedures that can be done ondesire or as needed. Here are a few options for compresses and masks that will help restore youth to the skin around the eyes and eliminate unnecessary wrinkles.

how to return brilliance to the eyes

  • Take the fresh potatoes and rub it on the shallowgrater. The resulting mass wrapped in gauze and put it on your eyes. Keep it until the juice dries. Potatoes have the ability to smooth wrinkles. Mask is done infrequently.

  • We use ordinary milk at room temperature. We will moisten them with wadded disks and put them on closed eyes for five minutes.

  • To remove swelling, you need parsley. Grind a bunch of fresh greens to the juice. The resulting mass is applied for 20 minutes to the eyelids, then washed off.

  • To remove the redness of the eyes, a decoction ofherbs. We take chamomile, dill, mint, parsley. We make the herbs and create contrasting variants. One is cold, the other is warm. We put a cotton disc moistened in a warm broth on the eyes, then in a cold disc. Alternate times five-six for 3-4 minutes.

Important!After compresses, apply a light nourishing eye cream. Correct and regular holding of eye compresses is useful not only for beauty, but also for health. You will not only have shine in the eyes, but also a little better vision.

for shine of eyes and easy gait

Tips for using cosmetics

Folk remedies are good, but withoutcosmetic is difficult to do. Many women ask the question: how to make a shine in the eyes? It is almost impossible to artificially create a mysterious and bright view. Eyes are a reflection of our feelings, our mood.

Hide cosmetics and make eyes expressive.

It is important to remember that every cosmetic productshould fit the skin and not cause discomfort. Use proven means. Use means for washing, milk for putting off make-up, micellar solutions. The skin cream is chosen depending on the season and type of skin. In summer, you can use light gels, and in winter - nourishing creams.


A few words about sunglasses.Some people perceive them as a stylish accessory, and this is wrong. To protect our eyes and keep our eyes, we need to use protection against direct bright rays. Direct sunlight, especially the scorching sun, spoils the skin, dries it, makes eyes squint. As a result, small wrinkles around the eyes are formed, and the eyes themselves become inflamed.

how to make a shine in the eyes
Sunglasses will help protect and protect the skin and eyes from premature aging.

Enthusiasm for shine of eyes and easy gait

To see a healthy shine in the eyes meanssee before yourself a cheerful cheerful person. It is the inner spirit that gives the eyes a special expression. No wonder they say in the people: "he caught fire in his eyes!". It means that a person is carried away by an idea, he likes life, he has a purpose.

Change the attitude towards the world, do somethinginteresting, come up with a new occupation. New impressions and emotions will change your appearance for the better. You will not notice how you will have new forces, improve your well-being and even change your gait.

Only positive emotions can change a person. With desire and enthusiasm, you can achieve everything. It is the brilliance of the eyes, the lightness of the gait, the burst of energy. All in your hands!

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