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Perm hair: hair care after the procedure

The owner of straight hair is always with envylooked at curly-haired women. After all, locks help create a cute playful image. They always look stylish and attractive. That's why many girls decide to curl their hair with chemicals. So they provide themselves with volume and a beautiful hairstyle for every day. As early as 1935, the first hair curl was made. Hair care after this procedure has since become an actual topic. We'll talk about this in our article.

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Preparing for the procedure

Before the procedure, specialistsrecommend washing your hair. After all, grease and contamination will prevent penetration of strands of reagent. In this case, during washing, you do not need to rub the skin intensively. Just gently apply the shampoo and rinse with warm water.

Weak hair can be cleared a few days before the waving. In this case, a small fat film on them will only save curls from excessive damage.

Next, the master applies the composition to wet strands. This ensures uniform penetration into the hair.

It is worth noting that the quality of the future wavewill be due to a proper haircut. If horizontal "chemistry" is planned, it is necessary to ensure a smooth transition from long strands to shorter hair. All this will make it easier to wind curls on bobbins or curlers. Also pay attention to the fact that the length of the strands can affect the success of the entire procedure. For horizontal "chemistry" the best option is the hair, not exceeding in length of 20 cm.

Short and long curls

There are also their own characteristics in the preparation andprocedure. Proceeding from the fact that too short strands can not be properly wound on curlers or bobbins, they do not shear before curling. Do it better after the procedure.

Long hair is better to lay withspiral cone-shaped curlers. The result is the so-called vertical chemistry. The technique for doing this procedure is somewhat different. The winding of strands starts from the roots, moving to the ends. This approach makes it easier to work with a master with hair of any length. Special bobbins are great for those who want to get even curls. Many girls like this kind of hair perm (photo below).

Perm hair photo

The choice of the master is the crucial moment

It's no secret that the curl of the hair is enoughaggressive procedure. Its success and the degree of damage to the strands will largely depend on the professionalism of the master. Therefore, the choice must be approached with all responsibility. What factors should I pay attention to?

1.A good and responsible specialist will start with a test like your hair. He must also assess their condition. If the strands are depleted, a good master will never undertake to do "chemistry". Previously, he will prescribe a health course.

2.An experienced hairdresser should ask what means of daily care the client used before the procedure. It is also important for him to know how long the client spent painting. All this information is extremely important. After all, for example, the use of shampoos and balms containing silicones can lead to the fact that it will not be possible to form the correct elastic curls. And just dyed hair in general can not be exposed to reagents of the curling composition.

3.You can distinguish a good master by the fact that he will perform a trial twist of one or two strands. Also it is worth to ask, with what products it works. After all, modern cosmetics are designed specifically to reduce the percentage of damage that involves a chemical wave of hair. Locks can be protected from excessive aggressive effects of reagents.

4. And, of course, a good specialist will necessarily give recommendations to the client for caring for curled hair.

hair care after a chemical wave

Recommendations of a specialist

Hair care after a chemical wave implies not only the use of special tools, but also the correct treatment of a new hairdo. Consider the basic principles and advice of professionals.

  • During the procedure, the master tellscustomers that the washing of the head will be necessary only on the third day. Previously, you should not do this. Use a special shampoo and warm water. No aggressive movements should be. Strands are forbidden to wring and twist. It is better to just blot with a soft towel.
  • The use of a hair dryer and thermal hair is necessarypostpone for 5 days. Do not use hot air during drying. To preserve the beauty of the curls, always after washing your head, you must lay them using curlers.
  • Experts say that curly hairit will be better to wash in the cabin. For drying, you can use a lamp with infrared radiation. It is worth noting that this does not mean that you will have to visit the salon too often. After "chemistry" the hairdress does not so quickly become greasy.
  • Care for a chemical wave of hair impliesThe use of a comb with sparse teeth for combing. On the first day after the procedure, this does not need to be done at all. In the future it is forbidden to comb the strands. These actions will break the curls and give the hair a "washcloth" look.
  • After the procedure, you can shave your hair. This will refresh its appearance.
  • Also, experts recommend to protect hair fromharmful effects of sun rays. To do this, you can purchase daily care products containing UV filters. Please note that salt, chlorine in water can damage weakened strands. After bathing in the sea or the pool, you must wash everything off the hair with clean water.

If a hair perm was performed,care after the procedure implies the use of products for recovery. For this purpose, the means, prepared according to the national recipes themselves, and the goods of the cosmetic companies are also suitable.

perm hair curls

Traditional means for care of a chemical wave of hair

Among the variety of existing recipes, we can use a mask that provides a nutritious, moisturizing effect.

A wonderful result is a mixture of eggs, blackbread, kefir and honey. Prepare a mask will not be difficult. A few slices of bread at night pour a glass of sour milk. The next day, we inject 2 yolks and 2 tablespoons of honey into the gruel. All carefully mix. The composition is applied to the roots and hair and we stand for half an hour. After washing off with warm water. To achieve a good result, you need to apply the product several times a week.

We present to your attention one more effectiverecipe. It is just relevant for those girls who were made to perm hair. Hair care can provide cognac with honey. To make a mask, take a teaspoon of honey, cognac, burdock oil and one yolk. It is necessary to mix all the ingredients and apply the entire length of the strands. Cover the head with a film and warm it with a towel. After a few hours, we wash off the mask. This recipe will provide good nutrition to the overdried hair.

hair care products

Warm oils

Perfect hair care will help providenatural oils. It is necessary to use them in a warm form. So valuable components better penetrate the hair. Olive, burdock or castor oil are perfect for our purposes. They can be used in their pure form or they can be prepared using masks.

Prepare an excellent hair care productafter a perm. Take two tablespoons of butter (any of the above), add yolk, 5 g of yeast and a little cream or sour cream to the container. Ingredients are mixed and carefully rubbed into the roots, distribute along the entire length of the hair. After half an hour, wash off the mask.

Ampoules help reanimate curls after curling

Various cosmetic brands developcomplex formulas that will help restore the curls after such a procedure as permed hair. Hair care with these tools simplifies the task. No need to spend time preparing masks. It is enough to open the ampoule and use it as indicated in the instructions. Healing cocktails are placed in convenient packaging - in ampoules. Each of them is designed for one application. Some remedies recommend rubbing the scalp only. And other products can be distributed over the entire length of the hair. Unique formulas allow almost after the first application to see the effect. However, it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment (5 - 10 sessions). In choosing you can rely on the reviews of specialists and familiar people. Also always be guided by brands that have worked well.

perm hair care product

Shampoos and Balsams

By all means these products need to be givenAttention. They will help improve the condition of the hair after such a procedure as a perm hair. Hair care will not be difficult if you choose the right tools. In the choice it is necessary to give preference to products that are maximally enriched with natural ingredients. To date, the following brands have proven themselves well:

  • Secret key;
  • Natura Siberica;
  • D’oliva;
  • Joico;
  • Belita-Vitex;
  • Liv Delano;
  • Kativa.

Many professionals speak well about the lines of these campaigns. Shampoo and balm can provide daily care, moisturize and restore damaged strands.

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Instead of concluding

In conclusion, it remains to add that whatever kindyou did not choose the curls, you need to prepare for the fact that the hairstyle will require costs and effort to restore the health of hair. Experts do not recommend such experiments to owners of weak strands. Well, in general, having such a huge selection of various regenerating agents, you can always look chic.

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